CCXP 2019 in Brazil is in full swing.  And, with the release of the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer, fans got what they’ve been waiting for… but they got more than that!  Patty Jenkins apparently ‘confirmed’ that she’ll be spear-heading a spin-off focused on the Amazons of Themyscira! 

The news came from a Brazilian journalist who tweeted after the panel on Sunday.  

The tweet translates to “Yes, Patty Jenkins confirmed that WB is developing a movie focused on the Amazon! She will not direct, but will work on executive production! No further details.”  So, there’s no word on what the film might entail, or if Gal Gadot would be involved.  We can’t imagine she wouldn’t have a cameo, but we would love a movie truly focused on the culture of Themyscira.  Wonder Woman is the symptom of that culture, not the cause. 

Jenkins leading the charge on the movie is a good sign, but this is not a project that has been greenlit.  So, it may not happen at all.  But, we are very excited about the prospect of a movie focused in this direction.  And, it’s not totally off-base to believe the hype, as Aquaman is getting a spin-off focused on The Trench.  Themyscira deserves some love! 

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