Good morning fellow Webtoon readers and welcome to this week’s installment of Saturday Morning Webtoons! This is where we shine a light on two Webtoons we are thoroughly enjoying. These stories have had us captivated chapter after chapter each week and we couldn’t pass up sharing them with you! So grab your favorite snacks, an electronic device and settle into these sensational stories.

DISCLAIMER: The following post has mild spoilers for I Love Yoo and To Love Your Enemy.

I Love Yoo

Shin-Ae throwing soda all over Nol in I Love Yoo.

Shin-Ae throwing soda all over Nol in I Love Yoo.

Quimchee‘s I Love Yoo is one of my holy grail webtoons. Shin-Ae is a high school girl who has been dogged with pain and misfortune for pretty much her whole life. Finally, sick of it, she decides she wants absolutely nothing to do with people or romance. She just wants to forget it all, graduate and live her life how she sees fit. And things are kind of going that way for the most part. Until she ruins one guy’s outfit and her unsocial, boring, loveless lifestyle is challenged by two brothers who just can’t seem to leave her alone.

Guys, it’s back! I have been waiting to talk about I Love Yoo for months but wanted to wait for Quimchee to come back from her hiatus. This webtoon has everything, romance, drama, humor, suspense, a step-mom with a bad wig and so much more. It remains one of my go-to recommendations for newcomers to the webtoon scene. Shin-Ae may come across as tough and unloving, but what could you expect from someone who has been through so much? Plus, it’s so easy to fall in love with all the odd characters along the way, except for Mrs. Hirahara. She can kick rocks.

I Love Yoo updates every Friday and can be read here.

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To Love Your Enemy

Yikyung dropping Bae on her butt in To Love You Enemy.

Yikyung dropping Bae on her butt in To Love You Enemy.

Jungyoon and Taegeon‘s To Love Your Enemy follows Yeonhee Bae, who mastered lying her way through life but has decided to turn over a new leaf. It’s time to leave that life behind her and the first thing she is going to do is return to college at the age of 24. However, it seems she might be running into a bit of trouble when she runs into someone who knows a little too much about her past. Amidst college gossip, romantic crushes and ugly jealousy, can these two set aside their difference long enough to accept each other for who they really are?

To Love Your Enemy is another webtoon that has just about everything. Romance, drama, mystery and quite a bit of humor. Bae is trying to make up for her past by moving forward, but how do you do that when it just seems like you are reminded every step of the way? Things may have started off a bit rocky between Bae and Yikyung, but their quirky situations will either bring tears to your eyes from laughing so hard or breaking your heart.

To Love Your Enemy updates every Monday and Thursday and can be read here.


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