Team Winchester vs Team Archangel in the season finale of Supernatural.  How did it come to this?  All season long, the Winchesters have been fighting for two things: Jack and Earth Prime.  

Everything started with Jack (Alexander Calvert), the son of Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino).  Jack was born at the end of season twelve, and full grown by the season thirteen premiere.  He is a nephalim, so he’s pretty powerful.  The angels and demons both want him for his power.  Lucifer just wants a chance to be a father to Jack, but the Winchesters know that can’t be all Lucifer wants. From the time he was conceived, Jack has been protected by his mother, Castiel (Misha Collins), and Sam (Jared Padalecki).  It took a little while, but Dean (Jensen Ackles) finally found a reason to protect Jack too.  They all believe Jack can be good because his mother was human. 

Lucifer was banished to the Apocalypse World and took Mary Winchester (Samantha Smith) with him.  Once there, they found a whole new set of angels out to destroy the humans.  Pretty much for the same reasons that Lucifer hates humans.  Like Earth Prime, God is not present and cannot protect the humans.  The Archangel Michael (Christian Keyes) is leading the angel forces and found out about Earth Prime. He has been trying to find a way into Earth Prime so he can destroy that world as well. 


Christian Keyes as Archangel Michael Supernatural Season Finale “Let the Good Times Roll”,

Jack is trying to be good.  He feels that everytime he does something good, something bad comes out of it.  He wanted to pay back Sam and Dean for their kindness by looking for their mother Mary  in the Apocalypse World. Jack found a way to save her.  Sam and Dean were thrown off course..e’hem, “Scoobynatural,” leaving Jack to rescue Mary by himself.  Jack was able to help Mary escape Michael and into the resistance against the angels. The small resistance is being led by Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver).  See, in the Apocalypse world, John Winchester died before Sam and Dean could be born.   So some of the deceased friends of the Winchesters are still alive in the Apocalypse world, like Bobby and Charlie (Felicia Day).  

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Archangel Gabriel (Richard Speight Jr.) returned from his fake death. The Winchesters helped him recover from being tortured by demons,hoping he would join their cuase. They needed his grace to open a rift to the Apocalypse World.  At first he ran, but then reluctantly agreed to help the Winchesters.  Rowena (Ruth Connell) was helping as well, casting the spell that opened the rift. Unfortunately, all that torture drained Gabriel.  So they caught Lucifer and started to drain him. Gabriel, Cas, Sam and Dean set out to find Mary and Jack. Sam was caught and killed by vampires before the group found Mary.

Lucifer is crafty. He was able to upset Rowena enough that she pushed him into the Apocalypse World.  Lucifer saved Sam’s life, met Jack for the first time, and tried his best to be better.  No one believed he had turned over a new leaf.  The group decided to take the resistance back to Earth Prime to regroup and strategize a plan to defeat Michael.  Everyone got through the rift except for the Winchesters and the Archangels.  Michael showed up to stop them and killed Gabriel in the process.  Sam betrayed Lucifer by leaving him behind in the Apocalypse World. Now Lucifer is angry and wants his son more than ever.  He promised to give Michael Earth Prime if he could get them there.  And that’s where we are. 

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Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer, Supernatural Season Finale “Let the Good Times Roll”,

In the trailer for the season finale, Sam, Dean, Jack and Cas have their hands full after Michael and Lucifer arrive unexpectedly in Earth Prime.   The Winchesters have faced Michael and Lucifer before, but that was a totally different situation.  One major difference is that the Apocalypse Michael is stronger and doesn’t care about what God thinks.  The stakes are higher for Lucifer as well.  He’s fighting for his son.  Will Jack find out about Sam’s betrayal?  And if he does, will that be the end of Good Jack?  Check out the trailer below.

Our heroes, Sam and Dean Winchester, continue to be tested in the battle between good and evil, but one impulsive decision could alter the lives of one the brothers forever.

The Supernatural season 13 finale airs Thursday May 17 on the CW!






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