This article for Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! contains spoilers.

Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! provides us with a rare transitional episode this week as it leads into its final arc. It’s not fair to call it “filler,” as there’s still a lot of great stuff here. However, character-building and plot momentum are kept to a minimum. This is mostly an episode of doubling down on what we already know and setting up for the finale.


There’s two main parts to this episode. The first revolves around the school yet again trying to interfere in the Eizouken’s operations. Sayaka, as before, fends all this off. Scenes that seem like they should perhaps be rote by now are spiced up here with some very odd camera angles. The camerawork is almost reminiscent of some of the output of Studio SHAFT.

Still from Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!
Still from Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!

Back at their “clubhouse,” the Eizouken continue whittling away at their production. Much of this is set to a montage. Midori paints backgrounds, Tsubame models (to drum up interest, of course), and so on.


Where The Bell Chimes

The truly interesting part of this episode lies in its second half. Here, the Eizouken go sound effect hunting around town. Midori dreams up more ideas for anime shorts that, to Sayaka’s immense frustration, have nothing to do with the project she’s currently working on. It’s all good fun, and honestly this is probably the closest the show’s come since its first few episodes to being a “straight” school life comedy.

Eizouken also here joins the long list of media that’s referenced the bike slide from Akira.

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The Eizouken wander about town and eventually stumble onto the abandoned clock tower they can see from school. This also sets Midori’s imagination a-turning. There’s some great visuals here! Though once again, to Sayaka’s frustration not anything relevant to the UFO production.

The episode ends with an unexpected second appearance by Sowande, the school council secretary. She cryptically warns Sayaka that the Eizouken might be getting in over their heads by entering the competition. What exactly she means isn’t really explored here, and is presumably a mystery for next week. 

Through even one of its quieter episodes, Eizouken remains a compelling watch. One now entering its last arc.

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