Marvel’s Runaways get a little help from their friends from Marvel’s Cloak & DaggerAubrey Joseph and Olivia Holt guest star as the light and dark teen duo with the ability to enter the Dark Dimension, in “Devil’s Torture Chamber.” Yippee! I love Crossovers!

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There was a lot of mistrust and misunderstandings when Tandy Bowen (Holt) and Tyrone Johnson, aka Ty (Joseph) arrived at the hostel.  After a brief explanation of all things Runaways, we learn that Tyrone felt something in the space time continuum and decided to investigate it. That’s what brought them from New Orleans to LA.  

Here’s what you need to know about Cloak & Dagger.  Tandy and Ty were caught in an explosion that gave them powers.  Tandy has the power of light through daggers. She can also see people’s hopes. Ty has the power of shadow and teleportation. He can see a person’s fears. 

Nico (Lyrica Okano) fills them in on the Runaways current predicament.  Ty wants to help so that reality doesn’t collapse. Janet Stein (Ever Carradine) appears on Alex’s (Rhenzy Feliz) computer.  She tells Nico that everyone else was captured by Morgan (Elizabeth Hurley) at the Church.

Chase (Gregg Sulkin), Gert (Ariela Barer) and Karolina (Virginia Gardner) are tied up in a storage room with Dale (Kevin Weisman), Stacey (Brigid Brannagh), and Victor (James Marsters). Chase  figures out a way to untie everyone, but was caught by Geoffrey (Ryan Sands) and the witches. Ty, Tandy and Nico appear between Geoffrey and the Runaways. Nico reverses the spell that suppresses Karolina’s powers.  The witches try to counter attack, but Nico binds them. Ty takes the parents to a safe place…the Hollywood sign.

Nico, Tandy and Karolina are ready to face Bronwyn (Scarlett Hefner) and Cassandra (Emily Alabi).  Ty returns just in time to transport the Runaways to the hostel in the Dark Dimension. After quick introductions, it’s clear that Gert doesn’t want to be there. She’s more concerned about Molly (Allegra Acosta), who was also captured by Morgan. Ty can’t transport her back, so she has to help.  The only issue is that Ty, Tandy, and Nico are the only ones with powers in the Dark Dimension.

The Runaways enter the Dark Dimension with Cloak & Dagger

Marvel’s Runaways — “Devil’s Torture Chamber” – Episode 308 — Nico convinces Cloak and Dagger to take the Runaways to the Dark Dimension to save Alex, but itÕs Alex who ends up saving them all. Gert (Ariela Barer), Tandy (Olivia Holt), Nico (Lyrica Okano), Karolina (Virginia Gardner), Chase (Gregg Sulkin) and Tyrone (Aubrey Joseph), shown. (Photo by: Michael Desmond/Hulu)

Quinten the Great (John Ales) is missing from the hostel and they fear he might be dead.  Looks like they are on their own. Nico knows that Alex is at the prison. But they could get separated if they step outside, like the last time. This time, they are all transported into town. 

Alex is in a cell with Catherine (Angel Parker).  Darrius Davis (DeVaughn Nixon) is in charge of the prison and Awol (Myles Bullock) carries out the tough assignments.  Darrius says Alex has to murder someone to become like them, but Alex doesn’t want to. He doesn’t want to change who he his. Catherine tries to keep him from giving in to Darrius, saying he’s a good person and could never kill anyone. 

After some time, Darrius drags Alex back to his cell.  Alex tells Catherine that he didn’t kill anyone. Darrius informs them that Alex’s friends are coming to save him.  He and his men have other plans.

Tandy and Ty have been in the Dark Dimension before. They call it the Loa and say it puts you inside of your worst nightmare. If they find Alex, he may not be the same person.  As they slowly walk through town, Nico and Karolina make up. Nico knows that Karolina was right about her. Tandy finds a ballet slipper and it reminds her of the explosion. She was wearing her ballet clothes the night of the explosion. 

The kids encounter some trouble when Awol and his men find them.  AWOL says he’s supposed to take them alive. He tells his guys to grab Nico and her staff.  A hooded man appears, puts up a wall in front of Awol and opens a door so they can escape. 

The hooded man is Quinton.  He faked his death when AWOL came for him.  He says Morgan is pulling at the fabric of the dimension.  She has soldiers everywhere, and they are all looking for Nico and the Staff. If Morgan gets the staff, the real world will be swallowed by the Dark Dimension.  Anyone who is not on board with Morgan’s plan is being killed or taken to the prison. It’s a boundless hell-scape of neverending torture. And the person is charge is one nasty character. 

Quinton takes the Runaways to an underground tunnel. It’s the only way into the prison. He tells them that Alex is most likely on the top floor of the tower A, it’s the most guarded.  When they kids get inside the tunnel, they hear Quinton scream. 

