The Runaways have formulated a new plan to take down PRIDE.  And it starts with exposing who really killed Darius (DeVaughn Nixon).  Alex (Rhenzy Feliz) found footage of his mother, Catherine (Angel Parker) paying two cops to set up Darius for murder and drugs.  The kids almost got caught by the hotel security, but Molly (Allegra Acosta) let the guards capture her so the others could get away.  The guards took her directly to Detective Flores (Alex Hernandez) in an abandoned warehouse.

Flores wants to get the kids back to their parents.  That’s what PRIDE pays him to do.  He asks Molly to tell him where the others are, but she refuses to say anything helpful.  When Flores gets tired of playing nice, he threatens to hurt her if she doesn’t talk.  Flores is obviously not aware of Molly’s super powers.  Molly stands up, breaking her chains and goes after Flores.  The rest of the kids show up and break the door down.  Molly is holding Flores over her head.  Gert (Ariela Barer) tells her to put him down, so Molly drops him.  They all leaves and Flores is in shock.

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Molly mentions that the cops took her phone so the others drop theirs, in case the police try to track them. Karolina (Virginia Gardner) is with them and officially meets Livvi.  They take Livvi (Ajiona Alexus) back to the mansion to figure out their next move.  Once there, Livvi’s phone rings.  Alex is afraid the cops will track them using her phone. She says she can’t get rid of it because it has the evidence clearing Darius.  She also has video of the shooting.  Alex asks to see it.


Alex Wilder (Rhenzy Feliz), Livvie (Ajiona Alexus) shown. (Photo by: Michael Desmond / Hulu)

The video shows a clear shot of Awol (Myles Bullock) shooting at them.  Alex wants to use the footage to make Awol help them take down Flores and PRIDE.  Livvi isn’t sure his plan will work. Awol is not a reasonable man; he’s a thug.  Alex says they need to try. And they need to get rid of Livvi’s phone.  Alex offers to download everything on Livvi’s phone so she won’t lose anything.  Livvi says okay, but she wants to meet Old Lace.

Later that night Old Lace is running around the hills freely.  A drone flys by and sprays something in her face.  Old Lace goes back inside, but she gets really sick the next moring.  Gert is very worried, so Molly tells Chase (Gregg Sulkin) to sit with them.  Gert apologizes to Chase for calling his mom and shutting him out.  Chase was hurt that Gert didn’t tell him about it.  He gets that she wants more out of life, but she shouldn’t be afraid to talk to him if they are going to be a couple.  Gert asks to start over and he agrees. 

Flores confronts PRIDE about the kids superpowers, saying he was unprepared.  He tells them that the kids are gathering evidence on each of them to take them down.  Which isn’t completely true.  Geoffrey (Ryan Sands) tells Flores to leave the kids alone, they will take care of them.  Flores leaves and the newly reformed PRIDE discuss how they are going to get the kids to come home.  The kids have superpowers, so they aren’t afraid of their parents anymore.  Victor (James Marsters) reminds everyone that they have the greatest minds in science and technology in the room.  They have to appear stronger than their kids.  Maybe they should design weapons that will make the kids powerless.  Tina (Brittany Ishibashi) agrees.  It may be the only way to bring them home.  Robert (James Yaegashi) offers to help Victor design their weapons so the kids won’t get hurt.  

The kids have no real food in the house, so Alex suggests they go to a Caribbean restaurant that Livvi knows about. Livvi warns him that Awol and his strike team are regulars at that restaurant.  Alex says he can use that as opportunity to talk to Awol. It doesn’t take long for Awol to show up at the restaurant. Or for Chase to realize that Alex set them up. Alex reveals that he knows Awol and Flores helped his parents set up Darius.  Awol and his strike team pull their guns the kids, forcing them to their knees.  He tries to taunt them, saying he would get away with killing all of them.  Nico (Lyrica Okano) uses the Staff of One to freeze the cops.  The kids take the opportunity to leave the restaurant, unhappy with Alex for putting them in that position.  Alex decides to walk Livvi home and the rest return to the mansion. 

Tamar Davis (Ozioma Akagha), Catherine Wilder (Angel Parker), Geoffery Wilder (Ryan Sands) shown. (Photo by: Michael Desmond / Hulu)

Geoffrey and Catherine decide to visit Tamar (Ozioma Akagha) about Alex.  By this time, she has heard about the confrontation at the Caribbean restaurant.  Tamar is more worried about what Catherine will do.  Geoffrey says he will take care of the strike team and asks her to let him know when she sees Alex.  What the Wilders don’t know is that Awol is inside of Tamar’s house.  She makes a deal with Awol, keeping him in the loop with PRIDE. He has to leave her family alone. 

