Out of one fire and into another.  Marvel’s  Runaways were presented with a new dilemma at the end of the last episode. After rescuing Alex (Rhenzy Feliz) from his parents, the group met Topher  (Jan Luis Castellanos).  Topher followed Molly (Allegra Acosta) home after a night of playing vigilante.  He’s impressed with Molly’s abilities and with the mansion where the kids all live.  Alex and Chase (Gregg Sulkin) get protective and tell him to leave. He tries to state his case, but Nico (Lyrica Okano) puts him an Cone of Silence.

While they discuss his situation, Nico witnesses Topher spread some kind of white glowing substance on his wrist. Topher breaks out of Nico’s cone and the group sees his eyes glowing. Molly doesn’t want him to leave, especially when she sees the yellow glow in his eyes. The others don’t trust Topher. They know he’s up to something, but they let him stay under close guard by Old Lace. 

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Peace Offering

The kids wake up the next morning and Gert (Ariela Barer) is more anxious than ever.  Chase (Gregg Sulkin) wakes up to talk to her. She missing the structure of her old life. Chase sympathizes with her and convinces her the new life isn’t that bad.  Gert checks on Old Lace and finds Topher is missing. 

Topher did leave, but he came back with a lot of breakfast food.  Molly admires the food spread and is excited about eating.  She tells Topher that he’s the first person she has met that is like her.  He says she is the first for him as well.  They share their experiences of getting their powers for the first time.  Molly concludes that they are probably related.  She starts to tell Topher about her parents being scientists, but they are interrupted before she can say too much. 

The rest of the group is reluctant to accept the food.  Topher admits that he knows who they all are and offers to teach them how to survive on the streets.  In exchange, he just wants to live in the mansion.  Topher says that rich kids don’t last long, especially if there is a reward for their return. But he would never do that to them. They eventually start eating the food, not really saying whether or not Topher can stay. Molly already considers him a relative. She offers to show Topher around. 

Nico tells the rest of the group that Topher is hiding something. Alex says it can’t be any worse than their parents. He wants them all to pay for what they’ve done.  The put a murder board of everything they know about their parents, the dig site, and Jonah.  Topher is just another distraction, but until they can prove something is wrong, they are going to focus on destroying the dig site. 

Out of Time

Jonah (Julian McMahon) shown. (Photo by: Greg Lewis / Hulu)

Geoffrey (Ryan Sands) is still very upset with Catherine (Angel Parker) for killing Darius (DeVaughn Nixon). Catherine framed Darius for the murder of Destiny Gonzalez and then shot him to keep him quiet.  Geoffrey tries to explain how much Darius meant to him, but Catherine says none of that was real.  The Minorus arrive and the Wilders stop talking. 

When the rest of the parents show up, they angry that the Wilders made a secret deal to get Alex back.  To change the subject, Catherine reveals that Tina  (Brittany Ishibashi) gave Nico the Staff of One.  Tina isn’t apologetic about giving her the staff. She says they need to focus on Jonah (Julian McMahon).  Dale (Kevin Weisman) says they have a serum that might kill Jonah but they need to a trial run.  Stacy (Brigid Brannagh) wants to pull a sample from the dig site so they can test the serum on whatever is down there. 

While they are testing, the rest of the parents continue to search for the kids.  Geoffrey has traced Alex to one of PRIDE’S soup kitchens.  They go to the kitchen and ask the employees if they have see their kids.  Geoffrey tries to intimidate one of the volunteers. Instead she gives them someone who is in tune with everything going on around the soup kitchen.  Mike on a Bike (Ryan Dorsey). The kid who stole the fisticons in the premiere episode. He says he saw the kids, but wants $50 first. Robert (James Yaegashi) gives the money up freely and Mike tells them all about his encounter in the hills.  

