The members of PRIDE are ready for the kids to come home on Marvel’s Runaways.  They’ve tried everything they can think of to find the kids.  Now that Chase Stein (Gregg Sulkin) has come home, the rest of the parents will whatever it takes to get their kids back. The other kids are angry with Chase, but they have turned one of PRIDE against the parents. A very pregnant Leslie Dean (Annie Wershing) is staying at the mansion with Karolina (Virginia Gardner), her friends, and her betrothed, Xavin (Clarissa Thibeaux).  Xavin is a survivor of Jonah’s (Julian McMahon) ship along with Victor Stein (James Marsters) and Tina Minoru (Brittany Ishibashi).  But no one knows about them yet.  

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Xavin is from Xartan.  They were stowaways on the Gibborium ship, transporting a Gibborim Royal family, led by the Magistrate.  Xavin believes she is one half of a prophecy that unites two worlds and brings peace to the universe.  Karolina is the other half.  When the Magistrate found Xavin on the ship, he utilized them to steer the ship. They crashed Earth and Xavin has been trapped under LA ever since.  They say all hope was lost until Karolina’s light appeared.  Karolina is overwhelmed by the story and asks to see the prophecy in writing.  Xavin is ready to start their new life with Karolina and starts to propose. Nico (Lyrica Okano) interrupts them, asking who this new person is. 

Xavin joins Leslie for breakfast and voices her joy in Earth food.  Karolina and the others discuss what to do with them and Leslie.  Alex (Rhenzy Feliz) doesn’t want either of them to stay, but Karolina says Xavin doesn’t plan on leaving.  They have a responsibility to Xavin since they destroyed Jonah’s ship. Alex thinks it’s too risky because they don’t know what Xavin is capable of.  And Leslie is untrustworthy.  Gert (Ariela Barer) agrees, saying they can’t have any new roommates who aren’t 100% on board with them. 

Last Ditch Effort

Chase tells PRIDE that the other kids hate him and probably won’t listen to him.  Tina suggests they use a logical approach. Robert (James Yaegashi) explains that Jonah is gone, so there’s no reason for the kids to stay away.  Leave the past in the past and be a family.  Chase says it doesn’t change the fact that the parents killed kids.  And he’s pretty sure the others would hurt him for suggesting it.  Victor says Chase is the only person who can get through to the other kids.  They won’t get hurt if Chase succeeds.  Robert reminds him that they have the weapons they need to achieve their goal. but they don’t want to use them. If the kids turn down the offer, it means war.  

Chase calls Alex and asks to meet them.  Alex says no, but Chase pleads with him.  Alex asks the girls and they all give a crude, non-verbal response directed at Chase.  He reminds Alex that the parents have customized weapons.  They want to give an alternative offer before resorting to violence.  He’s trying to keep them from getting hurt, so they agree to meet. 


Chase Stein (Gregg Sulkin) shown. (Photo by: Michael Desmond / Hulu)

Victor comes in after Alex hangs up.  He’s confused by what he sees on the computer screen. He tells Chase that the specs on the weapons have been changed, making the weapons more dangerous.  He doesn’t remember changing the specs before he went to bed.  Chase asks Victor to change them back. Victor is glad too, but it won’t make any difference. The weapons have already been made. 

Be Better

Karolina has a heart to heart with Leslie, saying she can’t stay forever.  She needs to go be a better mom to the new baby.  Leslie asks for her forgiveness, but Karolina says the church taught her that forgiveness is earned.  Speaking of the church, Leslie says Karolina is the new head of the church.  After she displayed her powers at the Crater, she pretty much became the Gibborim messiah. Leslie says she can help Karolina with the church, but she can’t push Leslie away. 

Nico and Xavin interrupt. They are bickering about whether or not Xavin will go with the kids to meet Chase.  Xavin wants to go to protect Karolina, but Nico says Karolina can take care of herself. And she will be there to protect Karolina if she needs it.  Xavin shapeshifts into Nico, saying it would be better if there were two of them to protect Karolina.  Karolina tells them to transform back because they freak people out when they shapeshift.  She also states that she doesn’t need Xavin to protect her.  Leslie chimes in that it would be a good idea to have extra protection. Xavin insists on going with their betrothed. Karolina tells them to stop calling her ‘betrothed” and to stay behind to protect Leslie. 

The Offer

Chase meets the group in the woods by the mansion.  Alex wears a fisticon for protection.  Chase says he’s seen the weapons and they can’t win.  Their parents don’t want to hurt them. They prefer that they come home without a fight.  Come home peacefully and PRIDE is theirs.  The parents will step back and they can be a family again.  None of the kids believe anything the parents have to offer.  Chase says this is their last chance.  Everyone refuses the offer.  Chase then tells them that the parents plan to use the mind wiping drug on them, disconnecting them all from each other.  Gert says it might not be a bad idea to forget all of her memories of Chase.  No one budges, so Chase leaves.  

