Fellow ladies, here is your opportunity to get a full-ride scholarship to college to learn your passion! That is, assuming your passion is in a STEM field. The folks over at Cards Against Humanity, yes, that card game, set up a one million dollar trust from money raised from the special edition Science Pack. This will perpetually sustain sending an annual recipient to the college of their choice for the degree of their choice with the Science Ambassador Scholarship.

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How To Apply

Applications are now open for the Fall 2018 Science Ambassador Scholarship! The deadline is December 11, 2017, and all you have to do is identify as a woman, create a mini lecture video (must be publicly uploaded to YouTube), and fill out an online form. Of course, there are eligibility requirements, like being a high school student or college undergrad (not a graduate or post-graduate level) attending a college or university within the United States in the Fall of 2018. Once the applications close, a panel of 60 judges, all women in STEM, will select 10 finalists to submit further information in February, 2018.

Scholarship Notice Science Ambassador Cards Against Humanity Form

Screenshot: The Application Form, scienceambassadorscholarship.org


Previous Recipients

Previous scholarship winners, Sona Dadhania and Anna Barth, are currently attending their respective colleges. Sona is studying Materials Science and Engineering while Anna is studying Physics. Their winning video lectures are posted below, to give you an idea of what the application means when it requests a “mini lecture”. Additional examples are available HERE.


How It Is Funded

The Science Pack that funds the Science Ambassador Scholarship was co-authored by Zach Weinersmith (of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal) and Phil Plait (of Bad Astronomy). It is an expansion pack of Cards Against Humanity, the “party game for horrible people”. This is a card game that was first conceived on Kickstarter in 2010 by Max Temkin and seven of his friends, and it quickly became one of the first massively successful Kickstarter launches. To purchase your own copy of the base card game or the expansion pack (which directly funds the scholarship), visit the Cards Against Humanity store.


If you plan to apply for the scholarship, we wish you luck! Please tag us on Twitter with a link to your video – or just drop a comment below! We want to see everyone succeed whenever possible and would love to hear about your STEM field stories! Help us motivate the next generation!

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