We knew Jonah (Julian McMahon) was an alien, but we don’t know much about who or what was on the alien ship on Marvel’s Runaways.  It’s been a couple of episodes since we’ve dealt with any of the aftermaths of that night. Unless you count Tina (Brittany Ishibashi) and Stacy’s (Brigid Brannagh) strange behavior.  

A homeless woman sits on the streets.  A young woman approaches her and gives her food.  After the young woman leaves, the homeless lady transforms herself to look like the young lady.  So now we have a shape-shifting alien among us. 

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The Crater

Frank (Kip Pardue) decided that Leslie (Annie Wershing) needed reconditioning to get her out of the way and prevent her from closing the Church of Gibborim.  Leslie is resisting, telling anyone who will listen that the church is a fraud.  Frank decides to send Leslie to the Crater. 

Leslie is transported to the Crater, a Gibborim compound in the desert.  She screams at the congregation, telling them that the church is a lie. Aura (Patricia Lentzand Frances (Heather Olttake her to the Crater leader (Kathleen Quinlan), who goes by a number and not a name.  The leader gives Leslie a contract, giving up her free will and agreeing to the reconditioning process. Leslie refuses to sign and demands a glass of water. They give her a number and say she cannot use names anymore.  She stands up, says her full name, demands a glass of water and passes out. 

Leslie wakes up to the leader of the Crater giving her a head massage.  She jumps up, still insisting to be let go.  The leader says Leslie is a disappointment to the church and to her father.  Leslie disagrees, saying her father would want the church dismantled if he found out what she knew.  The leader says she couldn’t destroy the church with an army and her new baby couldn’t handle the stress. 

Family First

Alex (Rhenzy Felizfinds Molly (Allegra Acosta) in the dining room with the strike team’s equipment.  She is trying to light a candle that she stuck in a Sno-ball.  Yesterday was Molly’s 15th birthday. Alex gets excited and wants to throw a party, but Molly says no.  She doesn’t need a Quinceanera, nor does she have the family to have one.   When Molly mentions family, that triggers Alex.  He says Chase took Gert to her family because they would know how to treat Old Lace.  Molly and Alex prepare to leave for the city. 

Karolina (Virginia Gardner) checks on Nico (Lyrica Okano). Nico doesn’t want to be bothered, so Karolina leaves her alone.  Karolina hears a woman call her name.  She starts looking around for someone.  Alex comes up the stairs to let her know they are leaving. He says they know where to find Gert and chase.  Karolina tells them to let Nico rest, but she will go with them. 

The Truth

Gert Yorkes (Ariela Barer), Stacey Yorkes (Brigid Brannagh), Dale Yorkes (Kevin Weisman) shown. (Photo by: Michael Desmond / Hulu)

Stacy and Dale (Kevin Weismantake breakfast to Gert (Ariela Barer) and Chase (Gregg Sulkin), but Gert isn’t buying their nice routine.  She’s upset that Stacy poisoned and kidnapped them.  Dale tries to reason with Gert saying the runaway thing has gone on long enough.  Stacy defends herself saying she would do anything to have Gert home.  Chase takes their side, accepting the food and juice…the poisoned juice. Chase collapses, despite Gert’s warnings. 

Dale and Stacy tie up Chase in the dining room. Dale injects him with a truth serum.  When he wakes up, Chase already knows what the Yorkes are going to ask and refuses to tell them where the other kids are.  The Yorkes talk about how much they love Gert and Molly and that prompts Chase to tell them how much he loves Gert.  He starts talking about their sex life when Tina walks in.  She says PRIDE sent her to check on them. She watches them try to question Chase and failing. Chase rambles until he passes out.  Tina wants to know how Chase got there.  Stacy pulls a gun on Tina and forces her to the basement. 

The shapeshifter walks on to the Church of Gibborim campus and finds a poster of the Deans. Vaughn (Cody Mayo) walks by asking if she needs help.  She asks for Karolina, saying she must find her.  Vaughn gets a little creeped out and secretly motions for security.  When the guards get there, the young woman disappears. 

Last Resort

Janet (Ever Carradine) picks up Victor (James Marsters) from his doctor’s office. He tells her he’s better than he was before. Even the bullet hole is gone.  Victor thinks killing Jonah may have been a mistake because he was a genius.  Janet says all of PRIDE was impressed with the weapons, but she’s having second thoughts.  She thinks an emotional plea would work better.  

At the lab, Victor receives a message from the doctor’s office. They say he missed his appointment earlier that day and needs to reschedule.  Victor erases the message.  Janet comes in and he tells her about his latest idea to landlines to find Chase.  He is using robocall technology to call every landline in the area where they think the kids are.  When Chase answers, he will plead with him to come home. 


Alex, Molly, and Karolina find the Rolls Royce in the Yorkes’ driveway.  Alex gets the fisticon ready and he also brought a gun. The girls yell at him for bringing it, so he puts the gun away.  Molly knows the Yorkes’ routine and thinks Gert, Chase and Old Lace are in the basement.  


Tina Minoru (Brittany Ishibashi) shown. (Photo by: Michael Desmond / Hulu)

In the basement, Tina flips a switch and wants to hear more about Gert and Chase’s sex life.  They don’t want to talk to her. So she changes the subject saying they need to know what their parents are up to.  She says the weapons that they are building are very powerful.  They should run while they have a chance.  Gert points out that Tina hasn’t even asked about Nico.  Tina answers that Stacy told her not to talk to the kids. 

