The members of PRIDE and their children have been working on ways to stop a massive earthquake from happening on Marvel’s Runaways. An alien being who calls himself Jonah (Julian McMahon) is trying to get his ship out of a hole. Despite what he says, everyone believes the release of his ship will cause an earthquake that will destroy the world.  

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Flash Forward

Jonah narrates that this is what someone wanted. To be free from fear. He says death is not the end, it’s simply a door. They should let go of everything that binds them to the broken and failing darkness. Jonah says there’s nothing left.

The scene is Robert (James Yaegashi) holding an unconscious Nico (Lyrica Okano) as Tina (Brittany Ishibashi) stands over them with the staff in her hands. Stacy (Brigid Brannagh) is shooting a gun at someone. And Karolina (Virginia Gardner) runs up to someone, screaming “no!” Leslie (Annie Wershing), Alex (Rhenzy Feliz), Chase (Gregg Sulkin), and Gert (Ariela Barer) are laying on the ground. Geoffrey (Ryan Sands) is down as well, but trying to get up. They are looking at Jonah. He looks back at them with rage in his eyes. 

Flash Back

20 years ago, Jonah presides over David Ellerh’s dying body. He says a prayer and David is gone. Jonah consoles a young Leslie Ellerh (Mia Topalian). She thanks him for being there. He mentions that he had a special friendship with Leslie’s parents. Leslie wants to contact her mother, but Jonah reminds her that the woman was banished from the church. Jonah will send word to her, but Leslie needs to focus on the future now. She has a special destiny and sacrifices will have to be made. Leslie says she is ready and willing. Jonah says he hopes she always feel that way.   


Geoffrey Wilder (Ryan Sands), Gert Yorkes (Ariela Barer) shown. (Photo by: Michael Desmond / Hulu)

The kids rescued Geoffrey from Jonah’s regeneration box. He had been chosen as the latest sacrifice to re-energize Jonah. The next morning, Geoffrey tries to tell Alex to back off of Jonah. He says the kids have no clue what Jonah is hiding and what he will do to protect it. Geoffrey fills him in on everything PRIDE knows. Alex takes the information back to the group, saying there is a space ship at the bottom of the hole at the dig site.  

Karolina confirms it and confesses that she has been meeting with Jonah because he is her father. She tries to defend him saying Jonah only wants to go home. The group has a lot of questions, mainly about the possibility of a world ending earthquake. Molly (Allegra Acosta) gets angry that Karolina sides with Jonah about the earthquake. Nico wants to know if Karolina will leave with Jonah. Karolina can’t answer everything. And the group feels betrayed. So they ask her to stay behind while they stop Jonah from destroying the world. 


Jonah visits the PRIDE parents, including Victor Stein (James Marsters). Jonah is surprised that he’s awake, telling Janet (Ever Carradine) that she took a huge risk waking him up. Janet and the others let him know that they don’t trust him. He looks better so that means he sacrificed someone and Tina thinks that sacrifice was one of the Wilders. Catherine Wilder (Angel Parker) arrives and wants to know what Jonah did to Geoffrey. Jonah says the kids have him, but he did try to kill him.  

The parents want some assurance that Jonah is really leaving and no one will get hurt. Jonah continues his claim that there will be no earthquake. He can get his ship without anyone getting hurt.  Leslie asks if he plans on going home alone. Jonah doesn’t answer her questions, instead he reminds everyone that they are rich and successful because of him.   



Gert Yorkes (Ariela Barer) shown. (Photo by: Michael Desmond / Hulu)

Karolina comes up with an alternate plan and asks Gert to help her present it to Alex. Alex doesn’t want to change his plans, but Gert argues that there is life on that ship. If they disregard that fact, they are no better than their parents. Nico joins in, reminding Alex that they promised they would be nothing like their parents. Alex gives in and changes the groups plans. 

Their plan is to distract Jonah, go to the dig site and rescue Karolina’s family. Karolina messages Jonah, asking him to meet her. They enlist Geoffrey to get into the dig site, but don’t tell him that their plans have changed. Geoffrey says okay, but only to keep everyone safe. They have to get there before PRIDE does though. The group gets ready to move, blindfolding Geoffrey to keep their location a secret. 


Janet finds Victor listening to a voice message from Chase. Victor built a time machine and the message is from the future. Chase is warning Victor not to use the fisticons. Victor says it’s proof that they will be a family again. Janet is more concerned with getting rid of Jonah. She designed a disk that will shut down the ship’s engines. Victor made some modifications and says it will work perfectly. However, they will be stuck with Jonah if the Yorkes can’t come through.

Dale (Kevin Weisman) and Stacy’s part of the plan is to create more of the serum from Jonah’s DNA. The serum killed the sample from the hole a couple of days before. If they create enough, they should be able to kill Jonah and whatever’s in the ship. 


Members of the Church of Gibborim prepare to leave to protect Jonah. Leslie approaches Frank (Kip Pardue) as he is saying goodbye to the congregation. She tells him the truth about Jonah and her concern that he will try to take Karolina. Frank tells her to trust Karolina’s judgment. 

