Season 2 of Marvel’s Runaways is off to a dramatic start.  The kids are wanted for questioning in a murder and kidnapping. The parents were so desperate to find their kids that they called the cops on the teens. The teens were trying their best to make it on the streets, and realize they are pretty bad at it.  Fortunately they found an abandoned mansion and have claimed it as their new home.  As for Jonah (Julian McMahon), well, he’s planning on taking a trip soon.  He seems all to excited when an earthquake hit LA at the end of the episode. 

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Karolina (Virginia Gardneris with Jonah when the quake hits. She wants to know more about who and what she is.  Jonah says all will be revealed.  In fact, he plans on taking her to meet his family soon.  First, she needs to realize who she is and what she can do.    Jonah says her power is within Karolina and he takes her bracelet.  At first Karolina objects, saying she needs to bracelet to hide her glowing skin. He calms her down and talks her through turning her powers off.  Karolina likes that she can control her glowing skin and wants to learn more.

That earthquake wakes everyone in the mansion up and they all run for cover. Gert (Ariela Barerand Molly (Allegra Acostaare cut off from the rest of the group by falling debris. Gert finds a place to take cover but a pillar starts to fall on her. Molly catches the pillar before it touches the ground.  Everyone is okay, but Nico (Lyrica Okanonotices that Karolina is missing.  They look everywhere for Karolina and Nico starts to freak out a little. 

Karolina shows up and tells them that there is minimal damage from the quake.  The group was afraid that this was the catastrophic earthquake that the Hernandezes warned them about.  Nico suggests they make sure by destroying the dig site for good. She will need the Staff of One to do that.  Nico’s mother, Tina (Brittany Ishibashi) is in possession of the staff.  Molly and Karolina offer to go with her to retrieve it.  Gert and Chase (Gregg Sulkinwant to stay and secure the mansion and find a way to turn the power on.  And Alex (Rhenzy Felizhas to go to work. 

Everyone is surprised because Alex never mentioned that he has a job.  They are mostly bothered that he’s keeping secrets from them and everyone start questioning him. Molly interrupts, yelling at all of them to stop keeping secrets.  They have to trust each other, or become like their parents.  Alex comes clean and says he’s working Darius (DeVaughn Nixon). The group really doesn’t like that.  Darius kidnapped Alex and shot at the group.  Alex doesn’t want to explain so he leaves for work. 

The Book of Jonah

Janet Stein (Ever Carradine), Geoffrey Wilder (Ryan Sands). (Photo by: Paul Sarkis / Hulu)

Meanwhile, the parents check out the readings of the earthquake.  They also thought the quake was the big one that the Hernandezes warned everyone about. They ask Leslie (Annie Wershing) if Jonah has said anything about starting the drill again.  Leslie says Jonah is only worried about Victor (James Marsters). They ask Janet (Ever Carradineif she knows when Victor will be back.  Of course, Janet knows nothing.  She needs to leave so they adjourn.  Robert (James Yaegashi) asks for someone to stay and watch the surveillance feeds.  Geoffrey (Ryan Sandsand Catherine (Angel Parkervolunteer to stay behind. 

Janet secretly meets with Jonah to give him Victor’s plans for his box.  When Jonah asks if she has the right plans, Janet reminds him that she is just as smart as Victor.  They met in grad school, but Janet traded in science for baking cookies. She asks if Victor is still alive.  Jonah takes her to Victor’s chambers and is surprised that she is happy that Victor is getting better.  Janet says Victor is her best chance at getting Chase back.  She offers to help Jonah build the box, but he says he already has someone helping him. 

Catherine and Geoffrey don’t see anyone resembling the kids.  Geoffrey says it’s as waste of time and Catherine agrees. She wants to clear the kids name of the murder so they will resurface.  She is going to talk to Detective Flores to set it all up.  Geoffrey hates that Alex ran away.  Catherine promises that they will find him.  After Catherine leaves, Janet calls Geoffrey.  She meets him at the command center to retrieve a book that PRIDE uses in their sacrifice ceremonies.   Janet wants to translate the book so they can get some answers about Jonah.  Geoffrey says she won’t be able to read it without Jonah’s help, but gives her the book anyway.

The Staff of One

Robert Minoru (James Yaegashi), Nico Minoru (Lyrica Okano), Tina Minoru (Brittany Ishibashi), Molly Hernandez (Allegra Acosta), Karolina Dean (Virginia Gardner). (Photo by: Paul Sarkis / Hulu)

Karolina, Molly, and Nico arrive at the Minoru house.  Nico asks Karolina to fry the security system so they can get into her mom’s smart house.  Once she is done, Molly stands guard while the other two go in.  Nico knows exactly where the staff is, but it’s not there.  Robert enters his house and see the girls head for Tina’s office.  He confronts Nico and Karolina gets in between them.  Robert says they’ve lost so much and he wants her to come home.  He promises to make everything okay again. Nico calls him a liar.  She says there’s nothing he can say to fix their family.  Nico calls Robert the good cop, so that means Tina is the bad cop.  Nico wants to know where her mother is. 

