Nico (Lyrica Okano) has been suspicious of Topher (Jan Luis Castellanos) since he arrived on Marvel’s Runaways.  She saw him rub a substance on his arm that gave him super strength, although he told Molly (Allegra Acosta) that he was just like her.  On a trip to retrieve a computer processor, Nico lifted Topher’s vial of his secret substance.  She revealed her theft and demands answers from Topher.

Who What Why

The group convenes on the stairs to hear his answers.  At first he tells them how he came from the suburbs and his parents were cruel to him.  He ran away, like they did and found some glowing rocks in a terrarium. When he picked up the rocks, he got a surge of energy that made him feel better about his life.  Molly asks why he lied and he says he wanted her to believe he was like her so she would accept him.  The vial that Nico found is all that he has left and after it’s gone, he will quit cold turkey.  But he needs it back because its the only thing making him feel better. 

Nico gives the vial back, but the group still has questions. For starters, how did rocks from a dig site end up in a terrarium on the street.  Molly asks if he can stay. Nico says okay, but they will take it one day at a time. And Gert (Ariela Barer) will have Old Lace watch over Topher. After they finish interrogating Topher, he asks Molly about the dig site. She shows him a map and all of the information they have on PRIDE.  He has a lot of questions, so Molly indulges him with answers.

Jonah (Julian McMahon) and Karolina (Virginia Gardner) land at the bottom of the dig site. Jonah confirms that he…and Karolina are aliens.  He says his ship crash landed on Earth prior to recorded history. He was the only one on board who was able to eject.  Since then he has been searching for his ship and his family.  He tells Karolina to touch the ground and it lights up.  Their family are trapped in the ship. Karolina realizes that Jonah is only trying to save his family.  

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Another Runaway



Alex Wilder (Rhenzy Feliz), Nico Minoru (Lyrica Okano), Molly Hernandez (Allegra Acosta) shown. (Photo by: Michael Desmond / Hulu)

Topher sees Gert brushing her teeth and laughs at her. She shows her anxiety about her dental health and Topher realizes she has an anxiety disorder.  He tells Gert that he knows how to get the medications she needs.  She is shocked that he would help her.  Topher says it’s because she is Molly’s sister and that makes her his sister too.  He leaves while Gert continues brushing her teeth. 

Karolina returns home and  goes into Alex’s (Rhenzy Feliz) room and touches the hacking computer with her glowing hand. Nico catches her and asks what she is doing. Alex wakes up, wondering the same thing.  Karolina say she couldn’t sleep and wanted to see what she could do to help.  Alex says he’s got everything under control. 

Later, Molly discovers that Topher has left. She blames Nico, who informs her that Topher is a junkie and just looking to get high.  Gert and Alex take up for Topher, thinking he left to get supplies for everyone. But Karolina confirms. Topher is a junkie after more rocks from the dig site.  He took the map.  Karolina is worried about her alien family, but doesn’t say anything about them.  Gert is worried that Topher won’t return with the medications that she needs. And everyone else is worried that Topher will go down into the hole and mess all of their plans up.  They decide to find Topher and stop him. 


When Chase (Gregg Sulkin) asked Eiffel (Danielle Campbell) for her master key to the school, the cost was a selfie with Chase posted to her social media page. She got hundreds of likes and has become a  star.  So when PRIDE asks her to come in for questioning, Eiffel takes a team of lawyers with her.  She asks for immunity before giving up any information about that day.   Dale (Kevin Weisman) and Stacy (Brigid Brannagh) pardon her, so she will talk.  Eiffel says she ran into Chase who asked for the key. They needed to get into the computer lab. The parents ask what the kids were after, but Eiffel admits that she tuned them out when she heard the world ‘computer.’

After Eiffel leaves, PRIDE determines that Alex is trying to build a hacking computer.  He could hack into any of the systems, including the dig site.  That prompts Dale to ask Leslie (Annie Wershing) why Jonah and Karolina were at the dig site.  Stacy confirms that they saw them together while on their “covert” mission.  Leslie doesn’t know anything about their meeting and wonders why they did not call her first. They admit that Jonah saw them leaving the site, to which Leslie begins to wonder how the Yorkes are still alive.  

The others assume that Jonah knows where the kids are hiding.  Robert (James Yaegashi) steps up and says he will get that information from Jonah.  He’s been working on something and wants to do this to avenge his daughter Amy.  Tina (Brittany Ishibashi) says okay. She tells everyone to change their passwords so Alex can’t hack them. 

Sacrifices Must Be Made

Frank Dean (Kip Pardue), Jonah (Julian McMahon) shown. (Photo by: Michael Desmond / Hulu)

Jonah meets Frank (Kip Pardue) at the Church of Gibborim.  He wants to talk about Frank’s impact and future on the church.  Frank has emerged as a religious leader and he likes the attention.  All of that is thanks to Jonah. So now it’s time for Frank to pay him back. Jonah tells Frank to bring him a runaway or don’t come back to the church.

