DISCLAIMER: This Runaways recap contains more spoilers than the number of times The Pride has made ritual sacrifices out of unwanted misfits. You’ve been warned. Prepare to ascend to Ultra status and enter at your own risk. 

Welcome back, members of The Pride! Runaways blessed us with its best episode yet this week. Every puzzle piece is slowly, albeit surely, falling into place. Hard to believe that next week’s foray will mark the halfway point in the season! This week, we discovered that Amy Minoru’s death may not have been orchestrated by her own hand. Thus, our Goth Queen Nico sets out to find the truth. Meanwhile, Karolina and Chase spend some enlightening (get it?) time together, much to my chagrin. The Pride attempts to locate its next sacrificial victim so that Leslie’s father (maybe?) can continue to exist. Still so many questions and oh so little time!

Alright, ready to delve into “Fifteen?” Just be sure to stay out of Tina’s office. She’s an incredibly private (and mysterious) person. 

We open with a tragedy: Amy Minoru’s (Amanda Suk) suicide. Nico (Lyrica Okano) discovers the body of her older sister and frantically calls for her parents. Tina (Brittany Ishibashi), forever the poster child for stoicism, enlists the help of Detective Flores (Alex Fernandez). But for what, remains to (hopefully) be seen. Robert (James Yaegashi) is clearly torn between wanting to console his daughter and following his wife’s orders out of necessity. Nico is sequestered away into her room for the day, courtesy of Tina and her magical staff. She watches her mother and the detective via the camera in her room. These smart houses have gotten out of control. 

Flash forward time! We’re back in the present, in Nico’s room. She’s leafing through Amy’s diary and smiling to herself. Suddenly, our remaining Runaways enact a group call on Nico’s tablet. They, collectively, need to decide where to go from here. Nico firmly believes Amy’s death wasn’t a suicide – it was intentional, premeditated by outside forces. She was a happy person, as evidence by her diary. Nico wonders if her death is connected to The Pride somehow. We also see a divide forming between our young protagonists. A few believe their parents are simply “weird” and not formidable super villains. However, a handful firmly believe their parents are evil. What a conundrum!

Pictured: Allegra Acosta and Ariela Barer

Then, Nico abruptly ends the call, frustrated that her newfound friends can’t see the connection between the aforementioned events. Alex (Rhenzy Feliz) decides to explore his father’s study again. He twists the fake coasters to open the entrance to the lair. However, they appear to be authentic coasters this time. The entrance remains closed. Alex continues to rummage through his dad’s desk. He stumbles on a very scary looking gun. Uh oh. Looks like Geoffrey Wilder’s crime days aren’t over just yet. 

Later, Victor Stein (James Marsters) is seen driving a stereotypical kidnapper’s white van through the quiet streets of an upper class neighborhood. A screaming woman is bound and gagged in the back. The Pride’s latest sacrificial victim, perhaps? We see a crowbar on the seat next to him that’s caked with blood and hair. 

Meanwhile, Stacey Yorkes (Brigid Brannagh) and Dale (Kevin Weisman) are engrossed in a discussion regarding the whereabouts of their dinosaur. Gert (Ariela Barer) is eavesdropping, knowing full well what they’re discussing. Molly (Allegra Acosta) trails in behind her when the two sisters enter the kitchen for breakfast. However, when asked what they’re talking about, the Yorkes parents fib and say they’re going to search for a missing hedgehog. Gert and Molly both claim they’ve never seen a hedgehog in the basement lab. This is the parents’ cue to leave. After quickly departing, Stacey and Dale commence their search for Dino. They are both horrid liars, but I love them anyway.

Next, we see Victor park behind the opulent Wilder residence. Robert meets him outside and they both open the trunk of the van. Aforementioned bound girl is nowhere to be found. Victor claims he really did kidnap mystery girl. Methinks Victor is finally losing it, based on his disheveled, sleep deprived appearance alone. 

Meanwhile, Nico and Alex are talking at school. Nico mentions she plans on going to the police that day. She wholeheartedly believes their parents are guilty of not only one murder, but two murders (Amy and Destiny). Alex is reticent to approach law enforcement until they have more evidence, but Nico has made up her mind. No one can sway my Gothic Queen. 

