Yesterday we heard rumors that Ben Affleck may in fact be leaving the role of the Caped Crusader soon. While on the Justice League panel at SDCC, Affleck was able to clear the air. According to him, he’s one of the luckiest guys on the planet.

I’m so thrilled to do it. I know there’s this misconception because I didn’t direct the movie or maybe I wasn’t enthusiastic about it. It’s f**king amazing. And I still can’t believe that I’ve had two films and have this great history with this great studio. Kevin Tsujihara, Sue Kroll and Toby Emmerich said to me “We want you to be our Batman” and you know I believe them.

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Thank goodness for that! In addition to talking about staying on as the dark knight, he was also able to talk about the director for the solo Batman film, Matt Reeves

Matt Reeves doing it, it’s like, I would be a f**king ape on the ground for Matt Reeves nevermind being Batman. It’s incredible. So I’m really blown away and exciting and it’s a great time in the DC Universe. You’re gonna see some stuff from Justice League that we’re really, really proud of and I think you’ll see why I’m so excited to be Batman.

So there we have it, folks. Ben Affleck remains our Batman. It’s not his time to leave and hopefully we can get a better version of Batman up on the screen with Affleck as the star. 

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Erin Lynch