Leslie confronts Jonah about seeing Karolina. She’s angry that he didn’t tell her that he was in contact with her daughter. Jonah apologizes, saying he didn’t want to get her hopes up.  He admits that he is opening up to Karolina about the truth and he thinks it’s going well.  Leslie gets even more upset, because she wanted to tell Karolina about who she is.  But Leslie doesn’t even know what Jonah is. She asks him to be honest with her as well.  What is Jonah and what are his plans for Karolina? 

Frank looks at the new runaways that have come to the church for help. Leslie sees him, so Frank asks how she was able to find a sacrifice for Jonah.  Leslie says  all live consumes other live in order to survive. It’s brutal and necessary for his survival.  That’s what Jonah told her when she started gathering runaways. Leslie also tells Frank that Jonah has been seeing Karolina behind their backs.  Frank has faith that Karolina can see through Jonah. 

Making Waves

Janet (Ever Carradine) continues her investigation into Jonah’s book. She finds information about his space ship. The ship has a gravitational wave engine.  She takes this information to Victor (James Marsters), asking if he can destroy it.  Victor considers it, but that kind of technology would change how they understand space travel and the universe.  Janet says it will also destroy California. After Janet leaves, Victor begins jotting down notes.

Jonah returns to his office and finds Robert waiting for him.  It’s not long before Jonah starts to feel week and falls to his knees. He sees a red laser across the floor of his office.  Robert took Karolina’s bracelet and used it to create a new kind of inhibitor.  The inhibitor is designed to make Jonah sick and weak.  Robert asks where the kids are.  If Jonah doesn’t answer, he will turn up the intensity on the inhibitor.  Robert kicks Jonah in the head for killing Amy.  Before Robert can hit him again, two of Jonah’s assistants enter the office and hit him on the head, knocking Robert out. Jonah is very grateful for the women and promote them within the church.  Later, Jonah carries Robert’s body to the PRIDE conference room and lays him down in front of the others. 

The Truth about Topher

Nico Minoru (Lyrica Okano), Chase Stein (Greg Sulkin), Molly Hernandez (Allegra Acosta), Karolina Dean (Virginia Gardner) Alex Wilder (Rhenzy Feliz) shown. (Photo by: Michael Desmond / Hulu)

Topher is at the dig site and finds a dump truck full of dirt.  He jumps in and digs in the dirt. He finds the rocks he needs, but someone sees him digging.  The ter ens catch up to Topher at the dig site.  Topher killed the guy who spotted him in the truck and ran.  Karolina points him out and they watch Topher carjack someone.  They decide to chase him down, but Gert is driving and more nervous than ever.

They follow Topher to a house and go inside. Gert stays in the car with the engine running.  The house belongs to Topher’s parents.  He goes there to ask them to let him come home.  His sister says that Topher has changed too much. They don’t want him there. When Molly and the others arrive, this upsets Topher even more. He becomes erratic and emotional.  His parents tell the kids that Topher changed when he was involved in a lab explosion at the university.  Molly knows that lab because it was her parents lab.  Topher was the security guard on duty. After the explosion, he found the rocks from the dig site and picked one up.  The rock gave Topher a high that changed him and kept him from aging.

Rock Bottom

Topher gets more and more agitated.  Karolina realizes that he has the rocks in his backpack and it’s affecting him.  Molly tries to tell Topher that they want to help him, but he’s so upset by his family that he pushes Molly out of the house.  Gert sees her flying through the air and gets more nervous. Everyone runs out of the house, ready to fight Topher, but Molly stops them.  She tries to help Topher by tackling him to the ground so he will listen to her. He throws her off and Nico blasts him with the staff. 

Topher throws a garbage dumpster at the group and Chase blasts it with the fisticons. The dumpter flies through the air towards Gert in the car.  Topher pushes the car out of the way, saving Gert and the dumpster lands on top of Topher.  Molly lifts the dumpster off of Topher and sees that he is badly hurt. They hear police sirens.  Topher’s sister says she will take care of him and tells the teens to go.  They grab Molly and leave. 

Self Care

The teens return to the mansion and Molly is upset.  She continues to blame Nico for Topher’s betrayal.  As far as Molly was concerned, Topher was family.  He was scared and out of control, but he needed help.  Nico doesn’t feel bad for blasting Topher with the staff.  She says she was trying to save Molly from getting her heart broken. When it comes down to it, Molly is her family, not Topher.  Molly says Nico sounds exactly like her mother.

Later, Karolina comforts Nico. Gert commends Molly, saying she will always have a family who loves her unconditionally.  And Chase confesses to Alex that he’s afraid of annoying Gert.  While everyone sleeps, Gert and Karolina sneak out of the house. Karolina goes the church just as Leslie is walking to her car.  She asks her mom to tell her the truth about her father.   And Gert goes to a nearby hospital to get the medications that she needs. The nurse informs Gert that her parents are on their way.   While this is going on, one of Topher’s neighbors paints a mural of Topher with his glowing eyes. 


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