DISCLAIMER: This Runaways recap contains more spoilers than the number of times Molly has taken a nap after using her super strength. Hey, being an adolescent and a super heroine is tough stuff. You’ve been warned. Prepare for The Pride meeting and enter at your own risk. 

Welcome back, members of The Pride! This week’s Runaways saw our protagonists racing against time to save Alex after he’s kidnapped by Darius. Alex discovered his father was definitely not who he seemed – he’s a super villain with an even more villainous past. Meanwhile, The Pride sacrifices their latest victim with optimal results. Leslie’s not-dad-probably-lover reemerges post-sacrifice good as new, and he looks an awful lot like Julian McMahon. Essentially, the proverbial s**t is hitting the fan at full force. Runaways, unite!

Alright, ready to delve into “Kingdom?” Just be sure to leave the dinosaur whispering to Gert. Dino only responds to our favorite Yorkes. 

We open with a flashback: a young Geoffrey Wilder (Ryan Sands) is on the brink of freedom following a stint in prison. A young Darius (DeVaughn Nixon) is serving alongside him. He teases Geoffrey about Catherine (Angel Parker), who’s his lawyer. Already we see the beginning stages of their relationship take root. Geoffrey is about to sit down with Catherine for a meeting when a stranger named Jonah (Julian McMahon) unexpectedly takes the wheel. Catherine barges in, taken aback by said stranger. She sits with Geoffrey as the pair listens to what Jonah has to say. 

Next, Jonah lays down a proposition. He wishes to buy off a piece of dilapidated property under Geoffrey’s name to the tune of five million dollars. Both Geoffrey and Catherine are surprised. However, they know there’s a catch. Jonah explains that said property is a figurative gold mine and possesses a lot of potential. Geoffrey hopes to be his business partner, and Catherine vows to have him released within the month. Jonah retorts that it’s a “take it or leave it” kind of deal. Jonah leaves the future Mr. and Mrs. Wilder to ponder over his proposal. 

Later, Geoffrey is sitting with Darius. He asks Darius, without revealing the details of his conversation with Jonah, to plead guilty to the crime they’re both locked up for. You know, plead guilty to murder. However, we learn that Geoffrey was truly the one who committed said murder and Darius was merely an accessory to the crime. Geoffrey mentions the life-changing deal and how he’ll take care of Darius’ family. Then, once Darius is released, they can all enjoy the fruits of the deal. Darius reluctantly agrees to take the fall so Geoffrey can be free. Now I definitely don’t blame Darius for being sour. He was really screwed over. 

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Now, flash forward to present day. Darius is brandishing a gun at poor Alex (Rhenzy Feliz) as they drive to an undisclosed location. He wants to show Alex who is father really is. Uh oh. This won’t end well. 

Meanwhile, Nico (Lyrica Okano) is obsessively calling Alex, hoping he’s still alive. Karolina (Virginia Gardner) also arrives on the scene. She surmises that the Church of Gibborim could have orchestrated Alex’s kidnapping. Gert (Ariela Barer) and Molly (Allegra Acosta) make their grand entrance. The gang’s almost all here! Only Chase is missing…

Next, we see Chase (Gregg Sulkin) is bonding with his father Victor (James Marsters). For once, Victor isn’t physically or verbally intimidating his son. Chase believes he struck gold here. They’re ardently working on Chase’s mechanical gauntlet. Victor hopes to revisit his passion project from his youth, with Chase’s fresh perspective on the invention. Aw, father/son bonding time! We see Chase’s phone buzzing, with Gert’s name flashing on the screen. Someone’s not answering their calls. 

Then, our girl gang at the coffee shop decides to march onward into the fray sans Chase. Molly reminds them that she possesses super strength, but the remainder of the group still refuses to believe her. Guys, she’s super strong. You’ve got all the muscle you’ll ever need. Nico pulls out her mother’s magical staff and utilizes it to track the vehicle that scooped up Alex. Said staff is able to trace the heat signatures off the car. Pretty rad! So, off they pop, all crammed into Karolina’s car. 