Pictured: Lyrica Okano

Then, we see The Pride gathered in the Wilder home for an impromptu meeting. The Yorkes are MIA. Everyone is furious with Victor for his screw up, especially with the pod not functioning properly in the first place. They need to find another victim now. Victor offers to search for a new sacrifice, but the group collectively agrees he cannot go alone this time. Tina orders Robert to accompany him. That’s not awkward at all, considering the extramarital events of the previous episode. 

Next, Gert approaches Chase (Gregg Sulkin) at lunch. Now that they’re at school, he’s back to being the popular jock and she’s the lowly nerd. Suddenly, Brandon (Zayne Emory) and Lucas (Timothy Granaderos) enter the scene. They reveal to Chase that they’re willing to let bygones be bygones if he apologizes for roughing them up. Chase is outraged, claiming they need to apologize to Karolina for intending to rape her. A fight between the trio breaks out, with a teacher and Karolina herself (Virginia Gardner) stepping in to intervene. The boys are carted away to the office. Karolina finally uncovers the truth of that night – that Lucas and Brandon were going to rape her and Chase stepped in to prevent it. 

Pictured: Virginia Gardner and Gregg Sulkin

Meanwhile, Leslie (Annie Wersching) is in her private meditation room at the Church of Gibborim. She’s speaking with the decrepit old man. Leslie vows to get him another sacrifice so he can grow stronger once again. Then, she undresses and climbs into bed with him. I’m now questioning my assertion that he is her father. This is bordering on Game of Thrones incestuous if true. Her essence is providing him nourishment, I guess. We see a light emit between the two bodies. Then, she exits the room and husband Frank (Kip Pardue) accuses her of having an affair. Leslie laughs it off, and claims she’s merely preparing for his ascension to Ultra status. Frank is relieved and simultaneously eager to begin his new devotion to the church. Gibborim be praised!

 Then, a trio of teens approach Gert regarding memberships to her after school group. They’re all sporting “I’m with Gert” shirts, and I immediately know I must have one. Seriously, Marvel, capitalize on this and make us some “I’m with Gert” shirts. The world needs them. Anyway, they’re eager to take down the patriarchy. Gert is flattered, but Karolina pulls her aside for some crafty Nancy Drew snooping regarding their parents and excuses herself from the group. The patriarchy will have to exist for another day. 

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Next, Alex finds Karolina and Gert on their mission. Karolina and Gert hope to prove their parents are innocent. The duo offers Alex a spot on their coveted snooping team, but he politely declines. He realizes that Nico needs support right now and makes a break for the police station. 

Pictured (L to R): Ariela Barer, Virginia Gardner, Rhenzy Feliz

Meanwhile, Robert and Victor are cruising a dilapidated alley that’s rife with homeless people. A “tent city” has sprouted there. They spot the lucky candidate at last. He appears to be sleeping, but the minute they attempt to cart the man away he attacks them. Suddenly, a police car pulls up on cue and arrests Robert and Victor. Bummer!

Then, we see Karolina and Gert in the Dean residence hunting for clues. They find Leslie’s laptop. Gold! Unfortunately, her files regarding Ultra ascension are encrypted. Thankfully, Gert extracts a USB drive and downloads said files to it. Her hope is that Alex can open them. Nerds unite! Suddenly, Chase shows up at the behest of Karolina. Gert, who’s not at all happy with his sudden appearance, is immediately ushered outside. She’s been booted. Can we please find someone amazing for Gert? She deserves it. 

Next, Alex arrives at the police station and takes his place next to Nico as she reports the two murders. They’re forced to wait until the homicidal detective is available. Ah yes, the waiting game. 

Meanwhile, Chase and Karolina discuss the events of that fateful night. She thanks him for saving her. Chase is giving her all the puppy dog eyes, and I can tell he’s smitten. They head inside and she decides to show him the lights she saw the other night. Karolina closes the curtains and removes her bracelet. Suddenly, her body is awash in sparkling, multicolored light. She’s a mobile disco ball! Chase is taken aback by this display. He touches her hand. So, it appears the bracelet may have been designed to keep Karolina’s powers in check. 

Then, while Nico and Alex are waiting at the police station, they spot Robert and Victor being carted in by Detective Flores. Nico immediately recognizes the detective from the day of Amy’s death. Coincidence? Methinks not. Nico ushers Alex away and the two escape. Alex shows Nico the gun he nicked from his father’s office while in his car. Our boy Wilder is fully on Team Parents are Evil now. 

