I dropped into the Nerdstrong panel this morning and it was great. For those that don’t know, Nerdstrong is a gym in Los Angeles that does the previously unthinkable: they combine geek culture and fandom with (gulp) working out. I know it seems like crossing the streams, but coaches Andrew Deutsch, David Nett, Christy Black and Andrew Seely are real life, honest to goodness, table top, role playing, Silmarillion reading geeks as well as being a full on super team. The panel was kind of an explainer of what they do and how they do it. Below are some highlights. But if that’s not enough, you can find out more at www.nerdstronggym.com.

  1. Andrew Deutsch created the concept in his two-car garage in order to convince lifelong indoor kid David Nett to get healthy by theming the workout to D&D. I love tricks. I love friendship. I love this story.
  2. Coach Christy Black says she is close to being able to deadlift 400lbs! I asked the internet what weighs 400lbs and it spit back: a drum of oil, a piano and a “sport motorcycle”. Boom! She wants to teach other women to do be just as badass as she is and a has group within Nerdstrong called “Miss-fits” where she talks about fitness from a woman’s perspective.
  3. They have a ton of geeky themed workouts that range from “The Mines of Moria” to “Spiderman” to “Pitch Perfect”. They did not explain the Pitch Perfect and I did not ask.
  4. They were there repping their gym, but spent a lot of time talking about how important it is for people in geek culture to get healthy, even if they can’t make it to Nerdstrong. They gave a lot of ideas for how to work out on your own and teased some new stuff on that subject that will be coming to their website soon. Keep your eyes peeled for that.
  5. There was a lady in the audience who flat out said she would not go to a gym. She gave a lot of reasons, including the hassle of a “30 minute shower” post workout. Who has the time for hygiene? But she did offer that playing Pokemon Go had helped her get out of the house and moving around. I, for one, commend her for getting out there and sincerely hope she finds a way to catch ‘em all without sweating.

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