Good morning fellow Webtoon readers and welcome to this week’s installment of Saturday Morning Webtoons! This is where we shine a light on two Webtoons we are thoroughly enjoying. These stories have had us captivated chapter after chapter each week and we couldn’t pass up sharing them with you! So grab your favorite snacks, an electronic device and settle into these sensational stories.

Disclaimer: This post features possible spoilers for My Giant Nerd Boyfriend and Waffles & Pancakes.

My Giant Nerd Boyfriend
Fishball explaining how tall her nerdy boyfriend really is.

Fishball is explaining how tall her nerdy boyfriend really is.

Fishball is here to prove to us that being short has its advantages. My Giant Nerd Boyfriend is an ongoing series centered around the life and times of Fishball and, you guessed it, her giant nerd boyfriend. You may think that having a boyfriend an entire foot taller than you would be adorable all the time, but it usually just ends up causing a whole bunch of minor inconveniences. But of course, these minor inconveniences make for such funny stories, including how they handle the heat, feminine troubles and navigating life together in Malaysia.

Fishball takes the funniest, awkward and even upsetting moments of their lives and shares them with us through this Webtoon. Think of it like this is her personal journal where she sits down at the end of the day and jots down how she feels. The fact that her giant boyfriend is a huge nerd just makes everything that much more hysterical. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Sometimes Boyfriend takes the wheel and we get a funny tale of the tiny weird girlfriend where we get to see Fishball at her oddest.

My Giant Nerd Boyfriend updates every Monday, Friday and Wednesday and can be read here!

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Waffles & Pancakes
Kaia telling Aiden she is not going to study with him after the previous night.

Kaia telling Aiden she is not going to study with him after the previous night.

Fair warning, this is not a Webtoon for children, young teens, or the faint of heart. DT Saranya‘s Waffles & Pancakes is a hysterical look at two best friends attempting to answer life’s greatest mysteries. Like, “what if our butts had nipples?” or debating on how one can weigh more after they poop. Honestly, this is a story of fart jokes and friendship. Just when you think you Aiden and Kaia have touched on everything, they pull a surprise out of their hat. These two have given readers unrealistic best friend goals since day one.

I honestly never stop laughing while catching up on Waffles & Pancakes. The series is built on these short stories that last either one chapter or a few. Aiden’s antics might be what kicks off the laughs, but it’s Kaia’s reactions (or lack thereof) that are the real star of the show. You can see she almost looks like she is over the whole situation but just can’t walk away from him. It’s like those friends who just make you sigh heavily on the outside but chuckle on the inside. This Webtoon is perfect for weekly laughs to take your mind off the stress of life.

Waffles & Pancakes updates every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and can be read here!



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