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While the next big film out of Marvel Studios is Doctor Strange, which hits U.S. theaters November 4th, there’s still an entire other Phase of films to make for Phase Three of the MCU. One of those films, Avengers: Infinity War, is more than certainly the most anticipated as it will start to see the culmination of the story line started in the very first Avengers film from 2012 — mainly, that a giant purple space titan who loves to float in his rocket chair is coming to earth with his golden glove and six stones to “court Death.”


Well, it’s much more complicated than that, obviously, with those six stones being six singularities of infinitely limitless power, the golden glove being “The Infinity Gauntlet” and the giant purple space titan being Thanos — one of the most powerful beings in the universe.

According to a new rumor out of LRM Online (formerly Latino Review), it appears that we might, just might, have some information on just what Thanos’s motivation is.


More specifically, courting Death, as was said of him in the post-credits scene in Avengers.


The exact quote from the source is that Infinity War, “will feature the Mad Titan Thanos trying to impress the personification of Death (who will be a woman),” and that he will assemble all six of the Infinity Stones in order to get Death to “feel love for him he brings her enough souls” and extinguishing life throughout half the universe.


In other words, pretty much the exact plot of the “Thanos Quest” and “The Infinity Gauntlet.” In Thanos Quest, we saw Thanos collecting all of the Infinity Gems (which is what they’re called in the comics) and then Infinity Gauntlet saw Thanos using those gems to decimate the universe to impress Death — who, by the way, is absolutely never impressed.

Infinity War, as the website points out, is a completely different story that involves Adam Warlock (who’s not really been introduced in the MCU yet) fighting the evil, corrupted, future version of himself, known as The Magus. As confusing as Infinity Gauntlet can be, Infinity War is far more confusing. It’s doubtful that Marvel will do anything with that storyline at all and will chose, instead, to simply co-opt the much cooler name.

Basically, all we’re really saying here, is that Latino Review is making the claim that their sources are saying that Death will be a female in the up-coming Avengers film and that she will be the sole motivation for Thanos to collect the stones and destroy everything.

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