Photo by Dave Allocca

The Russo Brothers are here to mess with our heads… again.  They’ve had some fun teasing fans by tweeting cryptic pictures for us to analyze until our eyeballs fall out.  Well, the shooting of Avengers 4 has “#wrapped”, and yes, there’s a new pic.

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This one is tough.  It’s a glowing blue light, coming from an unknown source that a lot of people on Twitter likened to a water bottle.  It’s likely not a water bottle.  Some fan theories have been interesting.  Could it be a police light, atop a a police car?  Could it be used to power up Captain Marvel?  Is it, in fact, Adam Warlock’s cocoon?  A proton canon?  A crystal?  A coffin?  Does it allude to to the return of Vision?  Aaahhhhhh!  

This is very much like the tweet the Russo’s sent out a couple of weeks ago.  It’s a black and white photo of a mostly empty set with the caption, “Look hard.”  Fans did, but there is no consensus.  Many fans think that they can see the title of the fourth Avengers movie hidden in the easel and the ladder in the picture, making the shapes of two A’s.  That theory is that the title is Avengers Anarchy.  Which would make sense, but there’s been no confirmation on that.

What do you think it all means?



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