Let’s start by saying that you can like Hello Kitty and other Sanrio characters at any age. I will be a grandmother rocking My Melody merch, and nothing can stop me. This isn’t about shaming you out of liking Choco Cat or Dear Daniel.

Many Sanrio characters are, let’s face it, made with children in mind. It isn’t likely I will see Hello Kitty offering me life advice like the Hagurumanstyle Twitter account or relate to my 9-5 struggles like Aggretsuko. So keep your love for your favorite Sanrio character, but learn about these six characters that empathize with adult struggles.


The red panda on the left is reacting to the animal on the right. The red panda is Aggretsuko and she is nervous to be meeting her boyfriends family.

This red panda might be cute, but she is no Hello Kitty. Aggressive Retsuko, or Aggretsuko, is a Netflix original animated show based on the adventures of Sanrio’s character by the same name.

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She gets her name, Aggressive Retsuko, for being a metalhead who vents about her mundane office life through karaoke. Though she tries to be an upright member of society who never complains, she often reaches her boiling point. Who can blame her?


The show is full of highly relatable characters that all belong on this list. Here are some of the characters and their traits.


Fenneko has many talents. Gamer, internet investigator and accountant, to name a few. She’s the type of fox to internet stalk someone and then spend their whole weekend playing VR.


I feel like everyone knows a Puko. This cat is full of wild dreams and can’t be tied down by anything. However, her lack of responsibility or care can be a huge setback, especially for her friends who want to support her.

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Kabea is the overly gossipy work auntie. She has beautiful children but also focuses on her career — mainly for the gossip, which she will acquire by any means necessary. Adults can relate to this 20-something red panda trying to find her way in the world. Check out the four seasons and Christmas special out on Netflix now.

HagurumanstyleA tooth, known as one of the Hagurumanstyle characters, is on public transportation. The tooth looks distressed.

Hagurumanstyle was formed for busy mothers, salarymen and other stressed-out adults, but it helps all people remember to unclench their teeth and relax.

This group is perfect for anyone who is familiar with the never-ending stresses of adult life and could use a group of adorable teeth to remind me to relax. Something super unique about this group is their Twitter account. These characters were well known for responding to people with helpful advice. Even though I never asked the characters for help, it was always lovely to read and know that people had the same stresses as me, even around the globe.

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Check out some of their tweets translated from Japanese to English using Google’s image translation tool:

Taken from the twitter page of Hagurumanstyle, this picture has the japanese version and the English version of an image. The image consists of a Q&A type style post. The fans ask the teeth for support in this post. One fan started a new job as a team leader. Another fan is having strugglers at their existing job.

Sadly, the Twitter account is largely inactive. 

As of precisely 30 minutes ago, the Twitter account for Hagurumanstyle has risen from its grave and sent out a tweet. Keep in mind this is their first tweet since June 2022. The tweet seems to be a reminder to vote in the upcoming annual Sanrio character poll. However, fans are buzzing, asking if the teeth will return. With any luck, we will get live advice and encouraging words from these teeth again.


A picture of the runny egg character, Gudetama. Gudetama is sliding off of a piece of toast. It reads "Another day, another nap"

Why bother to finish writing this right now? I deserve a break. Or at least that’s what lazy-lifestyle influencer Gudetama would tell me. This runny egg is all about relaxing and not working too hard. However, unlike Hagurumanstyle, Gudetama is a bit past simple self-care and is full-on lazy. When you check Gudetama’s Twitter, you’ll find all kinds of posts questioning what all the fuss is about and advocating or lazying about more.

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Gudetama’s original design is a raw egg with a hilariously bouncy body. Sometimes he is also depicted as cooked food. Since Gudetama’s new Netflix series, Gudetama: An Eggcellent Adventure, we have also seen this play out in 3D and all the other variations of this egg.

Gudetama voices the same concerns we have about our overly hectic world. Have you ever experienced a creative block? Lack of motivation to finish a project? Gudetama has been there and done that while complaining about what a bother it is. Check out this original animated Gudetama short. If you don’t know Japanese, make sure closed captions and auto-translate are on.

What did you think of these Sanrio characters? Were you able to relate to them? Let us know in the comments!


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