Tina calls Chase as soon as he gets to his car.  He tells her that no one took the deal. She thanks him for trying and hangs up.  The other parents heard the call from their vehicles.  They are ready to strike now.  Tina begins by sending drones to the woods where Chase met the others.  The drones shoot darts at the kids. They run and hide behind the trees.  Nico tries to use her staff, but the drones also have the brain scrambler on it, so Nico can’t find the word she needs to cast a spell.  Alex tries to shoot down the drones with the fisitcon, but the drone shorts out the glove.  Karolina is able to blast the drones, but it has no effect.  They have to split up.  Each drone is set to follow each kid and takes off after them.

Alien Attack

Karolina Dean (Virginia Gardner), Nico Minoru (Lyrica Okano), shown. (Photo by: Michael Desmond / Hulu)

Nico and Karolina run into a tunnel. Tina runs out of darts on the drones that follow.  One drone is destroyed when Nico closes the gate to the tunnel.  There is another drone already in the tunnel, but no darts.  Karolina says they need to split up so one of them can get away easily.  Nico can’t find the words to argue, but she is visibly upset by the idea.  Karolina promises to see her at home soon and leaves. Nico tries to tell Karolina that she loves her, but the brain scrambler won’t let her. 

Leslie is cleaning the mansion when Karolina shows up.  She is happy to see her, but it’s Xavin. They are posing as Karolina so Leslie will be more comfortable.  Xavin asks why Karolina hasn’t responded to their courtship.  Leslie tells them to slow down, Karolina barely knows them.  She tells Xavin to go out and create a life first and see what happens.  Xavin says they can’t leave.  Leslie will need them when the Royal family comes for her baby.  The Magistrate would never allow Leslie to possess one of their own.  Leslie figures out that the Magistrate is Jonah.  Leslie asks how he survived.   Xavin says he survived by taking on a new host.  Xavin says the Royal family is very problematic. 

Janet (Ever Carradine) finds Chase waiting outside for Victor to come home.  He’s worried about his friends.  He doesn’t like the idea of having a new life if he’s the only one who remembers his friends.  Janet says keeping a secret is worth it if it keeps his friends alive. Chase scolds her saying it’s this kind of thinking that got them into this mess.  He says they can’t have any more secrets.

Chase tells his mom about Victor’s condition, including how his skin is flaking.   Janet knows what he’s talking about because she saw it on Jonah.  She wonders if Victor is being affected by Jonah’s DNA after being in the healing pod for so long.  Chase says they have to save him and he has an idea of how to do it. 


Tina follows Karolina to an abandoned warehouse. Victor shows up and goes in after her.  He calls out for her, but she is hiding. She jumps out to blast him, throwing him backward.  Karolina asks why Victor wants her when he already has Chase.  He says she’s important.  He starts to get up and throws something that causes Karolina to bend over in pain.  She runs from him, but he throws another device, cutting off her escape route.  She tries to turn and run in another direction, but Victor blocks that way as well.  The device inhibits Karolina from using her powers.  

Mike on the Bike (Ryan Dorsey) shows up and attempts to break into Victor’s car until someone stops him. Mike goes into the warehouse and picks up one of Victor’s device, giving relief to Karolina.  Victor looks at Mike but calls him Xavin.  They transform back to a familiar form and calls Victor, ‘Magistrate.’  Karolina is shocked to discover that they know each other.  Victor/Jonah says he no longer has a need for Xavin since they don’t have a ship anymore.  He is annoyed with them, saying they have a bad habit of inserting themselves where they aren’t wanted. He blasts Xavin with is power, throwing them across the room.   

Karolina realizes that Jonah survived by transferring his energy to Victor.  He says it was painful for everyone.  He warned her that he wouldn’t leave without her though.  Victor/Jonah hits Karolina on the head, knocking her out.  He turns to deal with Xavin, but they disappeared.  


Nico Minoru (Lyrica Okano), shown. (Photo by: Michael Desmond / Hulu)

Nico goes to the PRIDE offices with the staff in hand.  She finds Tina in the conference room with a brain scrambler.  Tina laughs at how it affects Nico.  Nico is frustrated with her and they begin fighting. Robert jumps in, stopping Nico from hitting Tina.  He begs her to stop fighting and come home.  Nico answers with a hit. She stands between her parents as they all prepare to battle. 

Nico gets close enough to smash the brain scrambler, but Robert pulls out a second one.  They continue to fight, wearing Nico down.  Tina takes the final blow, knocking out Nico.  But Nico stands up with darkness in her eyes.  Robert asks Tina what she’s doing. Tina says this isn’t her, but she has seen it before. Nico lights up the staff and starts screaming at her parents.  Robert and Tina are thrown backward.  Nico’s scream is so powerful that it knocks all of the glass out of the windows.  She walks out of the room and disables all of the computers in the building.  Tina check on Robert. He has a large piece of glass in his neck. She grabs the phone and calls for help.


