DISCLAIMER: This Runaways recap contains more spoilers than the number of times Chase stares longingly at Karolina with those puppy dog eyes. She’s just not that into you, dude. You’ve been warned. Prepare for The Pride meeting and enter at your own risk. 

Welcome back, fellow Runaways! We’ve officially surpassed the halfway point in Marvel’s Runaways. It seems like only yesterday our plucky protagonists first stumbled upon their parents performing a sacrifice. This episode certainly kicked things up a notch. Karolina discovered she can fly. Victor was healed of his brain tumor, thanks to the mysterious Jonah. Gert kicked some serious a** at a Star Wars arcade game. Hey, take the victories where you can get them. 

Alright, ready to delve into “Metamorphosis?” Just be sure to check up on Molly. She tends to fall asleep just about anywhere. 

We open with a flashback: fifteen years in the past, to be exact. Jonah (Julian McMahon) is showing Geoffrey (Ryan Sands) and Catherine (Angel Parker) around what is soon to be The Pride’s regular meeting location. Aw, humble beginnings! Of course, they find it difficult to believe that Jonah owns such an antiquated, underground space given how young he looks. Jonah offers to give them said space. Let the ritual sacrifices begin!

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Then, we see our Pride members gathered for their first meeting. Everyone looks so young! We even get a glimpse of the late Hernandez’s. Leslie (Annie Wersching) leads their first victim forward. The young man is utterly oblivious to what’s going on around him. He eagerly steps inside Victor’s pod and disappears. Of course, everyone panics and believes they murdered him. Tina (Brittany Ishibashi) nonchalantly brushes it off, knowing the sacrifice was for Jonah. Jonah did grant them their extravagant lifestyles, after all. What’s a little human sacrifice here and there? He could potentially take it all away from them. 

Pictured: A serene scene at an exclusive sauna.

Flash forward time! Present day Jonah is attempting to persuade Leslie to allow him to openly attend The Pride gala that evening. Then, he could meet Karolina. You know, his daughter. Well, it does make sense, considering her newfound powers. She would be descended from a demon/god/life force vampire/Gibborim thing. Jonah could masquerade as a benefactor of the church. Leslie reluctantly acquiesces. 

Meanwhile, Alex (Rhenzy Feliz) calls up Nico (Lyrica Okano) to ask her if she’s ready to infiltrate her parents’ company Wizard to expose their devious actions. Nothing like a little espionage! Nico is reluctant but ready nonetheless. Then, Tina waltzes in as happy as a clam. She wants to tutor her daughter in proper magical staff usage. Also, she totally approves of Nico seeing Alex. Who are you and what have you done with Tina? 

So, Nico takes the staff for a test drive under Tina’s supervision. As it turns out, said staff only responds to Tina’s DNA. However, since Nico possesses her mother’s genes she too is able to wield it. Wonder Twin powers, activate!

Next, we see Karolina (Virginia Gardner) in her room, studying her grandfather’s paintings. Frank (Kip Pardue) pops in for a little father/daughter time. He admits that he failed to ascend to Ultra status. However, not all is lost. Frank has decided to embark on his own path, one that doesn’t involve the church. Karolina asks him why he’s never attended a Pride meeting. Frank reveals that it was always Leslie’s thing. That’s nice. They have their own things. 

Meanwhile, Chase (Gregg Sulkin) and Victor (James Marsters) are sequestered away in the Stein Family Lab, working on the former’s pet project. Chase leaves to meet up with the Runaways. Victor decides to listen in on wife Janet (Ever Carradine) while she’s with Robert (James Yaegashi). He’s known for quite some time that Janet was cheating on him. He overhears Robert urge Janet to come clean about their romance. Robert plans to leave Tina, after all. We see him give Janet a gun to protect herself in case Victor gets violent. Victor’s face drops when he overhears this. Uh oh. S**t is about to hit the fan. 

Then, our Runaways are holed up in a coffee shop, hatching their plan for the evening. A handful of them will have to remain within sight of the parents so as not to arouse suspicion. Aw, my little Nancy Drews are growing up right before my eyes! Scheme away, young ones!

Pictured (L to R): Virginia Gardner, Allegra Acosta, Ariela Barer, Lyrica Okano, Rhenzy Feliz and Gregg Sulkin

Next, Nico heads over to Karolina’s house to get ready for the gala. My Goth Queen kicks up the Goth to an eleven, and all is right with the world. Karolina surreptitiously steals glances at Nico, and we see her crush is growing in intensity. I’m on Team Give Karolina a Girlfriend. Just when it appears Karolina is about to confess her feelings for Nico, Molly (Allegra Acosta) and Gert (Ariela Barer) barge in. Talk about bad timing! 

Then, our gang piles into a limo driven by none other than Stan Lee himself. Our blessed cameo has finally arrived! Excelsior! He drops them off at the gala site. Everyone is all dolled up and ready for espionage. 

