DISCLAIMER: This Runaways recap contains more spoilers than the number of times Tina uses her staff to diffuse difficult situations. Hey, if you’ve got it, flaunt it. You’ve been warned. Proceed with caution. 

Welcome back, Pride members! Runaways returned this week to spread some holiday cheer. Well, by “cheer” I mean “decide who to sacrifice so Victor Stein can live.” Lots of gun wielding and prehistoric back seat driving, courtesy of Gert’s dinosaur. Meanwhile, Nico gleans some much needed answers regarding Amy’s suicide from none other than Alex. Then, Molly goes on a treasure hunt of sorts precipitated by her deceased parents. We’re only two episodes away from the finale, people! All the poo is hitting the proverbial fan at this point. 

Alright, ready to delve into “Tsunami?” Just please be sure to call Gert first in times of crisis. It hurts her pride (get it?) if you don’t. 

We open right where we left off: Janet (Ever Carradine) just shot Victor (James Marsters) in the chest in defense of Chase (Gregg Sulkin). While the ending of last week’s episode seemed to indicate Victor’s death, there’s a plot twist. He’s alive! Well, barely, that is. Tina (Brittany Ishibashi) and Robert (James Yaegashi) arrive on the scene. However, Chase attempts to unleash all his fury on Robert. Tina, always the level head, reminds Chase that saving his father is more important than personal vendettas. 

Meanwhile, Nico (Lyrica Okano) is interrogating Alex (Rhenzy Feliz) at the coffee shop. How did he know her mother’s password when they were breaking into Wizard? Why didn’t Alex attend Amy’s funeral? Alex relents, vowing to spill all the beans surrounding the mystery that is Amy’s death. He plays a voicemail Amy left him the night she died. She’s asking Alex to come over to her place, since he’s the “only one who knows.” That doesn’t sound mysteriously vague at all. 

Then, Geoffrey (Ryan Sands) and Catherine (Angel Parker) arrive at the Stein residence. Tina texted them a code word meant to invoke a state of emergency. There’s a fly in the ointment! 

Next, Nico leaves in a huff after discovering that Alex had been sitting on this important information. Why would he hide all this from Amy’s own sister? Alex urges her to stay – stay so he can throw everything on the table. No more secrets. Nico reluctantly acquiesces. He starts from the beginning, the moment that should’ve acted as a red flag for Alex. 

Flashback time! Amy (Amanda Suk) and Alex are sitting in the coffee shop playing Battlefront. Alex discovers that someone is hacking Amy’s laptop, thus impeding her internet speed. That someone happens to be Tina Minoru. We learn that Amy hacked into Wizard, for reasons unknown at the moment. So, Amy looks to the family detective/hitman/bodyguard/odd jobs man Kincaid (Devan Chandler Long) for support. However, should Tina discover Amy is behind all this, there’s no telling what the former might do…

Now, back in the present, Nico decides to do some snooping in her sister’s room. Alex hopes to join her, but someone is not exactly in Nico’s favor. Dog house: population one. 

Suddenly, the Wilders swoop in to the rescue. Chase questions why his mother contacted members of Pride instead of, you know, an ambulance. Janet decides to take Chase inside to clean him up. 

Meanwhile, Stacey (Brigid Brannagh) and Dale (Kevin Weisman) are dropping Molly (Allegra Acosta) off with her relative Graciela (Marlene Forte). Dale awkwardly rattles off all the merits of living with Graciela, such as attending an excellent school. Molly, filled with your typical teenage angst, claims she hates the Yorkes. Then, Stacey and Dale receive a text from Janet with one word: Tsunami. Uh oh. S**t is hitting the fan. They hurriedly leave Molly with her new host. 

Next, Janet pours herself a glass of whiskey. Chase asks her for a glass of liquid courage for himself. Hey, desperate times. Mom, the circumstances require at least a drop of alcohol, wouldn’t you agree? Janet slides over a glass of the good stuff. Nothing like some mother/son bonding in times of great stress. Chase theorizes that perhaps Victor’s tumor returned, which could account for his sudden erratic behavior. Or Jonah’s serum backfired somehow. 