Meanwhile, Tina is meeting with a private eye of sorts in her office. He was conscripted by her to do some high level snooping. Now, it would appear he was sniffing out Robert and Janet’s elicit love affair based on their cryptic conversation. However, it could also refer to another set of people Tina was monitoring. So many questions! She pays the man and he takes his leave. 

Pictured: Rhenzy Feliz

Meanwhile, the Yorkes’ dinosaur search is coming up short. Dino may have in fact disappeared for good, into the Los Angeles jungle. Stacey proposes they take the girls and move outside the city, to the ranch they have stashed away. They have enough money in their savings. This way, they could bow out of The Pride and its shady dealings permanently. I hope they escape – the Yorkes actually seem like decent people. 

Next, we see Molly typing an email to Catherine Wilder regarding her parents. She asks questions about whether they had super strength and if they experimented on her. Always ask the hard hitting questions. Then, she leaves her room and hears a loud noise. We see the dinosaur emerge from an adjacent room and barrel into view. Yay, she’s back! However, she does not like Molly in the slightest. The two engage in the human girl vs. dinosaur fight I never knew I needed. Molly, like the bad*** she is, essentially drop kicks Dino, and the dinosaur ricochets off the ceiling. Get it, Super Girl! 

Then, Gert arrives on the scene. She’s able to calm Dino down. For some reason, the dinosaur responds well to Gert’s voice/commands. She fondly pets the dinosaur’s snout. Now I desperately need a pet Dino of my own. Next, the Yorkes parents arrive home to find their daughters interacting with Dino. Well, now it looks like it’s high time to tell the truth. They return the dinosaur to her home in the basement. Stacey and Dale finally decide to reveal everything to Gert and Molly. However, Dale claims he will explain the situation while they’re driving out of Los Angeles. You know, escaping the mob known as The Pride. 

Next, the doorbell rings. Tina Minoru brusquely enters the Yorkes residence. As it turns out, she hired the mystery man to monitor the Yorkes. She knows all about Dino and their plans to escape The Pride. Tina lays on a thinly veiled threat and reminds the duo that everyone must chip in until the deed is done. Their job is not yet finished. You can’t escape The Pride! 

Meanwhile, Nico and Alex are at a coffee shop with the files Gert sent them. Alex is putting his magical file opening powers to the test. We see a list of names pop into view, with Destiny’s at the top. 

Then, Chase is in his father’s lab crafting a bionic hand of sorts. Very Tony Stark of him. Well, he is his father’s son. Suddenly, Victor’s car pulls into view. Chase frantically puts his supplies away. However, Victor is genuinely interested in what Chase is creating. He asks his son to divulge all the details – his ultimate plans for the hand, what its main functions are, etc. Aw, father/son bonding time!

Next, Alex and Nico discover that Leslie has been courting runaways for The Pride for fifteen years. Fifteen years she’s been sending these innocent people to the slaughter. They decide to tell Karolina. However, Alex’s car alarm is going off so he heads outside to remedy the situation. Also, I’d love to point out the fact that his license plate says “My other ride is the TARDIS.” He’s a Doctor Who fan, which makes me love him more. 

Meanwhile, Karolina is informed of her mother’s dark secret via Nico. She ventures outside her home and finds Leslie and Frank canoodling happily. It’s on, y’all!

Lastly, Nico exits the coffee shop when she notices Alex didn’t immediately return. Suddenly, a van pulls away, presumably containing Alex. Nico shouts his name. S**t is hitting the proverbial fan. 

Runaways is on a roll, folks. Seriously, the last few minutes of this episode gave us so much to chew on. Alex getting kidnapped! Karolina discovering her mother’s secret! Chase bonding with his father, and maybe ultimately turning on his friends. Gert getting so close to finding the truth, only to be ushered away after Tina leaves. 

Who do you think kidnapped Alex? Is it someone related to The Pride? Will Gert join Team Parents Are Evil? Will Leslie offer up Frank as the next sarifice? Is the decrepit old man really her father? Can I just have that dinosaur please? Join me next week as I continue to recap Runaways, here on Geek Girl Authority. 

Runaways airs Tuesdays at midnight on Hulu. 

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