Rescue Mission

Alex, Molly, and Karolina enter the house and trigger an alarm.  The Yorkes are happy to see Molly, but she makes it obvious that the feelings aren’t mutual. Alex holds the Yorkes with the fisticon while the girls go to the basement to find Gert and Chase.  Molly breaks down the basement door, reuniting with their friends.  Tina tries to move in, but Karolina holds her back with a glowing hand.  Gert asks Molly to get Old Lace, as Alex leads the Yorkes into the lab. Molly rips open the door to Old Lace’s cage and the kids start to run.  

Old Lace emerges and growls at the parents.  The kids get to the car and realize that the dinosaur isn’t behind them.  Old Lace is hovering over Dale and Stacy. Stacy apologizes, saying they just wanted their kids back.  Tina finds an opportunity to run, distracting Old Lace. Dale moves to get a tranquilizer gun and shoots the dinosaur.  The kids are outside, still waiting. Alex says they can’t wait, but Molly doesn’t want to leave Old Lace.  Gert says okay, positive that Old Lace will find them. 

Meanwhile, at the mansion, Nico performs a spell. She takes everything that she is feeling about killing Jonah and the strike team and burns it away.  She severs her ties with the Staff of One.  Nico buries the staff in the walls of the mansion. 


Leslie breaks into the records room at the Crater. She finds a file on the leader, discovering that the woman is her mother, Susan Ellerh.  Leslie finds Susan meditating. She tries to talk to her, saying she didn’t tell anyone that she’s pregnant.  She was afraid to fail as a mother again.  Leslie says she forgives her mother for leaving.  She knows that David made her leave because she tried to protect her from Jonah. Leslie calls her by her name and Susan gets angry.  Susan says she has to report Leslie and leaves the room.

No More Bad

Chase Stein (Greg Sulkin), Gert Yorkes (Ariela Barer), Alex Wilder (Rhenzy Feliz), Molly Hernandez (Allegra Acosta), Nico Minoru (Lyrica Okano), Karolina Dean (Virginia Gardner) . (Photo by: Michael Desmond / Hulu)

When the kids get back to the mansion, Molly breaks down, upset by everything that has happened.  She doesn’t understand why she’s the only one reacting. The others say they are trying to be strong for her, or they don’t want to feel anything right now, or they are in denial.  Gert says she thought Dale and Stacy were different than the rest of PRIDE. Chase says they are because they tried to help. He thinks they would take it all back if they could.

Alex says they can’t let their parents rob them of everything that is good.  They decide to throw a Quinceanera for Molly’s birthday. They need something good and fun for once.  The kids head to the market to get decorations, food, and clothes. 

All Smiles

The girls search for a dress for Molly, while she tells them about what happens at a Quinceanera. The changing of the shoes, the waltz with the chambelanes and the presenting of La última muñeca, her last doll. Chase and Alex are looking at music when the girls join up with them.  Alex admits that he can’t dance. Chase admits to taking ballroom dancing, so Molly asks him to be her chambelane and he says yes. 

The shapeshifter finds Karolina at the market and calls to her.  She introduces her name as Xavin.  Karolina gets a familiar feeling from Xavin and asks if she knows her. Xavin touches her arm before disappearing. 

Remember the Love

They return to the mansion and set up the foyer for the celebration. Chase brings in Molly’s last doll, unsure of what it symbolizes. Alex tells him its a sign that her childhood is over. Chase gets sad, saying no one has had to grow up more than Molly.  Alex adds that it’s hard when your adopted parents are murderers.  Chase says they were nice to him and Gert.  Alex asks why he keeps defending them.  Chase says they are forgetting that their parents still love them. Alex questions whether or not that’s true anymore. 

Chase tells Alex about the weapons their parents are making.  He’s not sure its worth it to fight anymore. He says they can’t win.  Alex declares that he’s not stopping until he brings his parents to justice. Even if its the last thing he does.  Chase decides to end the conversation to get ready for the party. 

Game Changer

Chase is in his room getting ready and he hears a phone ringing.  He finds an old phone and answers it.  Victor hears Chase’s voice and picks up the phone on his end.  He tells Chase that he’s sick and asks him to come home.  Alex interrupts asking if Chase is almost ready. Chase says yes and when he returns to the call, Victor is gone. 

The kids start the Quinceanera as Gert talks about how proud she is to be Molly’s sister. They present her with a Sno-ball birthday cake. Chase escorts Molly to the dance floor and they dance the waltz.  Everyone joins in the dance as confetti falls.  They are all smiling and dancing as Chase starts to walk away. 

Winding Down

Stacy, with no glasses, drinks a martini at the end of their day.  She points out that Tina was acting strangely. Dale points out that she has been acting strangely as well. He says he’s not sure if he can forgive her for poisoning Gert and Old Lace.  Old Lace is locked up downstairs and growls loudly.  Dale thinks they should kill the dinosaur, but Stacy says no.  She suggests that they let Old Lace out to find Gert. Then they kill her. 

Gert finds Chase and thanks him for making Molly’s day special. She invites him back to her room.  Chase has already changed clothes and is packing his bags.  He says he’s going home.  Gert gets upset, but it dawns on her that he was always going to leave.  Chase explains that his dad is sick.  After learning about the weapons, he doesn’t think they can beat their parents.  Gert says forget it. She’s angry, but nothing she says will change his mind.  

Chase starts to leave, but Gert says she won’t let him go until he tells everyone else what he’s doing.  Molly cries as Chase tells them that he’s leaving.  He says he realized that he doesn’t always have to do what the group does. It doesn’t feel right anymore and there’s somewhere else he has to be. The group is really upset with Chase, calling him a coward.  Chase leaves and meets his parents in the city.  

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