One of our favorite parts of the new year is getting the chance to celebrate National Science Fiction Day on January 2. And there is no wrong way to celebrate the exciting day, but we have a few favorites we would love to share. And one of those is diving into a few of our favorite Sci-Fi WEBTOON series. They have everything from futures packed with AI to dystopian societies and characters spending their lives in the cyberverse. If you are a fan of sci-fi, there is going to be something for you on this list.

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In the Bleak Midwinter;

We are kicking off this list with one of our favorites, In the Bleak Midwinter; by Kat and Ali. With 25 years to go on her soulmate timer and the loss of her sister, Anya decides to sleep away her problems by getting cryogenically put under. Talk about avoidance. But things go from bad to worse when she awakens to an apocalypse packed with killers, illness and terror. Now she has to keep her eyes forward as she decides what she wants to keep – her heart or her head.

In the Bleak Midwinter; updates every Wednesday and can be read here!

Anya looking at a sign while walking in the snow.

In the Bleak Midwinter; WEBTOON Series.


Our next sci-fi WEBTOON series is Chase Keels and Miranda Mundt‘s LoveBot. Set in 2049, highly advanced and affectionate robots have become primary companions for humanity. The story follows Xada, who makes a living by modifying these robots to fit their owners’ every need. But things take a wild turn when his newest job leaves the LoveBot strangely sentient. It’s a sci-fi adventure that dives into topics on human connection and love as Xada uncovers the truth behind the LoveBot’s existence. Seriously, this is such a great read and should be on everyone’s list.

LoveBot updates every Sunday and can be read here!

Xada shrugging his shoulders.

LoveBot WEBTOON Original Series.

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One of our favorite genre mashups is sci-fi and action, which is why KimDazzi’s TACIT is a must-read. In the near future (which is never good), the world is a desolate wasteland occupied by the undead. See, never good. The story follows Ruby, who seems to have a relatively good life until Arvan arrives. The young white-haired man with pale skin and no heartbeat takes their life and flips it upside down. This sci-fi WEBTOON is packed with mystery and action that will occupy your waking moments.

Tacit updates every Friday and can be read here!

Ruby trying to land a drone.

TACIT WEBTOON Original Series.

Nexus Point

The next sci-fi WEBTOON you have to read for National Science Fiction Day is Trevor Mueller and Sebastian von Buchwald‘s Nexus Point. It follows Gemi, who just landed her dream tech job, only to find out that she is at the top of someone’s hit list. This drags her into the world of cybercrime and into the path of detective-turned-bounty-hunter Jack Travis. But that isn’t enough suspense and twists because now Jack needs to deal with his past coming back to haunt him, and he needs Gemi’s help. It’s a cyber adventure you aren’t going to want to miss.

Nexus Point updates every Saturday and can be read here!

Jack slapping a collar on one of his bounties.

Nexus Point WEBTOON Original Series.

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Walter Ostlie‘s Haxor needs no introduction. The sci-fi WEBTOON takes diving into the cyberverse to the next level. When the internet is replaced with The Frame, a hyper-fast network of instant connection and accessibility, all bets are off. This rollercoaster of adventure, action and sci-fi will have you on the edge of your seat. It’s a short read (37 chapters), so it’s perfect for tying in with other fun sci-fi activities. And if you love Ostile’s work, we suggest checking out Ghost Bats next.

Haxor is complete and can be read here!

Iso eating noodles.

Haxor WEBTOON Original Series.


What is the recipe for a good sci-fi WEBTOON? An apocalyptic future, an ancient plague, people born with extraordinary powers and underground societies. If any of this appeals to you, then Beth Behrs, Matt Doyle and Sid Kotian‘s Dents needs to be your next read. It’s an action, sci-fi, mystery, suspense, thriller and dive into human connection all rolled into one. It’s a must-read in our book.

Dents is complete and can be read here!

Eleanor yelling in her classroom.

Dents WEBTOON Original Series.

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The Prince of Southland

Did you think we would forget about Chris Geroux‘s The Prince of Southland? Not only is this a fantastic sci-fi WEBTOON, but it is also one of our top WEBTOON reads for 2022. When Donnie Ali’s reputation takes a turn for the worse after kissing an android, he finds himself in another potential scandal when he saves Jensen. The series isn’t just a sci-fi romance but a way to look at relationships and how the world judges things that they don’t understand. You will fall in love with this story but will also find that it gives you quite a lot to think about as well.

The Prince of Southland is currently on hiatus and can be read here!

Prince of Southland WEBTOON Original

Prince of Southland WEBTOON Original

The Shadow Prophet

Anne Delseit and Marissa Delbressine‘s The Shadow Prophet is one of our longtime favorite sci-fi WEBTOON series. In the future, The Great Prophet Godo has a place for everyone in his perfect society. You just can’t be a failure, So when Ishou finds her perfect life ruined, she suddenly finds herself denounced and marked for exile. With her beliefs shaken to their very core, she uncovers an entire underground society and a face from her past. What mysteries await her as she untangles this web of lies at the heart of her city?

The Shadow Prophet is currently on hiatus and can be read here!

Itshou asking for another minute to look for her good luck charm.

The Shadow Prophet WEBTOON Original Series.

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All That You Are

We are returning to a dystopian future with Brayden Sato‘s All That You Are. In this series, each day is a desperate struggle to survive the streets of Kansai Core-IV. So, when a citywide bounty is announced, and every citizen is given $1000, Amelia must make a hard choice. Use the money to survive another day or race against the entire city for the chance at a new life. It’s an incredible sci-fi read, but the art style had us utterly captivated.

All That You Are is completed and can be read here!

Amelia looking out the window.

All That You Are WEBTOON Original Series.

Space Boy

Our final sci-fi WEBTOON series we recommend checking out for National Science Fiction Day is Stephen McCranie’s Space Boy. The fun adventure follows a girl who belongs in a different time and a boy possessed by an emptiness as deep as space. This series really has everything we love in a sci-fi series and a WEBTOON. It’s got alien artifacts, a mysterious murder, love, suspense, and so much more. And to top it all off, there are over 300 chapters that make this series the perfect way to spend the entire day celebrating.

Space Boy is currently on hiatus and can be read here!

Jemma sleeping in class.

Space Boy WEBTOON Original Series.

This article was originally published in January 2023. 

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