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We already know that Rosario Dawson is under contract to appear in multiple Netflix series for Marvel, though that certainly does not mean she has to be written into each one. It’s entirely possible, though unlikely, that Dawson’s character, Claire Temple, will never again be in an episode.


Thankfully, that is not the case for Netflix’s upcoming series, Jessica Jones. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Showrunner Melissa Rosenberg confirmed that Dawson will indeed be appearing in the series, saying, “I think I’m allowed to say: Rosario Dawson will be dropping in.”


This is great news as it really starts to solidify Claire’s possible role as the connective tissue for the Netflix version of the MCU, playing a similar role to Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury on the cinematic side of Marvel.

Even better news than that is that the Netflix side of things might be even more connected as Rosenberg went on to say that “Smaller characters that populated that world (Daredevil) will be popping in.”


Rosenberg then turned her attention off of other characters and focused more in on the character of the titular character, Jessica Jones, and the actress playing her, Krysten Ritter, praising her performance, saying, “She’s funny! She’s dark! She’s the real deal. She’s utterly compelling, both the actress and the character.” She then went on to say, “We pushed her to some really dark, emotional places and she just keeps going there. She’s got incredible range.”

She acknowledged that yes, indeed, they would touch on Jessica Jone’s past as a superhero, saying, “We’re going to hit on that! We’re going to hit on it!” Though, they did not confirm which alter-ego they’ll be using, either Jewel or Knightress. However, that’s not a large part of who Jessica Jones is as they want to push the genre “beyond female superheroes as they look good in a unitard.”

KRYSTEN RITTER on the Set of Aka Jessica Jones in Manhattan

After all, this is a 13-episode series that deeply explores a very flawed, very troubled character. As Rosenberg said, “It’s about character, it’s about her emotional arc. She’s not a ninja. She never studies martial arts. She’s a brawler. you piss her off and boom! You’re down! She’s not out to save the city. She’s out to make rent.”

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