The DCEU is seemingly back on it’s feet with their showcase at SDCC this year. While the biggest highlight was the Justice League trailer, they’ve made some film announcements that are sure to make fans giddy. And some things that us folks at home sadly cannot see.

First, they spoke of their upcoming slate of the DCEU. While they did not confirm dates, they did list off their upcoming films. Shazam!, Wonder Woman 2, Suicide Squad 2, Flashpoint, Green Lantern Corps, The Batman and Batgirl. First thoughts – MY GOODNESS they really are going for Flashpoint, that’s gonna be intense. Second – BATGIRL, YES! Third – Wonder Woman 2 needs to be at the front of that list! Forth – No Gotham City Sirens? Really hoping we get to hear more about these titles from DC soon. 

Second, Jason Momoa stormed the stage, wielding his trident. The man is a ball of fire as always as he swung it around, playing it like a guitar, hyping people up for the footage he brought. Fans in Hall H were able to watch some Aquaman footage. Variety was able to break down the footage. 

It begins with two fishermen on a small boat in the water. One man casts his rod into the water, and gets a bite. But the pull on his rod is strong, and drags the boat through the sea until the man lets go. The camera then zooms out to reveal that the men are floating above an army of underwater ships. The shot dips below the surface to reveal an entire army, including schools of warriors riding sharks.

Epic. Momoa later clarified that it was Ocean Master’s army and that it was not, in fact, Black Manta. He confirmed that Aquaman will be fighting Ocean Master, his brother. 


Next, the rest of the Justice League joined the stage. Gal Gadot, Ben Affleck, Ray Fisher and Ezra Miller (dressed as Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist). Ray Fisher was wearing his Borg Life shirt until he ripped it off revealing a “I Heart ZS” shirt. We’re assuming he’s giving love to director Zack Snyder.

Affleck addressed the rumor that he was leaving the cowl behind. In a flurry of swears, he iterated that he’s the luckiest guy on the planet and he wants to continue being Batman. We’ll see what the future holds.

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Fans were able to ask questions and one little boy asked if Superman was coming back. Momoa said that he should know that Superman is dead, bringing laughter and pity noises for the boy. Gadot stepped in to finish that they can’t say much about Superman but that fans of him will be very happy with the movie. 

Of course the biggest reveal of them all was the 4 minute long trailer. A much better trailer than the previous, bringing cheers from the audience.

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It was surprising that Joss Whedon wasn’t there nor Henry Cavill. I still do not understand why they’re hiding his return in some ways and flaunting it in others. Alas, hopefully we’ll see him soon.

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Erin Lynch