Jonah walks up to say goodbye to the couple, but Leslie insist on going with him. She says she has worked her whole life for his ascension. Jonah agrees and they leave Frank to watch over the church. As Frank goes inside, a kid approaches him. Frank mistakes him as a fan, but the kid says he wants to talk to Frank about something else. Frank doesn’t have time and leaves before the kid can protest.

First Move

Georffery Wilder (Ryan Sands), Alex Wilder (Rhenzy Feliz) shown. (Photo by: Michael Desmond / Hulu)

Geoffrey tells the kids that the site will be heavily guarded by the Church of Gibborim. Alex hacks the Church vans’ GPS systems and redirects them in the opposite direction. When they get to the site, Alex and Geoffrey are able to detain the security guards and tie them up. Chase asks Gert to be the lookout and she agrees. 

Jonah and Leslie wait for Karolina to arrive at the meeting place, but Leslie says she’s not coming. Karolina is counting on her connection with Jonah to trick him. Jonah realizes that Karolina is at the dig site. He tells Leslie that he took Karolina down the hole. He needs to stop Karolina before she ruins everything. Leslie texts PRIDE to let them know it’s time to move.

Stacy and Dale are filling up dart guns with the serum when they get the text. They think it’s too early to move. Victor and Janet also think it’s too early, but they pack up the disk and leave. 

Frank receives a call that the church vans are in Las Vegas. He is interrupted by the kid from earlier. The kid is Destiny Gonzalez’s brother and he wants answers about her death. He accuses the church of killing other teenage runaways. Frank tells the kid that he has been conducting his own investigation and they should talk. As they walk away, Frank grabs the gun and shoots the kid. 


Karolina takes Nico, Chase, and Molly to the bottom of the hole. The plan is to cut open the ship and let the inhabitants out. When Chase tries to cut into the ship, the ship screams in pain.  Karolina says there is no other way and ask him to continue.  

Gert and Alex see Jonah and Leslie arrive at the site. They both try to text the others, but Molly says they don’t have any service. Jonah starts talking to Karolina, saying she doesn’t know what she is doing. He asks her to come back up immediately. Karolina ignores him and tells Chase to keep cutting. 

The members of PRIDE show up and Leslie fills them in on what’s happening. Jonah communicates with someone named Xavin, telling them to start the launch. The parents get worried but Jonah is sure the kids will emerge because Karolina can fly.  

The ground starts shaking, causing the kids to panic a little. Karolina can only take two at a time, Nico volunteers to stay behind, saying the staff will keep her safe.  When they get to the surface, the parents run to them. Molly stops the Yorkes from touching her, but Chase can’t stop Victor. Victor hugs him tightly and whispers that he needs his help and wait for his signal. Jonah asks Karolina not to go back for Nico, angering the Minorus. They feel strong winds coming from the hole. Nico created a tornado to get out of the hole. Once she is safely above ground, Gert and Alex run past the parents and reunite with their friends. 


Chase Stein (Greg Sulkin) shown. (Photo by: Michael Desmond / Hulu)

Jonah tells Karolina that it’s time for them to go and be with their family. Karolina refuses, saying she wants to stay with the people she loves. The ground starts to shake again. Jonah admits that he lied, his ship will cause a catastrophic earthquake. The only way Karolina can survive is if she gets on the ship. Jonah tells Xavin to go full acceleration and the ground shakes even more. 

Nico stands up with the staff to stop the ship. She’s not powerful enough and passes out from trying. Tina picks up the staff, but it won’t work for her. The staff belongs to Nico now. 

Jonah tries to convince Karolina one more time and Molly attacks him. PRIDE begins their attack. Victor yells for Chase to shoot at Jonah. Jonah shoots back, but his shot is deflected by Karolina.  While he is distracted, the Steins throw their disk into the ship, stopping the engines. The Yorkes take out their weapons and start shooting the ship. Jonah sees them shooting, but is unsure of why they are attacking his ship. He uses his powers to force everyone backwards, knocking them all to the ground. The organic glow of the ship begins to fade and the ship turns black. The serum is working and the ship explodes like a glitter bomb. Jonah is angry. He turns on PRIDE and their children. There are three orbs of light floating around him and they disappear. 

Final Blow

Nico wakes up just as Jonah begins to approach the group. She picks up the staff and runs behind Jonah. Karolina sees her and runs towards them. Nico stabs Jonah in the back as Karolina screams to stop her. 

Karolina is the only person to run to Jonah, sad that he is dying. He says now they are going to have to take it off. Something changes in his face and he looks around. Jonah doesn’t know where he or Karolina is. When he dies, Jonah’s light leaves the body. 

The parents turn their attention to their kids, asking a million questions. Nico lights up the staff and tells them to sleep. The kids leave the dig site. The next morning, the police arrive but only find Jonah’s body.  

The kids meet in the foyer to talk about the night before. They think it’s weird that they teamed up with their parents to defeat Jonah. Alex says it doesn’t erase anything though, but Chase is ready to forgive them. Nico says the line between good and bad is getting blurry. She leaves to check on Karolina, but Karolina is still upset. She says Nico took everything away from her. Nico didn’t have to kill her father, she chose to.

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