Inside the tunnel, Ty bonds with Chase and Tandy voices her concerns to Karolina.  Gert hears someone call her name. Molly at age four emerges and asks for Gert’s help. She transforms to teenage Molly and lunges at Gert for leaving her behind.  Chase runs to help Gert and Ty transports them all away.

Cloak & Dagger's Tandy Bowen crosses over to help the Runaways

Marvel’s Runaways — “Devil’s Torture Chamber” – Episode 308 — Nico convinces Cloak and Dagger to take the Runaways to the Dark Dimension to save Alex, but itÕs Alex who ends up saving them all. Tandy (Olivia Holt), shown. (Photo by: Michael Desmond/Hulu)

Ty and Tandy lose their connection to each other and that concerns Tandy. Nico and Tandy have a little spat about who to find first, ending with Tandy grabbing Nico’s hand. Nico’s hope is a wiccan wedding to Karolina, with their friends as the only witnesses.  Once they kiss, Nico’s darkness and Karolina’s light merge in their hands. Tandy lets go and says she needed to see that she could trust Nico. They keep going to find the others. 

Meanwhile, Ty transported to Tower B. They look for a way to Tower A.  Gert and Chase talk about the future. Gert is adamant about going to college and plans to take Molly and Old Lace with.  Chase vows to make that happen, regardless of their relationship status.  

Ty finds Awol telling his guys to find the teens and bash their heads in.  They run away and Gert starts freaking out. She begs Ty to send her back to the real world so she can find Molly, but there’s a possibility he won’t be able to get back. Ty won’t leave Tandy in the Dark Dimension. 

Gert grabs Ty’s hand and he sees her fear of crows attacking Molly, Chase and Old Lace. Gert screams at the crows to take her instead. When she lets go, Gert bumps into a table making enough noise to alert Awol’s men. They run into the next room full of Awol’s men. Ty prepares to transport, but two of the men grabbed him before Gert and Chase can.  

Tandy admits to Karolina that she was wrong about Nico. Tandy doesn’t tell her what she saw in Nico’s hopes,  She only tells her that Karolina’s light and Nico’s darkness balance each other out. Kind of the same way Tandy and Ty do. 

Nico sees Gert and Chase in the next tower surrounded by Awol’s men.  Nico uses the staff to create a bridge between the two towers. They break through the window and stand with Gert and Chase.

Quinton returns with a street sign stuck in his torso.  Nico uses her staff to push the men back, but Quinton stands his ground. He throws the staff aside. It’s not really Quinton, but his body possessed by something darker and ready to kill everyone but Nico.  Tandy throws her daggers, but Quinton is unphased. Ty reappears. Quinton casts a spell and disappears. 

Darrius tempts Alex on Runaways

Marvel’s Runaways — “Devil’s Torture Chamber” – Episode 308 — Nico convinces Cloak and Dagger to take the Runaways to the Dark Dimension to save Alex, but itÕs Alex who ends up saving them all. Darius (DeVaughn Nixon) and Alex (Rhenzy Feliz), shown. (Photo by: Michael Desmond/Hulu)

Basically, Alex has to kill someone so Quinton doesn’t kill his friends. Darrius let Alex keep his memories so he could watch them die. Chase and Ty start to forget where they are.  Darrius tells him to embrace his darkness. Alex has to kill to save his friends and to punish the guilty. He can’t have two families so it’s time to choose between his mother or his friends.  

Quinton takes grabs Karolina and Nico turns dark. Tandy tosses her a dagger that turns dark when Nico grasps it. She stab Quinton and he disappears. She grabs the staff and the dagger. They run for the door, but Awol’s men reemerge. 

Alex goes back to his cell where Catherine is waiting for him.  Alex kills Catherine and Darrius frees him and the soldiers disappear.  Nico finds Alex and Ty transports them out of the Dark Dimension.

When Tandy takes hold of Alex’s hand, she sees his hopes of having the power of the Runaways. Alex is standing on the mountain with the x-ray goggles and Fistigons on.  He’s holding the Staff in one hand and his other hand lights up with Karolina’s power. And his eyes glow yellow like Molly’s. Old Lace is standing next to him. 

As they disappear, Tandy tells them to wait.  They land back in the hostel. Tandy wants to go back because Alex’s hopes weren’t good. He says he wasn’t himself in the Dark Dimension because that place can break minds.  He makes a Magic: The Gathering joke and that convinces his friends that it’s really Alex. 

There are poppies in the middle of the room.  The Dark Dimension is seeping through to the real world.  Which means Morgan knows where they were and that they are all back. This time they were only gone for eight hours.  

Tandy tells Nico to keep the dagger for protection.  Ty apologizes for freaking out Gert and meets Old Lace. He tells Gert that her family is more than just her sister.  Gert already knew that. Karolina asks if they will see Cloak & Dagger again. Tandy suggests that the Runaways help them next time.  

While they were gone, Morgan has been busy.  The coven prepares Molly for a ritual where they will use her power.  Molly’s eyes turn green, indicating that she belongs to Morgan now. 

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