Good morning fellow Webtoon readers and welcome to this week’s installment of Saturday Morning Webtoons! This is where we shine a light on two Webtoons we are thoroughly enjoying. These stories have had us captivated chapter after chapter each week and we couldn’t pass up sharing them with you! So grab your favorite snacks, an electronic device and settle into these sensational stories.

DISCLAIMER: The following posts have possible spoilers for Cursed Princess Club and Your Throne.

Cursed Princess Club

Gwen waking up in Cursed Princess Club.

Gwen waking up in Cursed Princess Club.

If you thought princesses had it all, LambCat is here to prove you wrong. Cursed Princess Club follows Gwendolyn – living proof princesses don’t always have it all. She may love in a castle and her father may be king, but Gwendolyn isn’t a movie or fairy tale princess. She isn’t particularly attractive or has the pipes of a Disney princess, but she does have one thing – the Cursed Princess Club. This group of cast-out ladies is just the people she needs to remind her that she doesn’t need to fit into any mold to be seen as a princess.

I was recommended the Cursed Princess Club while in a bit of a Webtoon read slump a few years ago and it has easily become one of my favorite series. It breaks the typical fairy tale princess mold and shines a light on the less romantic side of royal life. And while the series focuses on more serious themes, it keeps the mood lighthearted and will always have you laughing. Gwen is a relatable main character with supporting characters who have fleshed out stories and motives and are super supportive! You won’t regret spending the afternoon binging this series!

Cursed Princess Club updates every Monday and can be read here!

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Your Throne

Lady Madea Solon in Your Throne.

Lady Medea Solon in Your Throne.

SAM‘s (Cedar_kr) Your Throne follows the story of Lady Medea Solon, who was set to take her place next to Crown Prince Eros until everything goes wrong during the Crown Princess Content. On top of that, tensions are running high within the Vasilios Empire between the Imperial Family and the Temple. In a world where everyone isn’t who they appear and secrets are just as valuable as gold and diamonds, Lady Medea Solon was do everything she can to win back what was rightfully hers. Will she reclaim the throne?

Your Throne drew me in with the fantasy royal family and mysterious Lady Medea Solon and kept me with its twists and turns so sharp you could cut someone with them! Just when you think you know everything about a character, they shock you! The characters aren’t perfect, making them relatable (when you pull away the layers of magic and royalty, of course) and you find times you love them and times you are angry at them for their choices. Plus, the chapters for the series are on the longer side and introduce so many smaller details for you to enjoy.

Your Throne updates every Saturday and can be read here!


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