Marvel’s Runaways finally unite to face Morgan le Fay (Elizabeth Hurley) before she takes over the world in “The Broken Circle.”  A lot happens in this episode…so let’s go!

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The Runaways return to the hostel and it seems like Gert (Ariela Barer) is the only one worried about Molly (Allegra Acosta). Molly calls Nico (Lyrica Okano) to let her know that she got away and is a-okay.  But she’s not. Morgan’s coven has Molly under their control, with plans on using Molly’s power for a spell. Morgan says Molly’s sacrifice for their cause will be remembered for generations to come. 

Geoffrey (Ryan Sands) overhears that the coven is going to use Molly.  He even sees Molly being escorted through the hotel. Geoffrey leaves the hotel and tears off the charmed crow necklace from Morgan. 

Nico is worried about Morgan. She thinks Tandy’s (Olivia Holt) dagger will kill Morgan, but Karolina (Virginia Gardner) isn’t so sure.  Karolina wants to regroup and come up with a plan, but Alex (Rhenzy Feliz) agrees with Nico. They need to strike now. 

Gert tries to tell Chase (Gregg Sulkin) that she loves him and apologizes for her behavior, but he’s too busy researching nearby colleges to Gert’s chosen school.  He wants her to have her normal life because it’s all she’s ever wanted. Gert kisses him and thanks him. 

Geoffrey calls in Pride to rescue Molly.  Dale (Kevin Weisman) wants to contact the kids, but Geoffrey and Victor (James Marsters) continue to protect them. 

Tina knows all about Morgan on Runaways

Marvel’s Runaways — “The Broken Circle” – Episode 309 — The remaining PRIDE members unite with the kids to foil MorganÕs plans, but as a battle rages in the Hostel, one of the Runaways pays the ultimate price to defeat her. Molly (Allegra Acosta) and Tina (Brittany Ishibashi), shown. (Photo by: Michael Desmond/Hulu)

Tina (Brittany Ishibashi) knows Morgan well, she warns them that Morgan is casting a huge spell that requires a strong organic sacrifice. And Molly is pretty strong.  Tina says the spell is probably an incantation that requires a circle. They have about five minutes when the coven can’t break the circle. The spell starts at midnight on the roof of the hotel. 

Pride poses as the CDC and says the hotel is being quarantined.  Leslie (Annie Wersching) waits in the service entrance with the church van.  Victor goes South to see where Molly is. Tina and Geoffrey go North and wait for his signal to move.  Victor sees Morgan begin her spell as a circle of magic lights up around the coven. A lightning bolt hits Molly in the chest and she screams.  Geoffrey moves in to grab Molly.  

Morgan and her coven can’t stop him. If they break the circle, the spell breaks too.  Tina sees a stone of sigils and knows exactly what Morgan is up to. When Geoffrey and Tina get to the service entrance, Molly tosses Geoffrey into and AC unit.  She turns to Tina and Tina casts a spell that releases Molly from Morgan’s spell. They jump in the van and go to the hostel.

Morgan finishes her spell. Bronwyn (Scarlett Hefner) questions letting Molly go, but Morgan says Molly served her purpose.  Her armies are gathering on both sides of the veil. The world will soon be theirs.

Pride reunites with the Runaways and reveal Morgan’s plan.  She is merging the real world with the Dark Dimension. They want to take the fight to Morgan, but they need to find a way to surprise attack her.  And they are running out of time. Morgan has two armies gathering. They can’t do anything about the dark army, but they might be able to stop the army on their side of the veil. 

The first idea is to hack the cell towers, cutting Morgan off from her followers.  Alex, Chase and Victor work on the hack with Janet (Ever Carradine). Next they need to find a way to kill Morgan. Nico is positive Tandy’s dagger will do the trick, but Karolina isn’t so sure.  Besides, they would have to get close to Morgan and her magic is too strong. Tina suggests they bind Morgan with salt.  

Marvel’s Runaways — “The Broken Circle” – Episode 309 — The remaining PRIDE members unite with the kids to foil MorganÕs plans, but as a battle rages in the Hostel, one of the Runaways pays the ultimate price to defeat her. Geoffrey (Ryan Sands), shown. (Photo by: Michael Desmond/Hulu)

Meanwhile, Geoffrey reveals to Stacey (Brigid Brannagh) that Molly’s toss into the AC unit caused a huge gash on his stomach.  There is still metal in his wound, so Stacey gathers supplies to clean it.  While she’s gone, Alex chats with Geoffrey. He basically says Geoffrey can’t help him with anything.  Too much has happened and Alex is going to do whatever it takes to stay alive. 

