Who is the world’s greatest spy? Eggsy (Taron Egerton) from Kingsman: The Golden Circle? Or Sterling Archer?  

The Kingsman have set the tone for SDCC by starting with a special animated Kingsman/Archer cross over.  It’s only fitting that these two spy organizations cross paths.  Fans of the FX series know that Archer is not as smooth as Eggsy. In the hilarious short, shown below, Archer proves to Eggsy why he’s the world’s greatest spy.

20th Century Fox released the second trailer for Kingsman: The Golden Circle earlier today. Eggsy seeks out the US spy society knows as the Statesman. Their secret base is a alcohol distillery in Kentucky…I bet you can guess what their code names are based on. Channing Tatum is Agent Tequila, Halle Berry is Agent Ginger Ale, Pedro Pascal is Agent Whiskey, and Jeff Bridges is Agent Champagne. Clever huh?


The Hall H panel included cast members Egerton, Tatum, Berry, Pascal, Bridge, and Colin Firth,  script writer Jane Goldman, and comic book artist Dave Gibbins.  Jonathan Ross moderated the panel.

Fans received a shirt that looked like the tuxedo that Eggsy wears in his character poster and a Kingsman fidget spinner.

‪Cheers from Comic Con! And a whole sea of newly knighted Kingsman. Almost too much attractiveness for one photo. #SDCC2017‬

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Hall H was treated to a first look with three clips from the movie. The first was the opening scene of Eggsy fighting off an assassin in a Kingsman car.  The second clip was of a fight scene between Egerton and Tatum. And the third clip introduced the movie villain Poppy, portrayed by Julianne Moore.

The biggest highlight of the day was during a phone call from director Matthew Vaughn. The cast members were served whiskey while Vaughn spoke to the crowd via telephone. When asked if Kingsman was more British than James Bond, Berry stood up and chugged a half pint of whiskey.

Check back for more highlights from Hall H. Geek Girl Authority will have more from SDCC 2017 all weekend!

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