Ever since Project Luminous was announced at the 2019 Star Wars Celebration in Chicago, rumors and speculations have been flying around for months. While we don’t know much about Project Luminous at this point, what we do know is that it will be a massive multiplatform effort to continue the Star Wars stories up to the next Star Wars movie in 2022. This includes comics, books, and video games. At the helm of Project Luminous are five key people: YA author Claudia Gray, author Justina Ireland, author Daniel Jose Older, author and comics writer Cavan Scott, and author and comics writer Charles Soule.  Currently Charles Soule has been working on The Rise of Kylo Ren limited comic series (which is excellent, by the way).

Canon Darth Revan is the best Revan.

With regards to what the next Star Wars movies will be about there have a couple of reports made about where these movies will fall in the timeline. One report claims that Lucasfilm is considering making the post-Skywalker Star Wars movies in the High Republic Era. This would set the movies about 1000 years or so before The Phantom Menace. There was also a report that a movie trilogy based on Knights of the Old Republic is in the works with writer Laeta Kalogridis. Couple that report with the more recent rumor that the next big announcement will be a new Star Wars game set to release in 2021, and you have the winning recipe for a possible Knights of the Old Republic remake.

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Dedicated fans of beloved franchise have been hoping for years that KOTOR and KOTOR 2 will remade one day. With the recent success of Jedi: Fallen Order it would not be a surprise if the higher ups at Electronic Arts want to dust off one of the best Star Wars game series. Especially now that Darth Revan, the Mandalorian Wars, and other aspects of the Old Republic are now back as Star Wars canon, this would be a perfect time to revisit those stories. Until now this has all been wishful thinking, but according to an exclusive from Cinelinx, it looks like KOTOR might be back under serious consideration. It should be said that a remake is possible, but based on information from those sources, it might be more akin to a “re-imaging” of KOTOR than a straight remake.

Could we see HK-47 again? Here’s hoping, meatbags.

Either way since this is a rumor, we should all take it with a grain of Crait salt, but if even a small portion of this is true, this is tremendous news. Expect all eyes and ears to be on the 2020 Star Wars Celebration in August.  


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