The parents will do anything to get their kids back on Marvel’s Runaways.  The members of PRIDE are each working on the best way to bring their offspring home.  Some are more ruthless than others though.  In the previous episode, Tina Minoru (Brittany Ishibashi) violently attacked Karolina (Virginia Gardner) and Molly (Allegra Acosta) to try and get Nico (Lyrica Okano) to come home. Her tactics were more than aggressive, but it made the teens stronger. They know they need to train before facing PRIDE again. And Jonah (Julian McMahon) is till lurking around.  He is trying to build another regeneration box because Victor Stein (James Marsters) is currently occupying the other one.  Unfortunately, Victor is the only person who can build the box.  And Alex (Rhenzy Feliz) is falling in love with Livvi (Ajiona Alexus) and falling into Darius’  (DeVaughn Nixon) trap.  Darius has big plans for Alex. 

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Molly started sneaking out of her room at night. She has a lot of pinned up aggression that she takes out on a guy in an alley. The guy was forcing a woman into his car. Molly stopped him with her super strength. When she uses her super strength, her eyes flash an orange color.  The woman she saved says her eyes flash like someone else she knows.  

Nico wakes everyone up to start training. No one is willing to get up, but she forces them to.  Molly comes home and Nico is waiting for her.  She tries to cover by saying she needed some air, but Nico knows Molly is lying.  Molly doesn’t hesitate to tell Nico that she went out for walk and got into a fight.  Nico scolds her, saying someone could have seen her.  Molly wears a disguise that is just her knitted cap that covers her face.  Molly asks Nico not to tell Gert (Ariela Barer). Nico agrees, but tells Molly not to out alone again.  

The group convenes in the foray, but Alex is missing.  Alex is making delivers and collecting money for Darius.  And he’s doing it with a smile on his face.  After his deliveries, he goes to Darius’ house to play Dominoes.  Darius tries to make the dominoes training a life lesson, saying it’s easy to get caught up in your enemy’s game. Alex has to be careful. Darius quickly beats Alex, proving his point about trust.  Alex reshuffles the dominoes and Darius gets a text from Geoffrey,asking for his stuff.  Obviously, Darius made an offer to Geoffrey for Alex.  Whatever the deal is, Catherine (Angel Parker) and Geoffrey (Ryan Sands) want to get out of town with Alex quickly.  They pack their bags with clothes, money, guns and passports. 

Nico excuses Molly from training, because Molly is asleep.  She gives the excuse that Molly is more advanced than the rest of them.  They all disagree.  Karolina shows her flying and glowing progress.  Chase (Gregg Sulkin) shows off the power of his fisticuffs, and ends up setting a dummy on fire. Nico puts out the fire with the Staff of One.  When it’s Gert’s turn, she gets a splitting headache and can’t perform.  Old Lace is feeling the headache as well.  Chase tries to use his coach’s relaxing tactics, but that only makes Gert mad.  She sits on the sideline with Old Lace and watches.   Nico tells Chase to punch her.  Karolina protests, but Chase does it anyway. Nico blocks the punch with the staff. She tells him to do it again, but this time the staff doesn’t work.  She is thrown backwards and hits her head.  Nico gets angry with Chase and Karolina has to stop her from attacking him.  

Missing Link

Karolina Dean (Virginia Gardner), Gert Yorkes (Ariela Barer), Chase Stein (Greg Sulkin). (Photo by: Michael Desmond / Hulu)

Chase tries to give the group a pep talk, but they are just annoyed with him, especially Gert.  Chase says they need to come up with a plan of action.  Molly says that was Alex’s job, but Alex is MIA and Nico doesn’t like it.  She tries to say they don’t need Alex because he doesn’t have superpowers.  He has a nerd brain, but they don’t need a nerd brain to use their powers.  Karolina says they are more than a team, they are family. And when one of them is missing, they aren’t whole.  Gert still has a headache and lashes out at them for being positive.  Chase tries to calm her down and she lashes out at him too.  They both leave the room to cool off.  Chase asks Molly to help him. 

Chase works on the car, but Molly sees that he didn’t really need her help.  He actually wanted her help with Gert. He says he feels like Gert is always upset with him and ask if he should leave her alone.  Molly says Gert needs him more than ever.  She is trying to deal with not having her anxiety medication.  Once she gets used to not taking the meds, she will be okay.  Chase sees her point and says she’s right.  Molly is surprised but gets a little cocky, telling Chase to spread the word that she’s good at giving advice.  

Universal Language

Frank (Kip Pardue) is finishing up his sermon at Church of  of Gibborim when he sees Leslie (Annie Wershing) staring at him. Frank has pretty much taken over the church, with a lot of help from Jonah and Leslie hates it.  Frank has every reason to be mad at Leslie.  She cheated on him, kicked him out of PRIDE and had the Yorkes erase his memories. He also found out that Karolina is not his daughter. But he loves Leslie.  He knows Jonah is using him for something.  Frank says he will do what he needs to do to save his family.  He wants to get rid of Jonah so he and Leslie can be happy.  Jonah shows up and Frank leaves.  Jonah asks what they are talking about.  Leslie says she was telling Frank how much she hates him.  Jonah doesn’t buy it and that make Leslie sad. She reminds him that she gave up everything to serve him. 