Tina is waiting outside with the staff in her hands.  Molly joins them, ready to fight.  Tina says this is between her and Nico.  She give them the choice to talk it out or do things the hard way.  Molly chooses the hard way and attacks.  Tina uses the staff to push Molly and Karolina away from Nico.  Nico runs at Tina, but she is knocked backwards by the staff.  Robert runs towards Nico, but Tina yells at him to stay back. While she’s distracted, Molly runs up and punches Tina in the stomach.  Tina is down for just a second and quickly recovers with the staff in hand. She uses it to hit Molly, throwing her across the yard and into the pool.  Tina uses the staff the freeze the pool, trapping Molly under the ice.  

Karolina runs to help Molly, but Tina hits her with the staff.  She about to hit her again and Nico calls her a monster.  She says that’s why they can’t be a family.  Tina snaps out of her rage and lets Molly out of the pool.  Nico says Tina loves the power of the staff more than she loves her.  Tina says Nico should never question Tina’s love. In an unexpected move, Tina gives the staff to Nico and says the next time they see each other, they will no longer be mother and daughter. She gives Nico the option to stay and work it out, or leave forever.  Nico chooses to leave.  Robert is upset and starts to pace. He finds Karolina’s bracelet on the ground.  He knows what the staff did to Tina and now he’s concerned what it will do to Nico.

Molly gets really tired and needs to rest for a minute.  While they are stopped, Nico notices that Karolina isn’t wearing her bracelet.  Karolina says she doesn’t need it anymore.  Nico asks why she couldn’t use that level of power with Tina.  She’s mad that Karolina turned her back on Tina in the middle of a fight.  Karolina gets upset because she was trying to help Molly. She calls Tina psycho, saying Nico should be angry at her instead.  Nico tries to retract saying they need to train and become better at fighting.  Karolina says they aren’t superheros. She says training harder wont’ do any good and walks away from Nico. 

A Normal Life

Alex Wilder (Rhenzy Feliz), Livvie (Ajiona Alexus). (Photo by: Paul Sarkis / Hulu)

Alex shows up at Darius’ place to help them move.  Darius asks what his motives are, thinking Alex wants to see Livvi (Ajiona Alexus).  Alex says he wants Darius’ old computer for parts.  Darius agrees and they start moving boxes.  Later that night Alex has dinner with Darius, Tamar (Ozioma Akaghaand Livvi.  Darius gives him some money, calling it a down payment for his next job.  Darius and Tamar leave the teenagers alone and they start talking about Alex’s cushy lifestyle.  Livvi offers to fix his hair, giving him a corn roll hairstyle.  She says it make it harder for the cops to find Alex.  She doesn’t believe the stories on the news.  Livvi says there’s only one way to know for sure if he’s a good guy and kisses him. 

Chase finds an old car in the garage of the mansion.  He’s very excited and runs to tell Gert.  Gert is not impressed.  In fact, she’s still freaking out and lashes out because the power is not back on.  Chase asks her what the real problem is.  Gert says she’s reacting to their messy situation. Chase asks if she’s really talking about their relationship.  They had sex because they thought the world was ending.  And it’s okay for Gert to be confused.  He wants whatever she wants. Gert wants to be a couple, but she’s nervous.  Chase assures her that they will go slow.

Chase works on restoring the power at the mansion. When he turns it on, the grid sparks, causing a blackout all over town.  While they work on the grid, a truck from the power company shows up.  Chase wants to run, but Gert doesn’t want to give up the mansion.  Chase says he will provide a distraction, while Gert finds Old Lace.  She runs inside and the workers are already in the mansion.  They see the sleeping bags and realize the stuff is new.  Gert reaches out to Old Lace, using the dinosaur to scare the workers away.  Old Lace jumps out and growls at the workers. At the same time, Chase sets off the truck alarm.  He found batteries for the power grid on the truck.  After the workers leave, Chase turns on the power. He and Gert celebrate with a protein shake.



Geoffrey Wilder (Ryan Sands), Catherine Wilder (Angel Parker). (Photo by: Paul Sarkis / Hulu)

Nico, Karolina, and Molly return.  Nico notices that Alex is still gone. She calls a house meeting anyway.  They have the Staff of Power and Chase can recharge his fisticons.  Nico says they are going to start training to use their powers together as a team the next day. Everyone picks a room and turns in for the night.  Nico and Karolina apologize to each other for arguing.  Nico says she was angry that her mother was hurting someone she loved.  It made her feel powerless.  Gert checks in on Molly, who is still very tired from the fight.  When Gert tries to enter the room, Molly shuts her out, saying she’s fine.  Gert offers to sleep in her room, but Molly says she wants to be alone.  Gert returns to her room, while Molly sneaks out of the house. 

Catherine returns to the command center with news. She said Flores says he can’t clear the kids without framing someone else for the murder.  She knows who she wants to frame.  Geoffrey gets a call from Darius. He watches Alex with Livvi, waiting for a cab.  Alex asks to see Livvi again and she says he can see her the next day.  Geoffrey tells Darius that he’s not interested in anything he has to offer. He doesn’t have time for games because he’s looking for Alex.  That’s the reason Darius called. 

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