Avengers: Infinity War had it’s premiere last night so lucky fans have already gotten a good look at it. With the stakes being so high and fans worried that their favorite heroes may kick the bucket, there’s more and more room to get spoiled on the film. Marvel, knowing full well how the internet works with spoilers, have tried their best to make it spoiler free. So they’ve made a hilarious PSA.

Filled with a lot of the stars from the film, they’re seemingly being interrogated for spoilers. Sitting at a desk, with a sheet in front of them, they each exclaim that they can’t say anything about the movie. They refuse to say anything about the movie. Dave Bautista mostly sighs heavily, seeing as he can’t say anything and is annoyed he’s being asked. Though, the funniest bit is that Tom Holland has black tape over his mouth to prevent him from revealing spoilers. 

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When watching it, you know they’re having a bunch of fun with it, acting as though they’re being interrogated. But you can also feel the red dot on their foreheads, just in case they reveal anything at all. Maybe it’s training at Marvel for press junkets! Either way, you’ll have to see it for yourself. Thanos demands your silence! Avengers: Infinity War debuts on Friday, April 27th.