Pictured: Ever Carradine

Then, Stacey and Dale arrive. Janet hopes that Pride’s resident doctors can do something. Our crew also hopes to alleviate the situation without getting Leslie and Jonah involved. The Yorkes remind everyone that they’re not medical doctors by any stretch of the imagination. However, they’ll do their very best. Stacey calls for dental floss and a needle. She’s going to attempt to close the wound in Victor’s chest. You go, girl!

Meanwhile, Chase is drinking in his room and calls Gert (Ariela Barer). Aw, he called her first! Do I sense a budding romance? However, Gert doesn’t answer. Our favorite feminist is currently housed with her dinosaur protector. Dino is back! Next, Chase calls Karolina (Virginia Gardner). However, Chase changes his mind at the last minute when speaking with her and urges Karolina not to come over. 

Then, Leslie (Annie Wersching) pops into her daughter’s room for a visit. Karolina mentions how strangely her father’s been acting. Leslie prods Karolina for anything remotely hinting to the latter’s potential knowledge of Pride. But Karolina doesn’t take the bait. After Leslie leaves, Karolina phones Nico. Leslie overhears Karolina leave her crush a voicemail detailing the circumstances surrounding Victor’s condition. Eavesdropping is bad, Leslie. Didn’t anyone teach you that?

Later, while the Yorkes are hard at work attempting to mend Victor, Leslie makes her grand entrance. Surprise surprise! You can’t hide anything from Mama Gibborim. 

Then, while Molly is eating Graciela procures an envelope from the former’s parents. Molly opens it and out pops a key, with a note telling her to look for her stuffed elephant. Apparently, the Hernandez’ were full of secrets. I love me a good treasure hunt, though. 

Meanwhile, Leslie summons Frank (Kip Pardue) to the rescue instead of Jonah. Frank is going to utilize his fancy Gibborim light powers to heal Victor’s near fatal wound. Lord of Light, be with us now…oops, wrong show. 

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Then, while Gert is house training her dinosaur, Karolina calls her. She hopes Gert will accompany her to the Stein residence. Gert figures it’s because Karolina doesn’t want to be alone with Chase. You know, due to Karolina’s over-sized crush on Nico. So many unrequited loves! Gert agrees to this, and is tickled pink to discover that Chase actually called her before contacting Karolina. Hey, it’s the little victories. 

Next, we see Frank using his powers on Victor. However, something goes terribly awry – in that the light has the opposite effect. Victor dies. Meanwhile, Karolina and Gert are en route to Chase. Gert’s dinosaur decides to take the joy ride with them in the backseat. Now it’s a party!

Then, Jonah (Julian McMahon) arrives. We learn that Tina reached out to him. Jonah informs the gang that Victor will need to hang out in one of his sacrificial pods for a while. He’ll need to heal the Jonah way – by leeching off the energies of a sacrifice. Jonah believes the one who should have this honor is Janet, since she shot Victor. Plot twist! 

Meanwhile, Gert and Karolina break into Chase’s house. Gert’s dinosaur decides to escape, making herself known to Karolina. We see her clambering atop the Stein residence. No mission is complete without a dinosaur. 

Then, Molly and Graciela say goodnight to each other, with the former all snuggled up in bed. Once the coast is clear, Molly scampers out through her window and makes a break for the nearest Metro station. Time to continue hunting for clues! 

Later, Chase tries to weasel his way past Frank to get to his now deceased father. Frank vows to utilize his formidable karate powers if necessary. You know, the ones he learned for a film shoot. Scary indeed. Karolina appears and urges Chase to go upstairs to meet with Gert. Karolina confronts her father, asking him why he’s there. She truly believes he’s one of the good guys, and shouldn’t get himself mixed up with the dealings of The Pride. She’s not wrong, you know.

Meanwhile, Chase enters his room to find the dinosaur. He launches into attack mode, brandishing his lacrosse stick. Gert appears and explains that Dino (my pet name for her) listens to her and was created as a source of protection. 

