You know how sometimes there’s an image or a character on TV that’s just human enough for you to recognize, but just not-human enough to give you a REALLY unsettling feeling in your gut?   Well, an anatomist named Alice Roberts would like you to see something.  She has a beef with evolution and the things it did not accomplish in the human body.  So, she made a mock-up of what that perfectly evolved human body would be like…. it’s fascinating and terrifying.  

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On BBC Four’s Can Science Make Me Perfect?, Roberts “enlists the help of virtual sculptor Scott Eaton and SFX model maker Sangeet Prabhaker to design a “perfect” version of herself with evolutionary upgrades and improvements.” The Mary Sue reported.  

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This perfect human has some pretty compelling enhancements.  She has a ‘choke-proof windpipe’, a chimp’s sturdy lower back to help with all of that upright walking that often hurts our spines, the lungs of a swan, shock-absorbing legs of an emu, and a marsupial pouch to get rid of that pesky problem of extremely painful and taxing childbirth.  She also has bigger eyes and ears.  The better to see and hear you with, my dear.  That all sounds great, right?  You just have to get a handle on the way she looks.  She’s like the three-toed mother of Gollum.  Actually… I can roll with that.


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