Meanwhile, Darius takes Alex to his grandmother’s house. He reveals that Geoffrey really did murder someone and Darius unwittingly took the fall for it. Once Darius was released, he discovered that Geoffrey didn’t hold up his end of the bargain and his grandmother was suffering. His family was not cared for as promised. Alex is sympathetic, but not altogether shocked by the news. He knows that his father is a villain. Darius video chats with Geoffrey. He demands Wilder give him a ransom of one million dollars or Alex will suffer. Geoffrey immediately launches into action, but fails to inform Catherine on the situation. Um, Catherine is a bad***. I would want her on my side in a situation like this. 

Pictured: Rhenzy Feliz and DeVaughn Nixon

Later, Chase finally calls Gert back and races to join the others. We see our girl gang speeding through the city to find Alex. Karolina is swerving all over the road, which makes me wonder how she managed to snag a driver’s license in the first place. Well, this is Los Angeles, where you mutter a quick prayer to yourself before venturing out onto the streets. 

Meanwhile, Darius takes Alex to a nearby park to meet with Geoffrey. Alex briefly bonds with Darius’ right hand man Andre (Nathan Davis Jr.). He learns that Andre is not Darius’ son, but merely someone who’s down on his luck and doesn’t have the advantages that Alex has. Suddenly, gunshots rent through the air. Alex ducks. We see Geoffrey is the one opening fire on the group. Darius shoots back, as do his henchmen. Geoffrey takes a few of them out. Andre barges forward toward Geoffrey, gun brandished. However, Alex is the one who shoots Andre in the shoulder from behind. Darius quickly scoops up Alex before Geoffrey can take back his son. They drive off into the night. Well, that ended well. 

After Darius leaves, Geoffrey phones Leslie (Annie Wersching) and informs her that he has their next victim in tow – Andre. Time to gather The Pride for another ritual sacrifice. Yay! 

Meanwhile, our gang finally tracks down Darius and Alex. They park behind them at a stoplight. Molly clambers out of Karolina’s car and manages to prevent Darius from speeding away by lifting his vehicle off the ground. Okay, now do you believe she’s super strong? Chase finally joins the fray and uses his now twin gauntlets to zap Darius. Karolina snaps off her bracelet and utilizes her light powers to blind the kidnapping party. Gert is astonished that everyone has powers but her. I feel you, girl. Then, once Alex is safely back with his friends, Nico uses the staff to draw up a protective shield as Darius fires bullets at the group. Boom! Once Darius realizes that he’s outnumber and out-powered, he scampers off. Success!

Later, our teenage Runaways are celebrating their victory. To make Gert feel better about not having powers, Molly reveals that her sister has a dinosaur that only responds to her voice. Now everyone is special! Alex tries to convince the gang to save Andre, as he feels the young man is next on The Pride’s sacrificial list. Everyone is reticent following their victory. However, Alex wins out. 

Pictured (L to R): Gregg Sulkin, Virginia Gardner, Ariela Barer, Lyrica Okano, Rhenzy Feliz and Allegra Acosta

Then, we see The Pride preparing for the sacrifice. Everyone is bedecked in their typical crimson robes. Stacey (Brigid Brannagh) is attempting to keep Andre alive by dressing his shoulder wound. Dale (Kevin Weisman) administers the usual potion that will render Andre immobile. 

Next, our protagonists are able to access the secret lair with the help of Molly’s inimitable strength. However, once they reach the usual location they see their parents are nowhere to be found. Feeling defeated, they head upstairs to plan their next move. They use Leslie’s laptop in the hopes of tracking their location. Time to Nancy Drew! 

Meanwhile, we see The Pride is in Leslie’s private meditation room at the church. Once Andre is safely ensconced in the magical pod, we see a bright light emanate from within. Victor opens said pod to see Andre is nowhere to be found. Leslie is overjoyed at their success. It worked!

