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We still do not have our Spider-Man, but according to the Wrap, we’ve narrowed it down from six names to three. The three names might surprise you too as the oft-reported front runner, Asa Butterfield, is rumored to have been struck from the list as reported by Jeff Sneider from the Wrap on Meet the Movie Press.

The favored three names are Tom Holland, Charlie Plummer and Matthew Lintz.

16th Annual Hollywood Film Awards Gala Presented by the Los Angeles Times - Arrivals

Charlie Plummer


As per their history quid pro quo deal, both Sony and Marvel have a voice in who’s cast as Peter Parker, Marvel’s most iconic superhero, but according to the site, opinions are divided. Apparently, Marvel is all about Mr. Plummer while Sony is all over Mr. Holland.

But then, for all we know, there’s another secret six actors they’re auditioning that none of us have heard of.

They’ll need to make a decision fast if they’re going to get Spider-Man into Captain America: Civil War in time as that film is now less than a year away.

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