We’re back! Good morning fellow Webtoon readers and welcome to this week’s installment of Saturday Morning Webtoons! This is where we shine a light on two Webtoons we are thoroughly enjoying. These stories have had us captivated chapter after chapter each week and we couldn’t pass up sharing them with you! So grab your favorite snacks, an electronic device and settle into these sensational stories.

DISCLAIMER: The following posts have possible spoilers for Devil Number 4 and A Good Day to be a Dog!

Devil Number 4

Hanna in Devil Number 4.

Hanna in Devil Number 4.

In Jangjin and Woombeee‘s Devil Number 4, Hanna is a down-on-her-luck student who has run out of money. When we meet her, she has lost her job and really hit rock bottom. Enter a Devil, number 4 to be exact, who has problems of his own and quickly losing credibility among his cohorts. Why? Because Hanna isn’t ready to let go of her mortal soul. Trying to be helpful, he lets her work at his coffee shop while also convincing her that she can have everything in return for her soul.

Devil Number 4 was one of my guilty must-read every week Webtoons for the last few years. It falls into the supernatural category, but the further I dove into the story, the more I realized that this was so much more than that. There is drama and romance and a coming of age type feel. As the story continues, there is even a mix of mystery as the world around them expands. For me, the icing on the cake was the level of character growth throughout the series that just draws you in.

Devil Number 4 is completed and can be read here!

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A Good Day to be a Dog

Hana in A Good Day to be a Dog.

Hana in A Good Day to be a Dog.

Lee Hey‘s first Webtoon, A Good Day to be a Dog, follows Hana, who has made every effort to avoid her family curse. That curse? Well, whenever she has her first kiss with someone, she turns into a dog. You read that right—a cute adorable white little fluff pup. However, the only way to break the curse is to get a second kiss from the same person. Things for Hana get a bit tougher when she mistakenly kisses the wrong guy who just so happens to hate her and is deathly afraid of dogs!

Just like Devil Number 4, this was one of my must-read every week Webtoons. A Good Day to be a Dog has nearly everything I need in a story. It has romance, supernatural elements, mystery, drama, humor and much more. Hana is such a relatable character, minus turning into a dog, of course. It is easy to sympathize with her when it comes to her family, work and relationship struggles. Plus, Seon Jin, the guy terrified of dogs, is an incredible opposite to Hana and helps both of them grow throughout the series.

A Good Day to be a Dog is completed and can be read here!

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