Hold on to your butts! Nick Fury is back! According to Deadline, the former SHIELD director is set to appear in the upcoming Captain Marvel film. Boy, have we missed the fire that is Samuel L. Jackson in the MCU.

While rumors began popping up over the weekend, according to the site the rumors are true. They cannot say anymore than he will be in it. One report suggests that he will be co-starring in the film, but that is to be taken with a grain of salt. So what do we know about his role? Frankly, nothing. But we haven’t seen him since the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron.

We also know little of the plot of Captain Marvel. From the comics we know she’s an Air Force pilot. And while her origin has been changed over time, we know her DNA becomes mixed with Kree, giving her superhuman powers. In one iteration, she comes into contact with the Kree, Captain Marvel, before he dies and she takes on his mantle. Though for most of her origin she was known as Ms. Marvel.

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So to speculate, when we last saw Fury, he had formed his own base with Maria Hill, Dr. Helen Cho and Dr. Erik Selvig. This is going to be some far-reaching by bare with me. Carol Danvers could end up in their newly formed base. Fury, who’s objectives have become intergalactic, has a Kree at the base and the accident happens between Danvers and the Kree. Hence, that’s how Fury is involved. Now, this is wild speculation from myself and should not be taken as fact whatsoever. But it’s the working theory I have. Either way, I’m glad Fury is coming back. I need his sass to spice up the MCU again.

What do you think of Nick Fury returning? Are you excited? Let us know! Captain Marvel will fly into theaters March 8, 2019.

Erin Lynch