Meanwhile, Frank finally meets Jonah. Jonah is giving off some bad “I periodically sleep with your wife and feed off her life force” vibes. Just when he steals Leslie away, Frank is flooded with flashbacks of the decrepit Jonah variety. He remembers walking in on Leslie straddling Jonah. Uh oh. 

Next, Gert approaches Karolina regarding her crush on Nico. Gert is fully supportive of Karolina. However, Karolina manipulates Chase as a way to twist the knife in Gert’s side. She knows Gert has a crush on him. Neither girl is willing to admit to their respective crushes. This isn’t what friends do, ladies! Honesty is the best policy. 

Meanwhile, Molly sends Catherine a text about her parents. She’s desperate for information. Molly tells Catherine that “time is running out.” An inquiring mind needs to know. 

Then, Alex, Nico and Gert gather together to enact Phase 1 of their plan. Gert is to seduce the front desk receptionist while Nico and Alex head up the elevator toward Tina’s office. Gert uses her strong, independent woman charms on said receptionist. Thankfully, it’s enough to allow Alex and Nico to scoot by undetected. 

Magical staff is magical.

Meanwhile, Karolina nicks a bottle of vodka and makes a break for the rooftop. Chase follows her up. Sometimes a girl wants to drink alone, you know? 

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Then, we see Alex and Nico break into a room containing several files/videos in some sort of ultimate Wizard database. After they find what they’re looking for, they break into Tina’s office. The hunt continues! Meanwhile, Gert is still in seduction mode as she discusses books with receptionist boy. We see her periodically eye the elevator for the inevitable resurgence of her friends. No such luck, yet. 

Next, Chase finds Karolina on the roof and attempts to comfort her. She then perches atop the ledge, which is problematic when one is consuming alcohol. Chase urges her to get down. Suddenly, she slips and falls off the roof entirely. However, her light powers activate and she floats. Not only does she float, Karolina flies back to Chase on the roof. She can fly! Chase, all hormones and feelings, gives Karolina a smooch. We see Karolina pretend to enjoy the kiss, but we know who she’d rather be snogging. Molly is watching from afar. 

“She’s Just Not That Into You: The Sequel,” anyone?

Later, our Pride parents are gathered together and ready to give a speech. Victor steps up to the plate and uses his normally philanthropic speech for personal purposes. He airs his dirty laundry. Victor reveals that he knows Janet is sleeping with Robert. Tina, shocked at this news, leaves in a huff. Victor’s sharp headaches make their unwanted return, and he collapses from the pain. Chase rushes to his side. 

Meanwhile, Tina heads into her office. Unfortunately, Alex and Nico are still within. They take cover while Tina, thinking she’s alone, bursts into tears. Nico’s heart breaks at the sound of her mother’s cries. Everything is falling apart at the seams. 

Then, Leslie summons Jonah to help alleviate Victor’s pain. Jonah administers a serum meant to eradicate tumors. Yes, he apparently possesses this kind of advanced technology. With one needle full of serum, Victor’s pain dissipates. For all we know, the brain tumor is gone. Magic!

Meanwhile, Gert is kicking all kinds of butt at a Star Wars arcade game. Receptionist boy, meet your match! She’s my soul sister. 

Next, Chase divulges to Nico of their parents’ affair. Suddenly, Tina’s crying episode makes sense. Nico tries to process the Earth shattering news. 

Then, Victor ultimately forgives Janet for her adultery. In fact, he’s just happy to be alive. He has a new lease on life, and intends to share it with his wife and son. Wow, someone’s a brand new man. 

Meanwhile, Jonah finally meets Karolina. Father, meet daughter. Karolina actually appears to be a little creeped out by his behavior. Me too, girl. Me too. 

Next, Catherine meets with Molly after her series of urgent texts. She asks the young girl why “time is running out.” Then, Molly accidentally lets slip that she didn’t see the “red robes.” Uh oh. Dangerously slippery slope ahead. Stacey (Brigid Brannagh) pulls Molly away, but the damage is already done. Catherine reveals to Geoffrey that she made a big mistake. The kids clearly know everything. 

Runaways is a slow build, but I have a feeling the payoff will be worth it. We’re seeing the puzzle pieces fall into place – the main reason why The Pride offers up sacrifices to Jonah, for starters. So they can keep their opulent lifestyles. Now, Catherine is at least aware that Molly knows something. That cliffhanger alone is enough to keep me sated until next week. 

Do you think Catherine will try to wipe Molly’s memory as she almost did before? What is Jonah’s main objective? Better yet, what is Jonah, exactly? Will Karolina finally reveal her feelings to Nico? Will Chase be more reticent to expose his father now that he’s healed and practically a new person? Join me next week as I continue to recap Runaways here on Geek Girl Authority. 

Runaways airs Tuesdays at midnight on Hulu. 




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