Star Wars is incredibly beloved. For over 40 years, the films have delighted and inspired people of all ages from all walks of life. With its unique universe, it’s no wonder that the writing community has been inspired by the stories from the galaxy far, far away. Unbound Worlds has come together with 20 authors in the fantasy and science fiction genre to hear their stories on what Star Wars means to them.

Each weekday during the month of October, an author’s story is released. The authors share how Star Wars has shaped who they are and how they write. Whether they share their old fan fiction, talk about their unfinished Star Wars stories or even how it helped with depression, there’s no denying that its had a strong effect on many people. Hearing different perspectives on what the universe means to them is not only eye-opening, but just makes you appreciate it all the more. I mean, we might not have had their stories if it weren’t for Star Wars!

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Some of the essays included feature Martha Wells, who wrote Star Wars: Razor’s Edge, sharing her story on finding SW fandom after being told it’s weird for a girl to like it. Blake Crouch bravely shared his childhood fan fiction while explaining how SW helped him on the path to writing. Beth Cato shared how the films have helped form a strong bond between her family and become a base for her writing. Since she was a child, SW has been in her life.

Those movies literally provided me with my first words as an infant. From them, I absorbed lessons of character development, pacing, tension, and action scenes.

I can’t help but feel joy reading their stories. Some were there for the beginning in 1977. Some were like me, kids when the prequels came out (though seeing the original trilogy before then). But no matter when you came to the franchise, it sticks with you. It’s a franchise that will continue to inspire and it just goes to show with these stories.

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There are so many other great stories with more to come through the rest of the month. And as if reading about the galaxy far, far away through someone else’s eyes wasn’t enough – they even have a giveaway going! It’s a big one! The prize pack consists of twenty-five Star Wars books and audiobooks, plus a replica of Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber (from A New Hope) and a $250 ThinkGeek gift certificate. How crazy is that?

Check them out and let us know what you think! Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more Star Wars appreciation.

Erin Lynch