We knew Jonah (Julian McMahon) was an alien on Marvel’s Runaways, but we didn’t know how long he had been on Earth. He told Karolina (Virginia Gardner) that he arrived before recorded time. It seems he found a calling in 1932 when he took the form of a preacher. He used his alien powers to heal people and thus creating followers of his light. 


The being found the man we know as Jonah. He was Dr. Jonah, from Australia. Dr. Jonah was brought in to investigate the preacher’s unique condition. The preacher warns the doctor that what he’s about to do will be painful. They will struggle for control of the vessel, but ultimately, the doctor will go away. The preacher transfers is light to Dr. Jonah


Jonah walks into a house and finds David Ellerh (Nathan Sutton). Ellerh had already started the Church of Gibborim and Jonah gave him someone to worship. He shows David his light and says they will build a future together. Jonah also meets a little girl named Leslie Ellerh. 

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Stacey Yorkes (Brigid Brannagh), Dale Yorkes (Kevin Weisman), Tina Minoru (Brittany Ishibashi), Robert Minoru (James Yaegashi) shown. (Photo by: Michael Desmond / Hulu)

Jonah is gone. PRIDE celebrates with champagne. Catherine (Angel Parker) wants to toast Nico (Lyrica Okano) for being the real hero. Robert (James Yaegashi) hates that Nico has to carry the burden of killing someone, but Leslie (Annie Wershing) says Nico knew what she was doing. They decide to go their separate ways and dismantle the charity. Each couple will do what is best to bring their children home and not interfere with anyone else’s kids. 

As far as the kids are concerned, it’s time to move forward with their lives. Gert (Ariela Barer) is even thinking about going to college. Of course she would take Molly (Allegra Acosta) with her. Meanwhile Nico and Karolina have been fighting. Nico accepts that she can’t change what she did and says everyone should just move on. But she did kill Karolina’s father. As for Alex (Rhenzy Feliz), he doesn’t see how they can go home. Too much has changed for them to go back to their old lives. And Chase (Gregg Sulkin) thinks the mansion is getting to claustrophobic. They need to start thinking about life after the mansion. 

As for the earthquake and explosion, PRIDE covered up the truth with a story about a malfunctioning weather balloon. Victor Stein’s (James Marsters) company Nemo took the responsibility for the weather balloon. And Stein announced his return to the company after experiencing some health issues.

Past Sins

It’s been a while since we heard from Livvi (Ajiona Alexus). After Darius’ (DeVaughn Nixon) murder, Tamar (Ozioma Akagha) and Livvi have been laying low. But Livvi has evidence that clears Darius’ name for the murder of Destiny Gonzalez. She has video of her, Tamar and Darius at her birthday party, the same day that Destiny was supposedly murdered. Livvi takes the video to the DA’s office


Catherine Wilder (Angel Parker), Detective Flores (Alex Fernandez), Anthony Wall (Myles Bullock) shown. (Photo by: Michael Desmond / Hulu)

Detective Flores (Alex Fernandez), a crooked cop on the PRIDE payroll, informs Catherine of the video. She wants the video to go away and a message sent to Livvi to back off. Flores says his strike team will take care of it. 

On to the Next One

Karolina finds a picture of an angel in a book and it makes her think of Jonah. She tells the group that she needs a day off from the rest of the group. Alex says they all need a day off. He’s going to see Livvi to see if she still likes him.  He finds them at the hospital, but Livvi is not happy to see him. Tamar gave birth to a boy, Xerxes. They are leaving when a car drives by, shooting at their car.  

Livvi gives a description of the shooter as Awol (Myles Bullock), a police officer. The questioning officer doesn’t believe her. Tamar steps in and tells the officer that they didn’t see the shooter so he leaves. Tamar tells Livvi that the cops are in on the shooting. This was a warning and Livvi keeps pushing, they will kill her. Livvi asks Alex to tell her everything he knows. Alex says it’s time for her to meet his friends.