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Pictured: A boy and someone else’s laptop.

Then, Alex is by himself in his room. Nico joins him. He laments over not truly knowing his father and feeling betrayed by it all. Nico shares in his pain – the whole group does. Fueled by these feelings of betrayal, teenage angst and undoubtedly hormones, they kiss. Karolina interrupts to say they may have pinpointed Andre’s location. As the kissing duo parts to leave, we see Karolina’s face drop. Over the course of the episode her increasing feelings for Nico have become evident. Yes, this is what the people want! I’m on Team Give-Karolina-a-Girlfriend. 

Later, Gert and Molly decide to pay Dino a visit. They cuddle beside the dinosaur, who is apparently warming up to Molly now. Once again, I’m unbelievably jealous and long to snuggle with a dinosaur myself. 

Next, Karolina breaks down in her room, knocking her possessions about. It’s a tidy person’s nightmare come to life. She’s obviously frustrated over her suppressed feelings for Nico and her parent’s villainy. We all are, girl. 

Meanwhile, Nico attempts to return the staff to its respective case when Tina (Brittany Ishibashi) discovers her in the act. Nico frantically tries to cover her tracks. However, Tina responds positively to Nico possessing the staff. She claims that they’re the only two people on the planet who can wield it. She encourages Nico to keep it for a while. A warm and welcoming Tina? Is the world ending? Or perhaps she’s turning a new leaf…

Then, Alex is back in his room, attempting to look up Andre on his laptop. He comes up short in terms of search results regarding the young man’s potential death. Geoffrey enters, only to have Alex berate him. Alex storms out, leaving Geoffrey behind. Catherine enters, and while she’s irritated at Geoffrey for not telling her about Darius, she understands. Catherine reminds him that they don’t keep secrets between each other, as The Pride is secret enough. 

Later, we see Frank (Kip Pardue) is nestled in a cozy tent in the wilderness. He’s preparing for his ascension to Ultra status. However, said preparation is cut short when he’s informed that he’s not spiritually ready to ascend. Frank is disappointed. Well, Leslie already found her sacrifice. 

Pictured: Virginia Gardner

Meanwhile, Chase is back in the lab with his father. Victor eagerly unveils the passion project from his youth – a time machine. Well, one can’t travel through time with it, but rather see visions of the future. Said machine looks like a small retro television. Victor demands it show them a vision of Los Angeles in the future. However, it fails to do so. Enraged, Victor casts it aside. Suddenly, he clutches his head in pain. Then, he reveals to Chase that he has a brain tumor. Chase breaks down in tears. Victor vows to find a cure. As the pair heads back inside, we see the machine actually work. A vision of a decaying Los Angeles swirls into view. Buildings are collapsing. It’s the apocalypse!

Next, Leslie enters her private quarters to find a newly revitalized Jonah in place of the decrepit old man we saw earlier. The two romantically embrace. Well, that rules out father, then. He’s merely her lover. Jonah tells Leslie he wishes to meet Karolina. It would appear that he’s her real father, not Frank. Talk about plot twist! 

Runaways has reached the halfway point, friends. While it has been slow at times, I’m happy overall with the progress of this show. Yes, sometimes there is intense focus on the parents, but I believe it’s necessary. We need to see what Leslie is up to in order to understand why The Pride is doing what it’s doing. We need to see Geoffrey’s criminal origins to get a better grasp on his motives. Everything is connected, after all. This is Marvel. Plus, we’re finally seeing our young protagonists use their gifts! I love me some powers. 

Do you think Jonah buying that property in the flashback is the future location for the Church of Gibborim? What is Jonah’s objective in all this? Is he Karolina’s father? When Victor discovers the time machine works, what will he do with it? Will Darius return? Will Karolina tell Nico how she feels? Join me next week as I continue to recap Runaways, here on Geek Girl Authority. 

Runaways airs Tuesdays at midnight on Hulu. 


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