Gert tells Molly that she wants to them to return to a normal life after the war with Morgan is over.  Molly doesn’t thinks she can. She says Morgan picked her because she is strong. They are superheroes and should do something about it.  If she gets hurt, Molly will just get up as many times as she has to. 

Karolina tells Leslie that she worried about Nico and the magic. The more Nico’s powers grow, the more she feels they are on different paths.  Dale interrupts to ask about the voices that the kids heard from the phones. Karolina admits that she never heard the voices. Dale assumes that because Karolina has alien DNA, she is immune to Morgan’s magic.  Afterall, Magic is science we don’t understand yet. Dale wants to create a serum that could keep everyone else from being mind controlled. Luckily Leslie just happens to have the equipment he needs in the church van. 

Tina casts a spell over the salt that will hold Morgan.  While they wait for it to complete, Nico shows her the Darkhold footage from the Wiz Glasses. Tina says they can figure out the spell together and send Morgan back where she belongs. They hear screams coming from the mirror.  It’s Morgan’s dark army ready to cross over. Nico gets scared, saying she thought Morgan needed the staff to merge the worlds. Morgan actually needs the staff to rule once the merge is complete. Tina decides to cast a spell to keep the dark army from entering the hostel, but she must remain at the mirror to maintain it.

Nico tells Alex about the army and says Morgan will come to them.  Alex says they have home court advantage. They have to stick together though. Stacey operates on Geoffrey without anesthesia.  Dale completes his serum. Before he injects Gert he tells her that it might disconnect her from Old Lace, but he’s not sure. Gert tells Old Lace that she doesn’t want to disconnect their bond, but she can’t have Morgan gain control of the dinosaur.  They have to lock Old Lace away for her own safety and the safety of others.

Chase boosts power from the observatory to bring Janet online. She helps Victor try to hack all of the cell towers in the state of California.  Victor can’t hack the cell towers. Janet reminds Victor of a time when they were rebellious and tried to create a disruptor. Janet says the disruptor used the network’s safety protocol against itself.  The same may work with the cell towers. They have to make the cell network think it’s under attack.

Chase finds a random box on the stairs and opens it.  There is a Corvus phone inside and Chase is mind controlled.  He’s the only person who didn’t get the serum. He almost shoots Gert with the Fistigons, but Molly tackles him first. She holds him down while Gert injects him with the anti-Morgan serum.  It’s too late though, Morgan opened a portal to the hostel.

Morgan's Last Stand on Runaways

Marvel’s Runaways — “The Broken Circle” – Episode 309 — The remaining PRIDE members unite with the kids to foil MorganÕs plans, but as a battle rages in the Hostel, one of the Runaways pays the ultimate price to defeat her. Morgan le Fay (Elizabeth Hurley), shown. (Photo by: Michael Desmond/Hulu)

Morgan quickly gets the upper hand.  Nico throws the dagger at Morgan and she absorbs it.  Morgan explains that what may be lethal in the Dark Dimension makes her stronger in the real world.  Morgan does a lot of talking about what will happen once the two worlds merge. The Runaways can either submit to her or subcumb to endless torture.  

Everyone but Nico submits.  Morgan is just too powerful for them to defeat and they want to live.  Nico refuses, saying Morgan only wants the staff. Morgan actually wants control of Nico because the staff will only work for her. Nico says she can’t force people to follow her though. 

Janet sends the disruptor to the cell towers, causing all of them to shut down.  Morgan loses power and the Runaways reveal they were never going to submit. Morgan doesn’t need followers to kill them though.  She blasts them with her darkness and Nico holds her off.

Karolina shoots back with her light, surrounding Nico.  Cassandra and Bronwyn show up. Chase uses the Fistigons to disable Cassandra.  Bronwyn blasts Chase and keeps going. She finds the parents and promises their death won’t be painless.  Alex stabs Bronwyn in the back of the head, killing her.

Gert gets the salt that is now infused with Tina’s blood magic.  Morgan attacks Karolina, declaring that Nico is hers. Molly and Gert try to sneak up on Morgan. She can sense them and uses her magic to push them back.  

Morgan starts talking about how she’s going to end them so Gert gets up and starts talking back about female empowerment.  She calls Morgan sad. She says you get power by doing things for other people. While they are talking, Gert binds Morgan in a circle of salt.  Tina comes out and casts the final spell that sends Morgan back to the Dark Dimension.   

The darkness leaves Nico. The skies clear.  Everyone gets up, but Gert collapses. When Morgan threw her backwards, she pushed her into the chandelier.  Gert fell on a sharp edge of the chandelier and still managed to vanquish Morgan. Chase holds Gert as she dies.  Everyone stares in sadness and disbelief. Stacey and Dale run to their daughter. Old Lace breaks out of her cage and screams for Gert.  RIP Gert Yorkes

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