The newest Justice League trailer did a much better job this time around. Not only with plot points but also with the overall tone – it’s not all a bad cover of The Beatles “Come Together” (Sorry Junkie XL and Gary Clark Jr.). With the added plot, there were a lot of interesting things of note. And because the original tagline was “Unite the Seven”, we’re going to talk about seven of them.

1 – Where is Batman?

In a news-voice over, we hear the world is still mourning the loss of Superman. Heroes are few and far between, it seems. And apparently Batman hasn’t been on the prowl. Mentions of crime rates going up around the globe, Arkham Asylum has been a disaster. “And where is the Gotham Bat? The masked vigilante has been a no show!” It appears Bruce has gone into hiding since the death of Superman. Whether it’s because of his guilt is unknown but you would think he would be the opposite! At the end of Batman v Superman, he seems determined to be a better crime fighter. But instead he hid? Hopefully it will make sense come movie time. 

2 – It all begins in Themyscira

In the first official trailer, we briefly saw the Amazonians coming into battle against parademons. It appears that their plot-line is increased beyond one battle! Among all the weapons they have, it appears they guard one of the few motherboxes. Motherboxes can be used to create boom tubes for travel across dimensions. We see Themyscira is right in the thick of it as Darkseid’s right-hand man Steppenwolf comes out of the boom tube. We also see the Amazonians later in what appears to be another angle of the battle we’ve seen previously. 

3 – No Lanterns, No Kryptonian

One of the more intriguing lines from the trailer is this. “No Lanterns”. In the DCEU, we’ve had no mention of the Lantern Corp. So it’s interesting that they included this line in the trailer. It’s also unknown if our own heroes know about the Lantern Corp before this film. But one Green Lantern is sure to make an appearance. As we’ve said, the original tagline was “Unite the Seven”. There’s 5 active members right now, the 6th would be Superman. Who’s 7? More than likely GL. No Kryptonian is also of note, since it’s pretty much been confirmed in that line alone that we won’t have Superman in the first part of the film. 

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4 – “This world will fall like all the others”

Darkseid has been conquering planets long before he comes to Earth, it seems. And as the line is said by Steppenwolf, we’re not sure how many he’s taken himself. But with his incredibly strong axe, able to bust through the crust and create lava, we’re sure the heroes will be struggling to defeat him and save Earth.

5 – Wind-Up Penguins

I love this reference. I just needed to include it because Alfred talking about a simpler time with exploding wind-up penguins is great. Clearly he’s referring to something in Batman’s past but it’s as if they’re calling out to the Burton-verse. It’s a great little line. Not to mention we already have Josh Gad cast as The Penguin, so they’ll have quite a history together.

6 – The Tunnel Mission may be their first time working together

We’ve seen this battle in all the trailers and from a scene played out between Cyborg and Alfred, it looks to be their first. Cyborg comes rocketing from the sky and takes over the armored assault vehicle Batman’s seemed to crashed. Taking over the systems with his wiring, Cyborg tells Alfred he’s taking it over from there. Alfred asks “Do I know you?” NOW! It might just be a funny line thrown in and Alfred does know who he is prior to the mission. But I’m gonna take a swing and guess it’s their first time all working together. 

7 – Alfred’s mysterious visitor

The big mystery of the trailer is who did Alfred talk to at the end of the trailer. Their coming is marked by a boom in the sky, able to shake Alfred’s drink. Calling card of Superman, I would wager. In addition, there’s a tinge of red in the corner of the screen. As I mentioned in our trailer post, it’s more than likely Superman’s cape. Though he may have come back at a time where the 5 heroes need him most. I know people have been trying to look in Alfred’s glasses who he’s talking to. But we’ll see who it is come November!

What did you think of the trailer? Did you enjoy it more this time around or still don’t care for it? Let us know! Be sure to stay tuned to Geek Girl Authority for more Justice League news!