Cue the Tina moans! Bob’s Burgers announced several exciting tidbits for the new season!

The audience was treated to new footage from season 8, which according to the show’s Twitter, hints that Teddy might be a werewolf? We can only assume that has to do with one of their signature Halloween episodes

Speaking of the holidays, there will be an hour-long Christmas special this season, and it will be a musical! 

The Belcher clan will also swing by their fellow Fox animation family, with a couch gag that will appear on The Simpsons this season. (Please let them have a signature Krusty burger!)

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The creators also said that, much like The Simpsons, they have no plans for Tina, Gene, and Louise to grow older. But, Gene will hit a big kid milestone when he has his first ever sleep over this season. 

Perhaps most exciting for die hard fans will be an episode animated entirely with fan drawings! The official show  shared some examples for the audience and on their Twitter page. The styles are all very distinct, with the anime look being most intriguing. 

Fans also got to ask questions, concluding with one that has plagued viewers since day one: Does Louise have a bald spot from her bunny ear hat? Like all great mysteries, no definitive answer was given. 

Season 8 of Bob’s Burgers airs October 1st.

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