Good morning fellow Webtoon readers and welcome to this week’s installment of Saturday Morning Webtoons! This is where we shine a light on two Webtoons we are thoroughly enjoying. These stories have had us captivated chapter after chapter each week and we couldn’t pass up sharing them with you! So grab your favorite snacks, an electronic device and settle into these sensational stories.

DISCLAIMER: This following post has possible spoilers for The God of High School and Tower of God. This week we are highlighting two Webtoons that have been adapted into highly popular anime series. So if you have ever wondered where they started, keep reading!

The God of High School
Mori recieving his invitation to The God of High School fighting competition.

Mori receiving his invitation to The God of High School fighting competition.

In Yongje Park‘s The God of High School, high school student Mori Jin joins a fighting tournament that promises the winner anything they want. Now he isn’t walking in empty-handed; of course, Mori is a Taekwondo specialist and prides himself on being the best fighter his school has to offer. But he gets quite the surprise when he realizes he has a long way to go as he goes head to head against the best fighters from all across the world. But this fighting tournament is more than just a competition to seek out the best fighter. It is actually part of a larger, more mysterious and nefarious plot that goes beyond Mori’s wildest imagination. But what will he do to become a true god?

Goodness, I don’t know where to start when it comes to The God of High School. After 505 episodes, I am still extremely invested in this ongoing series. It has everything you would want from amazingly visual fight scenes, well-thought-out characters who are worth investing your heart into, a great story worth telling and fantastic pacing. There is a reason that after nearly eight years of The God of High School being on Webtoon, it has over 2.1 million subscribers and a rating of 9.71. It may seem like a lot to jump into right now, but I promise that it is worth the binge read. Just prepare to have your heartbreak quite a few times along the way.

The God of High School updates every Friday and can be read here!

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Tower of God
Bam declaring he will do anything to see Rachel again.

Bam declaring he will do anything to see Rachel again.

Continuing with epic fight scenes, we have Tower of God by SIU (Slave. In. Utero). It follows a boy named Twenty-Fifth Bam who spends most of his life trapped beneath the mysterious Tower. He isn’t alone, however, as he has his close friend Rachel to keep him company. However, one day Rachel enters the Tower and leaves Bam behind. Bam swears to follow behind her even if he dies in the process. Miraculously, Bam can open the door and begin his climb of the Tower, meeting new allies and enemies along the way. But this isn’t just any old tower. It has the power to grant you what you truly desire. No matter what it is – it’s here.

Tower of God gets so much write through the series. I remember thinking there couldn’t be much worldbuilding when pretty much the entire story takes place within the Tower, but I was extremely wrong. There is so much to learn about what is happening and the history of the world SIU created. I also absolutely love Bam’s character. While he may seem like one of those main characters who start weak and gains a bunch of power, he is much more. His entire story is complex and we watch as he navigates his journey throughout the Tower. But Bam isn’t alone; all of the series’s characters are well throughout and worth your investment.

Tower of God normally updates on Mondays but is currently on hiatus. Seasons one through three can be read here!



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