The fight for history continues on Rutherford Falls. In “Negotiations,” Nathan’s (Ed Helms) battle shakes things up at Rutherford Inc. And Reagan (Jana Schmieding) gets support from the Minishonka community. 

Terry (Michael Greyeyes) gave Nathan no choice but to pull out the big guns. And Terry replied by adding Rutherford Inc to the lawsuit. This could get ugly for one or both of them. 

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Nathan begins his day by trying to compromise with Mayor Deirdre (Dana L. Wilson) about Big Larry. He interrupts her lunch hour to propose building a tunnel under Big Larry so there won’t be any more car crashes. All he’s really doing is annoying Deirdre though. 

Josh (Dustin Milligan) returns to town and surprises Reagan with coffee. He’s quickly saved by Wayne (Bobby Wilson) and Sally (Julia Jones) who find another way to drag Reagan. They call the cultural center sad and insult her bangs. She finally defends herself and asks the casino duo what they are doing to help their people. Wayne and Sally just laugh at Reagan as they walk away.

Nathan consults with Bobby (Jesse Leigh) on how to get through to Deirdre. Bobby wants to blackmail her, but Nathan says they can’t always use blackmail. Kaitlyn Farrow (Mimi Gianopulos) from Rutherford Inc calls Nathan about the lawsuit. She says they are sending their legal team to take care of the matter. She tells Nathan to do exactly what the team tells him to do. Instead, Nathan prepares a welcome reception at the Rutherford museum.

First, Nathan meets Reagan for lunch at the casino. She’s complaining about Wayne and Sally interrupting her flirty moment with Josh. Nathan tries to tease Reagan about Josh, but she’s already given up. Josh lives in Brooklyn and it just won’t work out. Nathan encourages her to get out of her head and let something happen.

Speaking of something happening, Nathan sees Terry moving about the casino with many workers bustling about. They are getting ready for the Rutherford Inc lawyers. They’re even deep cleaning the carpets. Nathan isn’t worried. He trusts the Rutherford Falls legal team. 

Bobby sets up the welcome reception and worries that he wasn’t able to get enough bagels. He got enough though. Only one lawyer shows up. His name is Blake Jensen (Brian Maierhofer) and he looks very young. Blake talks fast and is a little rude. He tells Nathan to let him do all the talking when they meet with Terry. Bobby both hates the guy and loves him.

Wayne and Sally make fun of Reagan on Rutherford Falls.

RUTHERFORD FALLS — “Negotiations” Episode 106 — Pictured: (l-r) Bobby Wilson as Wayne, Julia Jones as Sally — (Photo by: Colleen Hayes/Peacock)

Wayne and Sally really thought about when Reagan asked what they were doing to help the Minishonka. So they put out a Facebook post, asking for items of culturally significance. They also said it was for someone who was sad and down on her luck. They delivered everything to the cultural center before Reagan gets to work. At first Reagan is annoyed and the casino duo calls her ungrateful. Some of the items have cultural significance, so Reagan look on the bright side. All they have to do is sort through everything. But Wayne and Sally disappear before they can get started. So Reagan calls for backup from Nathan and Josh.

The first thing Blake does when he meets Terry is insult him by not shaking his hand. Then he uses Terry’s candy as a visual aid to explain to Terry how things are going to go. He offers Terry three million dollars to drop his little lawsuit. Before Blake can say another word, Terry pours the bowl of candy out in front of Blake’s face. Nathan and Bobby look on with shock.

Terry will only accept 300 million. He sits in front of Blake and says he knows Blake’s type. Harvard grad with a building named after his family. His dad is probably a partner at the law firm. Blake corrects him saying it’s actually his uncle. Terry thanks Blake for using a visual aid for simple man like himself. Now it’s Blake’s turn to listen.

Terry tells Blake to take his first year BS back to Manhattan, Lenape Land … with skyscrapers built by Mohawks. And tell his firm, those who matter to be back in Rutherford falls by Friday. If they don’t, Terry will bring the wrath of god down so hard, their tennis instructors’ children will feel it. Terry will come for their summer homes, accounts, and Teslas … Terry will make sure all of their lives are complete and utter disasters. Blake calls Terry mean and runs out of his conference room. When he leaves the casino, Blake is crying on the phone to his mommy.

Josh helps Reagan go through the stuff that Wayne and Sally left behind. The stuff Reagan doesn’t consider culturally significant is put in the archives. The archives are actually the dumpster behind the casino. Terry’s daughter Mya shows up to make a donation. She beaded three emoji faces. It’s not cultural, but she hopes it will inspire the Minishonka girls of the future. Reagan starts to consider that maybe the other items have stories. Josh encourages her to talk to people about their items. 

Jess (Devery Jacobs) is cleaning up the candy when Terry comes in. She’s impressed with how Terry handled that lawyer. Even more so with how he turned down all that money. She says people would be pretty mad if they found out. Terry asks her not to tell anyone and gives her the rest of the day off. 

Nathan asks the town lawyer, Frank (Bill Glass) to represent him in this lawsuit with Terry. Rutherford Inc won’t answer his calls so he’s not very confident that they will help him. Frank mentions that he’s representing someone who is suing the city for not moving Big Larry. That’s a conflict of interest, so he can’t represent Nathan. 

Reagan and Josh interview people about the items they donated to the cultural center. Not everything had a cultural connection, but served a community member in meaningful way. Except for the rock collection from Ms. Fish (Beth Stelling). Ms. Fish is an eccentric, local teacher who has a big crush on Nathan. The rocks in the collection supposedly look like celebrities. And Ms. Fish isn’t Minishonka. 

Reagan found out that Wayne’s Uncle Earl (Gary Farmer) was in Young Guns II. He donated his VHS copy of the film. He also donated a blender that he used at Standing Rock to make smoothies for Shailene Woodley. Reagan thinks it’s a great story, but she threw the blender in the archives. Josh helps her fish it out and they have a cute little moment. Josh almost kisses Reagan, but thinks better of it since they are standing in a dumpster. 

Nathan calls Reagan for advice, but she’s super busy setting up her exhibit. He grabs a bite to eat and complains because they didn’t give him a pickle. Terry saves the day, making the waiter serve Nathan his pickle. Terry tells Nathan that he’s impressed with how he’s holding it all together. They are both insulted that Rutherford Inc only sent one lawyer. Nathan told them not to underestimate Terry. Terry promises it will all work out. 

Friday comes and it’s almost time for Terry to go home. Rutherford Inc is nowhere to be found. Reagan hosts a re-opening of the cultural center with help from Josh, Wayne and Sally. Nathan shows up with an edible arrangement. They are interrupted with the arrival of a helicopter in the parking lot. Rutherford Inc arrives and Terry and Nathan are ready.

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