Geoffrey (Ryan Sands) confronts Catherine about the hit on Livvi. Flores called him to let him know things went well and no one was hurt. He also told him that Alex was with Livvi when it happened. Geoffrey tells her to fix what she has done. He’s so angry with her that he doesn’t want to look at her. And he thinks Alex feels the same way. Later, Geoffrey visits Tamar to give her the money he owes to Darius. She says it doesn’t make up for what they did to him, but she takes it anyway. 

Newlywed Game

Livvie Davis (Ajiona Alexus) shown. (Photo by: Michael Desmond / Hulu)

Alex calls the rest of the group to meet him at Livvi’s house. He tells everyone that they have to take down Darius’ real killer, his dad. His plan is to go to the Gordon Hotel to get surveillance footage proving his dad met with Darius.  The kids go to the hotel and break into the penthouse, set up for newlyweds. Alex gets to work hacking into the hotel’s security system. Nico hates the decor so she decides to take a walk. Molly goes with her. Livvi enjoys the high life while watching Alex work.

Chase and Gert eat the treats set out for the newlyweds. Chase wants to take some of it back and grabs Gert’s bag. He finds the college application. Before Gert can explain, a woman brings in another tray of food. She mistakes Gert and Chase for the newlyweds. Gert pretends they are, but Chase starts ranting about how Gert leaves him out of her life decisions. The lady gets uncomfortable and leaves. Chase takes the college application and puts it in the chocolate fountain. He says that was for leaving him out of her decisions and outing him to his parents.  

Nico confides in Molly that she thinks the power of the staff might be too big for her. Molly says she has powers that she shouldn’t have too. But they have these powers and will use them to make the world better. They run into the lady from the penthouse telling a coworker that the real newlyweds called to say their flight was delayed. Her friend says they got a call to look out for a group of dangerous kids. Molly and Nico turn and run. 

Taking Care of Business

Frank (Kip Pardue) goes to Leslie for help with the Gonzalez kid. Frank put his body in the trunk of his car until he could talk to Leslie. Leslie tells him that Jonah is dead and she is dismantling the church. Frank freaks out, saying the church is all he has. Leslie says she will call the PRIDE fixer to take care of the Gonzalez boy. After that’s taken care of, Frank is on his own.

Flores arrives to dispose of the body. Leslie informs him that PRIDE is over. Flores doesn’t like the news because that means one less paycheck for him. Leslie tells him to find another murderous fake charity to serve. Frank is nearby, taking pictures of their conversation over a dead body. 


Frank Dean (Kip Pardue), Frances (Heather Olt) Aura (Pat Lentz), shown. (Photo by: Michael Desmond / Hulu)

Frank calls on the ever faithful, Frances (Heather Olt) and Aura (Patricia Lentz) to help him with his next move.  Frances and Aura have been with the church since the beginning. They were with David Ellerh when he met Jonah.  He shows them pictures of Leslie with Flores and says she is the one who killed the Gonzalez kid. He asks them to help Leslie find her light. 

Meanwhile Karolina is at the church to ask her mom’s assistant Vaughn (Cody Mayo) to let her in Jonah’s office. Vaughn is happy to help but informs Karolina that Jonah is on a European tour so all of his stuff is packed. Karolina starts digging through everything, but finds nothing. She hears something ringing and finds a device hidden in a pot. The device plays a voice message from Jonah to Karolina. He says she has a great destiny ahead that is bigger than all of them.  


Alex is able to hack into the security system, but the footage from that day has been erased. Livvi suggests looking at the security cameras from the boutiques in the hotel. Alex finds footage of Flores and Awol waiting on someone. Alex is expecting Geoffrey to walk up, but Catherine does instead, handing an envelope to Flores. 

Molly and Nico run in, warning everyone that they’ve been outed. Everyone runs to the elevator, but when the door opens, the security guards are inside. They run to the stairs and Molly bends a pipe to bar the door. As she runs to catch up with the others, she realizes it won’t hold. She tells Gert to keep going and runs back to the door. Molly lets the guards capture her, while the others get away.

The guards take her to a small room and handcuff her to the chair. When they leave, Molly breaks the handcuffs and walks to the door. Awol opens the door and leads Molly back in the room. Flores walks in behind Awol, saying it’s nice to finally meet Molly.

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