Tina follows Gert and Molly (Allegra Acosta) to a market.  Molly throws a scooter at her drone to get rid of the drone, while Gert sees someone she knows…and seems to be flirting with.  Molly has to pull her away when Dale (Kevin Weisman)  and Stacy (Brigid Brannagh) pull up.

The girls walk quickly through the market and hide.  When they emerge to move, the spot the Yorkes.  Molly goes one way and Dale follows.  Gert goes the other way with Stacy close behind.  Stacy tries to plead with Gert to come home, but Gert is not having it.  She knocks over some stuff, causing Stacy to trip.  Stacy takes off her glasses and continues her pursuit.  

Dale follows Molly to the food court. Molly grabs someone and starts speaking to him in Spanish.  Dale arrives and several people stand between him and Molly.  She tells them that he’s a pedophile and they attack him. Molly runs, getting away from Dale.  

Stacy follows Gert into a shop that has no other exit.  To get rid of the shop owner, Stacy attempt to pay for an item with a hundred dollar bill.  Gert and Evil Stacy share very few words before Stacy hits Gert over the head, knocking her out. Dale sees the whole thing and is shocked that Stacy resorted to hurting Gert like that.  He’s scared of what Stacy is capable of.  They pick up Gert and put her in the car. 


Alex Wilder (Rhenzy Feliz), Catherine Wilder (Angel Parker), Geoffery Wilder (Ryan Sands) shown. (Photo by: Michael Desmond / Hulu)

Tina has a drone on Alex and sees him steal a car.  She leads Geoffrey (Ryan Sands) and Catherine (Angel Parker) towards the car.  They tell her to back off and she leads the drone away.  Alex races through the streets of LA to get away from his parents.  He stops near Chinatown and runs from there.  The Wilders stop and follow him to an apartment building with a dead end.  Alex climbs to the roof, pulls out the gun and waits. 

Geoffrey and Catherine hear a gunshot. They run towards the sound and find Alex sitting on their car.  Both point a dart gun at Alex and tell him to get in the car.  He says no and they need to lower their weapons.  Catherine asks him not to do this, but Alex says she is making him do this.  Everything they have done was a choice. No one made them kill those kids or pull the trigger on Darius (DeVaughn Nixon).  They did it because they wanted to.  He says it feels good to take someone’s life away. 

They hear police sirens coming, so Geoffrey takes the dart guns and gets rid of them. Alex says he called Tamar (Ozioma Akagha) and sent an anonymous note to a cold case detective and now they are done.  The police arrive and Alex walks away.  The police are responding to the gunshot. They ask if the car belongs to the Wilders. Geoffrey says it’s his. One of the officers finds a warm gun in the front seat of the car.  The police arrest the Wilders as Alex watches.  

Split Up

Victor takes Karolina to the Stein home. Chase runs outside to check on her, asking if Victor killed her. Victor laughs saying he would do that to his daughter.  Chase has an inhibitor in his hand and Janet tells him to throw it.  The inhibitor activates but doesn’t affect Victor.  He says he designed the inhibitor and a suit lined with technology that would keep him safe.  Janet realizes that Victor is Jonah. Chase asks what he did with his dad.  Victor answers with a blast of his powers. 

Gert wakes up in the back of her dad’s car, in a cage.  Old Lace is in a trailer hitched to the back of the car.  Dale gets in the car and informs Gert that they are running away from Stacy.  He’s scared of her and wants to hide until Stacy can work through her violent issues.  Gert is shocked and confused.  Dale is excited, pretending that the trip is just another daddy-daughter outing.

Nico returns to the mansion where Molly and Alex are waiting for everyone. They get worried when Gert and Karolina don’t show up.  Nico is upset that she even separated from Karolina. Molly remains positive that they will all return soon.  Leslie joins them, asking for Karolina.  Xavin walks in to let them know that Jonah has Karolina. Nico is confused, saying she killed Jonah.  Xavin explains that he has the ability to transfer his energy to a new host.  They say that Jonah is difficult to kill, but it’s not impossible.  His family is on earth as well, so they will have to deal with all of them.  Alex tells everyone to remain calm. They still have each other.

Evil Tina and Evil Stacy go to the Steins.  Stacy’s new persona is the Magistrate’s wife.  And Tina’s is the Magistrate’s other daughter. They are only missing his son.  Jonah says if it were one of the parents, they would know by now.  Stacy says they need to consider that it might be one of the kids.    They will deal with that later.  For now, Tina and Stacy have discovered how fragile their hosts are.  Jonah tells them about his regeneration process.  They have to basically eat humans to sustain their life force.  He has three ready for them to chose from.  Janet, Karolina, and Chase.


Stacey Yorkes (Brigid Brannagh), Victor Stein (James Marsters), Tina Minoru (Brittany Ishibashi) shown. (Photo by: Michael Desmond / Hulu)

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