February is here, and romance is in the air. As we get closer to Valentine’s Day, we can’t help but think of fun things to do to celebrate. And what better way than to settle in with a romantic WEBTOON series, a warm blanket and tons of chocolate? We’ve got ten more series that would be perfect to binge.

Don’t see your favorite on this list? Chances are we might have already covered it. Check out our lists from 2022 and 2021.

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Opposite of Always

We love romance that transcends time (loops) which is why we are kicking off this romance WEBTOON list with Justin A. Reynolds, Sharpteething, WmW and Darius Dudley‘s Opposite of Always. The story follows Jack, who falls in love with Kate and knows they are meant to be. But then life throws a curveball, and Jack is thrown into a neverending time loop where he is forced to keep pursuing her. How will he uncover the clues needed to break the loop? And can he save them from repeating the same tragic fate time and time again? It’s equal parts romantic and mysterious and definitely a must-read.

Opposite of Always updates every Monday and can be read here!

Jack trying to figure out what to do.

Opposite of Always WEBTOON Original Series.

The Doctors are Out

Let’s be honest; we all knew Blau‘s The Doctors are Out was going to be on this list. The rivals to friends to hopefully lovers WEBTOON series follows Dr. Matias Guevara and Dr. Fernando Guevera, who find their similar names causing some trouble. You see, ones a doctor for humans, while the other is a doctor for animals. The constant bickering and competition between the two is some of the best in WEBTOON history, and the sweet moments are terrific. Plus, we love to watch two people heal each other while simultaneously wanting to pull their hair out.

The Doctors are Out updates every Monday and can be read here!

The two doctors bickering.

The Doctors are Out WEBTOON Original Series.

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Oh, LoveBot. Chase Keels and Miranda Mundt‘s sci-fi romance WEBTOON has found its way into our hearts and mind and isn’t going anywhere. In 2049 society is so advanced that humanity’s primary compansions are highly intelligent AI. Xada makes a living off of customizing these AI to do exactly what their owners need. And everything is going fine until his newest job, the LoveBot, asks him for help. Sparks (all pun intended) fly as Xada relearns human connection. The way Keels and Mundt spin this story always has us on the edge of our seat and totally and unapologetically in love.

LoveBot updates every Sunday and can be read here!

Xada shrugging his shoulders.

LoveBot WEBTOON Original Series.

The Wrath & the Dawn

SilvesterVitale‘s romance WEBTOON adaptation of Renée Ahdieh‘s The Wrath & the Dawn is an absolute gem. The story is a reimagining of 1001 Nights and follows Shahrzad’s quest to stay alive after marrying the Caliph, Khalid and end his terror once and for all. Her plan is to tell a story that will keep Khalid so enthralled that each morning he will decide to spare her life in order to hear the next part. From the tension between the two and the forced proximity, this tale has quite a lot to fall in love with. And if you haven’t read the original novel, we highly suggest checking that out too.

The Wrath & the Dawn is completed and can be read here!

Shahrzad saying no to Khalid.

The Wrath & the Dawn WEBTOON Original Series.

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Religiously Gay

New to our reading list, but definitely worth checking out, is Snotprince‘s Religiously Gay. The story follows the human-loving angel Michael. After a recent surge of human deaths, he is sent to Earth to save human souls from Hell’s nastiest demons. But we all know that not everyone on Earth is as perfect as an angel would think. Which leads Michael down a path of questioning everything he knows. And to add to the mix, he is growing closer to Daniel, a local church volunteer. Does Michael have it in him to save everyone?

Religiously Gay updates every Sunday and can be read here!

Michael blushing.

Religiously Gay WEBTOON Original Series.

Love Me to Death

Another must-read romance WEBTOON is Toonimated‘s Love Me to Death. What happens when a lonely necromancer brings a beautiful woman back to life? A ton, actually. It’s a beautiful romance between a creator and his “monster.” And this series covers that and so much more. Everything from the characters to the world to the artwork in the background is something to fall in love with. And believe us when we tell you that once you start this series, it ish hard to put it down. Get started reading it, and be sure to thank us later!

Love Me to Death updates every Tuesday and can be read here!

Victor carrying his ressurected "monster."

Love Me to Death WEBTOON Original Series.

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We think it is safe to admit that anything that comes out of the mind’s of Kate Flynn and Kit Trace is going to be something we love. And that’s never been more true than with their series Nevermore. The supernatural tale follows Lenore and Annabel Lee as they navigate the afterlife and the Nevermore Academy. There are classes, exams, testy teachers, and so much more. But there is also love, and the story is unapologetically sapphic. No matter what time of year it is, Nevermore is a must-read on our lists.

Nevermore updates every Friday and can be read here!

Lenore trying to figure out why she is attached to her suitcase.

Nevermore WEBTOON Original Series.


If you are searching for something a little more light-hearted and down-to-earth, you can’t go wrong with Moosopp‘s Daybreak. Marcus and Cog are utterly adorable and relatable as characters. Marcus’ crush on Cog leads to some funny and simply sweet moments that bloom out of nowhere. Even if romance WEBTOON series aren’t your typical cup of tea, this slice-of-life story will be sure to brighten anyone’s day, so give it a read.

Daybreak updates every Wednesday and Saturday and can be read here!

Marcus blushing.

Daybreak WEBTOON Original Series.

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Moonlight Beauty Parlor

Sometimes the best romance comes out of working side by side, like in Nawa‘s Moonlight Beauty Parlor. When Ina is left without a job or home, Heyondu takes her in. He gives her a job and place to stay. All he asks is that she agrees to help him with his insomnia. It’s a sweet, slow-burn romance where they help heal each other in their own way. Since the series is complete, this is one you can enjoy from beginning to end and is so perfect for Valentine’s Day. We suggest reading a few chapters at a spa or while pampering yourself.

Moonlight Beauty Parlor is finished and can be read here!

Ina thanking Seo for his work.

Moonlight Beauty Parlor WEBTOON Original Series.

Gourmet Hound

Our finale romance WEBTOON series for this year is one of our favorite WEBTOON series of all time, Leehama‘s Gourtmet Hound. It has everything you could love. Great character development, a little mystery, tension, pining, romance and is packed with super sweet moments. Lucy just wants to experience the meal she enjoyed with her grandmother, which leads her on the hunt to find the staff of their favorite restaurant. And while love does bloom, this story does just as much to teach readers ways to cope with grief and loss. It’s beautiful all around and a must-read on our list.

Gourmet Hound is completed and can be read here!

Lucy crying while cutting onions.

Gourmet Hound WEBTOON Original Series.

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