Since a new Dragon Age game was first announced and teased at The Game Awards 2018, there has not been any news of substance about the project currently codenamed “Morrison”. Commonly referred to as “Dragon Age 4”, gamers are unlikely to see the game released any sooner than fiscal year 2022, as Electronic Arts focuses its immediate release schedule on new Battlefield and Star Wars games for next-generation consoles and PCs. However, gamers may have gotten a small tease of Dragon Age 4 today from a tweet by BioWare Executive Producer Mark Darrah. [Some minor Dragon Age spoilers ahead.]

In the tweet, Darrah posts a picture of a map of the Tevinter Imperium on the continent of Thedas, with the city of Solas circled in blue. The tweet reads: “Given what Solas means as a word, it makes you wonder what happened here.”

Dragon Age: A section of the map of Thedas, focusing mostly on the Tevinter Imperium, with the city of Solas circled in blue.

Focusing on a Tevinter city that shares its name with the antagonistic elf mage from Dragon Age: Inquisition, what is the secret history of Solas and what impact could it have on the next Dragon Age game?

Despite being a Tevinter city, “Solas” is actually an Elvish word. In Elvish, “solas” means “pride” (translated literally into the Common Tongue: “to stand tall”). An Elvish saying is “Tel garas solasan”: “Come not to a prideful place”. There’s no mention of the city of Solas in Thedosian history, and it is really only seen on maps of Thedas. But why give an Elvish name to a Tevinter city in a nation that regards elves as nothing more than slaves and second-class citizens? Is the city of Solas a former elven city that the Tevinters either conquered or built on-top of? Or is there an intersection of elven and Tevinter history at this city that is yet to be revealed? It’s surely no coincidence that the city shares its name with the character Solas: the main antagonist of the Trespasser DLC and the rumored main antagonist of Dragon Age 4.

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Dragon Age fans were quick to jump into the comments, begging for more information. Former BioWare developer David Gaider teased that he “might have a guess”. Current BioWare Project Director Michael Gamble joked that he might need to share some spoilers too, and that “this is how you [Mark Darrah] keep getting followers”. Laura Bailey (voice of Dagna and Bianca Davri in Dragon Age: Inquisition and avid Dragon Age fan herself) demanded that Darrah and Gaider share their secrets with her.

What do you think? Is this tweet a hint of greater things to come? Or is this just a tongue-in-cheek comment? Regardless, as the video game industry continues to reel from the COVID-19 pandemic, and industry heavy-hitters like Sony are forced to indefinitely postpone highly-anticipated titles like The Last of Us Part II, if there was ever a good time to drop more information about the next Dragon Age game, it would be now!


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