Robert and Victor are hard at work when Janet (Ever Carradine) shows up. She wants to be on the team and both men agree.  Robert goes back to the PRIDE office and finds Tina sitting on a table. Her hair is down and she’s enjoying a chocolate cake.   She talks about good it is and tries to give some to Robert.  He tells he to focus on Nico, especially after she killed Jonah. Tina seems to have forgotten that part and says there will be consequences. She gets dizzy and starts to stumble.  When she stands up, Tina is confused. She starts wiping the cake off of her fingers.

Awol confronts Flores about the kids’ powers.  He says he should have told him.  They argue about who’s got more power.  Flores threatens to get rid of Awol unless he learns to follow orders.  Later that night, Geoffrey confronts Flores about the incident at the restaurant.  Flores blames Awol, calling him a loose cannon.  He promises to keep Awol in line, so Geoffrey lets him go. 

When Alex and Livvi arrive at her house, they are shocked to see Awol there.  Tamar promises that he only wants to talk to them.  At first Alex thinks Awol is there to kill them, but it’s more about Awol’s pride.  Alex and his friends made a fool of Awol and Awol can’t let him get away with doing that.  Alex says it wasn’t his intention to make Awol look foolish.  He just want to make a deal with him. Livvi warns Alex that Awol is setting him up, but Alex is sure he has the upper hand. 

Dale (Kevin Weisman) checks on Stacy (Brigid Brannagh), concerned because she locked the door.  Stacy says she is working on something to find their kids.  Dale notices that she’s not wearing her glasses and Stacy explains that he doesn’t know everything about her.  But he does!  He says they are a team, but she says he is disrespecting the autonomy of her process.  To get rid of him she asks him to make her a snack. Stacy gets dizzy and wonders why she’s not wearing her glasses.  

Old Lace’s illness is freaking out Gert.  Old Lace has started growling at the kids, because she is scared too.  Gert says she doesn’t know what the dinosaur is thinking because their connection is gone.

Alex reveals to Awol that he has footage of him shooting at the hospital.  He assures him that Awol is not his target. He wants Awol to help him put his parents in jail.  Awol asks what’s in it for him.   Alex says no one will see the footage, but Awol says he would still go down with Flores and PRIDE.  He has a counter offer.  Livvi tells Alex to stop talking to Awol and not make a deal with him.  Awol asks Alex to speak to him privately.  


Alex Wilder (Rhenzy Feliz), Anthony Wall/AWOL (Myles Bullock) shown. (Photo by: Michael Desmond / Hulu)

Awol tells Alex that Flores has been collecting evidence on all of the PRIDE members.  He will give him that evidence if Alex gives him the footage.  Alex agrees, but Awol says Alex has to leave him and the strike team out of the mix.  After Awol leaves, Livvi reveals that she heard everything.  She is angry that Alex made that deal because then Awol gets away with everything.  Alex says she doesn’t understand, he’s doing this for her and Tamar as well.  She says he is too focused on hurting his parents and he will probably end up dead.  Livvi says he betrayed her and his friends and tells him to leave.  

The next day, Livvi tells the rest of the group about Alex’s deal with Awol.  They all get angry with him, despite his explanation of the situation.  The group says they are all under a tremendous amount of stress, especially Gert.  They say Alex would know what’s going on with everyone if he wasn’t so selfish.  He’s only thinking about his own revenge and not considering what the group wants.  Alex lashes back saying they are all hypocrites, because they have all done bad things themselves. 

Alex goes looking for Awol, but he is with PRIDE.  He gives Flores’ evidence to them instead of Alex.  He promises to clear the evidence and bring the kids home.  Geoffrey says Flores is out.  The strike team will remain in tact with Awol as the new leader.  They tell Awol to take care of Flores.  

Awol meets Flores at a restaurant.  He tells Flores that he’s out, and Awol is in. Awol locks Flores in the freezer, killing him.  After, Awol answers, Alex’s phone call, saying plans changed, but they will talk soon.  Awol goes to Tamar’s house and takes Livvi so he can use her to find the kids.

Karolina hears someone talking to her. It’s a woman’s voice that says she’s been searching for Karolina. Karolina thinks maybe it’s Nico, but Nico says she didn’t because they’re not talking.  Karolina says she doesn’t want to fight anymore. They decide that they need some sleep but they will talk again soon.

Gert is alone in her room, sick.  The rest of the group is in the foyer trying to tend to Old Lace.  Old Lace collapses at the bottom of the stairs.  Gert comes down, almost falling and the group sees that she is just as sick as Old Lace.  She collapses next to the dinosaur and passes out.  Whatever is making Old Lace sick is now affecting Gert. 

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