Ron Howard has been leaving a tasty little trail of breadcrumbs leading to the Han Solo movie, in the form of production pics.  He released new photos this weekend, and they’ve got people talking.

Howard took to Twitter Saturday and Sunday to tell us a little bit more about what’s happening on the Han Solo set. This, after tweeting a new pic on Thursday with the caption ‘Spicey?’. That got fans EXTREMELY excited, as it’s a clear reference to the spice mines on Kessel. Many fans are hoping for the movie to give us the rescue of Chewbacca and the origin of Han and Chewy’s friendship… and of course, to see the infamous Kessel Run.  

The pic on Saturday was much hazier and more mysterious. The new pic’s caption reads ‘Shooting a scene about desperate and dangerous times in the galaxy’. That could be anything. But, most of the attention given to this pic is the helmet pictured. Fans have gone on a helmet identification mission. Is it a ‘Fett’? Could it be a death trooper helmet? Or an AT-AT pilot? Is that Vader in there? Nah. Or, is it?   


Howard also posted a pic of Emilia Clarke‘s last day on Sunday. Saying ‘She’s given us a terrifically strong and exciting character’ but there’s no official confirmation on exactly what character that is. There are rumors that she’s playing a Woo

One thing is for sure. The thing fans REALLY want at this point is a trailer. Or, a teaser. Just a teaser? C’mon Ron! A title? Can we get a title? Please?!?

Tell us what you think of the new pics! 

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