Meanwhile Jonah visits Victor’s (James Marsters) chamber, visibly getting worse by the minute.  He activates the regeneration pod. While he waits, Jonah starts coughing up blood.  He calls Karolina (Virginia Gardner) , asking her to meet him. He knows he doesn’t have much time and wants to show her more about who and what she is.  Karolina gets the message and agrees to meet. She packs a bag of dresses and tiaras.  Her story is that she is going to dress up as fairy tale princess to take pictures with little girls.  Nico warns her about being seen on Hollywood Boulevard, but Karolina says they need money. Nico agrees to let her go.

The Master Plan Part A

Alex explains his plan to destroy the dig site to Chase.  He is building a hacking computer to get into the security system at the dig site and blow up the site that way.  He needs a processor chip to get the computer working. The school that they all attend happens to have that chip in  the computer lab.  Alex wants Topher to go into the school and steal if for them. 

Topher secures a few cars for the group and they head to the school.  He asks Nico to ride with him, hoping she will warm up to him.  He uses his knowledge of Wicca to relate to her and she lets her guard down.  Nico asks about the vial that he has.  Topher tries to say it’s drugs, assuming that they all use drugs to get their powers.  Nico goes along with it, saying they are friends now and will share.  

Stacy and Dale get into the dig site and send a drone down to retrieve a sample.  As soon as they get the sample, they examine it, finding that it is organic.  Their experiment should work on Jonah. Dale injects it with the serum and there immediate reaction.  The serum kills the sample, starting an earthquake.

Earthquake #2

When they get to the school, Alex explains where to go to get the processor.  Alex leaves and as soon as he gets in the school, the earthquake happens. Alarms start going off so they have to alter their plan. The school has a earthquake protocol, evacuating all of the students.  The kids decide to split up. Chase and Alex will get the processor, Molly and Nico will get Topher, and Gert slipped away while no one was looking. 

Gert is already inside the school and heads to the nurses office. The nurse sees her, assuming she has returned home. Gert asks for her meds, due to the earthquake, but the nurse is suspicious and makes a phone call to verify.  PRIDE are monitoring the earthquake when they get an alert that the kids have been spotted at the school. 


Chase Stein (Greg Sulkin), Nico Minoru (Lyrica Okano), Molly Hernandez (Allegra Acosta), Alex Wilder (Rhenzy Feliz) shown. (Photo by: Greg Lewis / Hulu)

Alex and Chase run to the computer lab but it’s locked.  Chase knows someone with a master key, Eiffel (Danielle Campbell). Chase finds Eiffel in the gender neutral bathroom, taking selfies during the earthquake. He asks for the key, but she wants something in return. While Alex waits outside for Chase, Gert shows up and admits to trying to get her medications.  Alex is afraid someone saw her, but she insists that no one did. Chase emerges with the key and Eiffel, making Gert really jealous.

Topher is outside with the students, while teachers check IDs.  Molly and Nico are watching him and see their parents arrive at the school.  They run inside to find the others and warn them.  Alex is having a hard time getting into the computer lab. Their parents are entering the building so they have to hide.  They go inside a stairwell until the parents walk by. The kids leave the school and meet Topher outside.  He was successful in his mission.

Time for Answers

They all go back to the mansion and thank Topher for his help.  He was even able to get them a hot spot so Alex can work faster.  Alex ask why his eyes turn yellow.  Topher pats his pockets for the vial and says it runs in his family.  Nico pulls him aside and he tries to kiss her.  She pulls away to show him the vial that she stole from him.  Nico knows that Topher uses the substance to get high, saying he’s nothing like Molly.  She wants the real answers. 

Karolina meets Jonah and he’s really sick.  He says there’s a lot he needs to show her.  The earthquake stops traffic, so they have to walk.  Karolina is scared.  Jonah says without him she will never know her whole self.  She goes with him anyway to get answers..  Dale and Stacy leave the dig site and run into Jonah and Karolina.  They speed off, but Jonah saw them.  Karolina is concerned that they will tell her mom, but Jonah promises that he will protect her from PRIDE.  He takes her to the hole in the ground and offers to show her what’s down there.  They float, while glowing, together to the bottom.  

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