Pictured: Gregg Sulkin

Then, Janet attempts to barter for her life. Why does any one of them have to die to save Victor? She wonders why someone like Dale Yorkes is allowed to live and not her. Janet explains that she could have invented something revolutionary, but her purpose was to serve and foster the great Victor Stein. This spurs an argument over who should be sacrificed.

Next, Jonah reveals that time is running out. If they don’t pick someone, then everyone will perish, including their children. Dale suddenly snaps, wielding a gun at the crew. His children were threatened, hence the snapping. Understandable. Geoffrey brandishes his gun at Dale’s head, thereby ending the standoff. “He got the drop on me!” Dale exclaims to Stacey. The Yorkes are my favorites. 

Next, Jonah tells Janet that if she doesn’t get in the pod, then Chase will take her place. Janet finally relents. Robert asks for some alone time with Janet before the big sacrifice. He believes Janet should see Chase one final time. 

Meanwhile, Nico is rummaging through Amy’s room. She finds her sister’s backpack, with her phone inside. Ecstatic, Nico plugs in Amy’s phone to charge it. Bingo!

Then, Janet urges Jonah to let her hug Chase one last time. Jonah refuses. However, Robert is climbing into the pod himself while pointing the fisticuffs at Jonah in a threatening manner. He’s going to sacrifice himself to save Janet. 

Next, we see Alex calling Nico in an attempt to smooth things over. Suddenly, the encrypted video from Wizard is finally broken. Success! Now our runaways can watch what their parents have really been up to. 

Meanwhile, Tina decides to take matters into her own hands. She procures her staff and uses it to decimate the pod. There will be no sacrifices on this day! Thus, her husband is saved. Robert graciously thanks her. Jonah actually appears to be unfazed by this. He did promise them that the sacrifices were over. 

Then, Nico arrives outside the coffee shop to meet with Alex. She tells him about finding Amy’s phone, while he divulges the good news about the encrypted video. Our Scoobies came through!

Next, Jonah reveals that he will store Victor in a pod in order to keep him from decomposing. That is, until they can come up with another solution. Victor is apparently needed for the next phase of Jonah’s mysterious plan. Janet pops into Chase’s room and informs him that Victor is in excellent hands with The Pride. Everything will be peachy keen. After she leaves, we see Karolina and Gert emerge from their hiding place. 

Meanwhile, Molly arrives at the Metro station to continue her search. She unlocks the locker that corresponds with the key her parents left her. She procures a VHS tape within, and wonders what it is. This scene makes me feel entirely too old. 

Pictured: Allegra Acosta and the most adorable hat.

Later, Karolina, Chase and Gert meet up with Nico and Alex. Alex informs the trio of his big news. Now, they can take this information to the police. However, Chase refuses to go along with it. He physically fights with Alex and wrestles his laptop away from him. Then, Chase smashes said laptop to pieces, thereby destroying the evidence and the group’s chances of bringing their parents to justice. Chase doesn’t want anything to happen to his father with him being in Jonah’s care. Karolina agrees and hopes Frank can aid them in their mission. A rift begins to form between our protagonists. 

Next, we see a message on Amy’s phone, telling Alex that “he’s here.” We’re treated to one last flashback. Past Amy is hurriedly throwing her things together in the hopes of evading the mysterious “he.” She’s erasing her hard drive on her laptop. Suddenly, her doors opens and a shadowy figure appears. Amy is clearly in trouble. 

Runaways is finally picking up some much needed steam, and I can’t wait to see what the final two episodes hold. Everything is hanging in the balance, with the thread holding our group together threatening to unravel. I would love to see more tie-ins with the greater Marvel universe, though. Make it happen, Runaways!

Do you think Molly’s discovery of what happened to her parents will affect Pride as a whole? Will Jonah find a way to bring Victor back to life? How far will our gang go to bring their parents to justice? Was Amy murdered, and if so, by whom? How is her murder tied in with Jonah? Join me next week as I continue to recap Runaways, here on Geek Girl Authority. 

Runaways airs Tuesdays at midnight on Hulu. 


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