Jonah pays a visit to Victor to check on his regeneration box.  Victor is bothered by Jonah’s presence.  He knows Jonah is keeping him in the box until he finished the new box. And Jonah’s insistance that Victor work faster only makes Victor madder.  He takes a swing at Jonah, but Jonah is just a hologram in Victor’s reality.  Victor gets angry and leaves.  Jonah really needs Victor to complete the box, so he calls Janet (Ever Carradine) for help.  Janet has been working on translating Jonah’s book, but having no luck cracking it.  She tells Jonah that she will help him. She agrees to visit Victor, but she wants to go alone.  Jonah presence will only upset Victor again. 

Janet enters Victor’s dream world and he is very happy to see her.  He doesn’t remember that she is the one who shot him.  He’s not mad about it though.  Victor tells Janet that he’s had time to reflect on who he was before.  He wants to make everything up to Janet and Chase.  Janet says okay, but first they have to get him out of the regeneration box.  She tells Victor to make the second regeneration box as quickly as he can. She will make sure that Jonah releases Victor as soon as it’s done.  But there’s another reason Janet wanted to see Victor.  She needs help find the password to Jonah’s book. Victor is very happy that she asked him. He says Jonah is smart and careful, so his password won’t be a word. He tells her to try complex math equations instead.  

Janet returns to her lab and starts entering equations into the password field on her computer.  The wave equations works.  A hologram of Jonah’s universe opens up. As Janet looks at the different planets, she thanks Victor for being a genius. 

The Enemy of My Enemy

Alex Wilder (Rhenzy Feliz). (Photo by: Greg Lewis / Hulu)

Alex meets up with Livvi, helping her carry plants back from the market.  Livvi lives in Compton and Alex is surprised by the good condition of her neighborhood.  His dad always told him that Compton was impoverished.  Livvi invites Alex in to fix his braids.  She tells him about the hair serum she created out of healing herbs that her mom uses. She wants to market the serum and start her own business. Alex is amazed at her dreams.  They make out on the couch. 

After the make out session, Darius picks up Alex, saying he has another job for him.  Alex goes with him, but when he asks about the job, Darius doesn’t say much.  On the way to the job, he talks to Alex about trust again.  He says things can change quickly, so Alex always needs to be on alert. He wants Alex to win, that’s why he’s teaching him.  They get to a warehouse and Alex goes inside.  When he gets in, he sees his dad get out of a car. Alex turns to run, but Darius is blocking the door with a gun in his hand. Darius apologizes, saying this is the way the game is played.

Alex gets in Geoffrey’s car and waits while he talks to Darius.  Darius made a deal to give up Alex for the deed to the construction site that Geoffrey purchased for Jonah.  Geoffrey hands over the deed and says his people will be gone by the next day.  He also gives Darius a hotel key card to the Gordon Hotel.  He says its a nice way for him and Tamar  (Ozioma Akaghato start their new lives.  Geoffrey and Alex leave. Geoffrey ask for Alex’s phone so no one can trace them.  He says that he and Catherine have some loose ends to tie up and then they are leaving as a family.  Alex uses his burner phone to call Nico. She overhears him talking to his dad.  They are headed for the airport at Van Nuys.  Nico hangs up and informs the group that Alex has been taken. They hot wire the Rolls Royce and leave for the airport. 


Alex and Geoffrey arrive at the airport and Geoffrey finally asks if Alex is okay.  Alex attributes Darius to his well being.  Geoffrey says he never want ales to get mixed up in Darius’ world.  Alex is upset by his comment.  He says that world is their world too and there is a lot of good in it. As they are arguing about Darius, Karolina shows up and blinds Geoffrey. Chase jumps out of nowhere and blasts Geoffrey.  Molly runs out of the plane and picks up Alex. She carries him to the car where Nico and Gert are waiting. The car stopped so they have to hot wire it again, but the spell isn’t’ working again.  The staff won’t accept the same spell twice. Geoffrey gets up off the ground and into his car to stop them.  Nico uses a different spell and the car starts. She puts up a wall between them and Geoffrey and they get away.  

Darius arrives at the Gordon Hotel and immediately text Tamar to meet him.  When he gets to his room, Catherine is waiting for him.  She says her family’s future is only safe without Darius in it. She shoots him in the chest and he falls into the bathtub. Catherine calls Det. Flores to frame Darius for the murder of Destiny Gonzalez (the first girl who was sacrificed on the show).  Tamar arrives at the hotel and finds police all over the place.  While they talk to her, the kids listen to a news report about Darius being in a drug deal gone wrong.  The news says Darius is the one who murdered Destiny. 

Alex sits with Nico listening to the radio.  Good news is they aren’t wanted for murder. Bad news is Alex’s friend died. Alex isn’t sure that Darius was really his friend.  But Nico is.  Nico asks why Alex called her.  He says he’s over organized and when he set up his speed dial, she was number one. They start playing video games together. Alex says he okay with their circumstances as long as they have each other.  Nico asks Alex what he’s been up to and he tells her about Livvi.

Molly sneaks out again and finds the same guy harassing another woman. Someone watches from the shadows.  Molly picks up the guys car and throws it.  She turns around and goes home to Gert waiting for her. Gert is angry that Molly is sneaking out, putting herself in danger. Everyone wakes up and runs down stairs as Gert asks what Molly was doing.  A stranger walks in the house, telling the group about how Molly wrecked a pimp’s car and it was awesome.   The stranger looks around the mansion and likes what he sees.  Chase steps up, but the stranger assures him he’s cool.  He introduces himself as Topher (Jan Luis Castellanos).

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