Fellow members of the ton, we have some exciting news today surrounding Netflix and Shonda RhimesBridgerton. The casting news comes to us from an exclusive article from Deadline. And no, it isn’t who is going to be playing Sophie in season three. In fact, it isn’t a casting announcement for a new character. After two seasons of playing the elusive Franchesca Bridgerton, Ruby Stokes is leaving the regency drama. The role will be picked up by Hannah Dodd starting in season three.

It has been a bit of a running joke here at GGA about where Franchesca has gone. The character doesn’t play a significant role in Julia Quinn‘s early novels, so it makes sense that we wouldn’t see much of her. But it became blatantly clear during season two when she would be in certain scenes but then never seen again due to Stokes’ prior obligation. It was recently announced that Stokes has taken on the leading role in another Netflix series, Lockwood & Co., making it even harder to appear in Bridgerton full-time.

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The replacement comes at a great time as we head into season three. With Franchesca being more off-screen than on and Stokes having little time to bring the character to life, fans are unlikely to notice the difference. Dodd will have the chance to really bring the character to life. Within the books, she is a bit of a mystery. She isn’t chatty or extroverted like her siblings, but she has a dry wit and pragmatism that is sure to confound the ton.

Franchesca’s novel, When He Was Wicked, is the sixth in the series, and if Netflix and Shondaland follow the path, it will fall in line with the sixth season. But Netflix has done a fantastic job providing us with a build-up into other characters, and this would be the perfect chance to tell two stories for Franchesca. We are excited to see how Dodd fills the role starting in season three. Deadline also announced that production is set to begin at the beginning of the summer as soon as casting for season three occurs.

Are you excited about this casting change? Do you think we will see more Franchesca going forward? Let us know in the comments below and on social media!

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