Cozying up at the end of the day and scrolling through new Webtoons on WEBTOON is one of my favorite pastimes. Some story elements do get old, so I like to read a variety of Webtoons. Too often are the female protagonists Isekaid into a fantasy universe, reborn to take revenge or reincarnated to meet their soul mate. While these stories are excellent in their own right, they can get old when every story you read revolves around reincarnation. Here are five Webtoons that don’t involve reincarnation:

Go Away, Romeo

Banner for the webtoon, Go away romeo. Featured is Rosaline in the center with two love interests on either side of her.

Are you looking for historical-esque comics with lords and ladies without the reincarnation plotline? Check out Go Away, Romeo by Paintword. If you remember the Romeo and Juliet play, you’ll recall the main protagonist of this Webtoon. Romeo’s ex-girlfriend, Rosaline. In this version of Romeo and Juliet, the two star-crossed lovers successfully faked their deaths and ran away together after their secret relationship.

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Back home, Rosaline isn’t too pleased to learn of their affair and supposed deaths. Mainly because she is pregnant with Romeo’s child. Hijinks and romantic antics are to come, but with Romeo gone, we have new love interests that our Rosaline enchants.

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Adding You To My Cart

Boa and Minh from the romance Webtoon, Adding you to my cart

Shopping addict and certified rich kid, Boa, is starting a new school in the middle of the countryside. While he is a shopping addict who can’t imagine life without boxes arriving at his doorstep, he only wants love. When he meets Minh, Boa physically can’t stop himself from online shopping for gifts for Minh. Boa quickly develops an irreversible crush. Too bad you can’t buy love. Or can you?

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Boo imaging that she is a magical girl riding on a bike through the sky.

RAINBOW!  follows Boo, a magical girl who wears … oh wait, she isn’t a magical girl at all. That was one of her daydreams. RAINBOW! follows the story of a full-time daydreamer and part-time server. The real world isn’t as lovely as the dreams she slips into so easily. Boo’s school life and home life are less than ideal, so she opts out for the perfect world in daydreams instead.

Things change when Boo has a chance meeting with Mimi. Suddenly, the real world isn’t so bad with some high school romance.

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Marry Me!

featured banner for the Webtoon Marry Me! Featuring Mari on the left and Sinn on the right

Marry Me! Takes place in a not-too-far-fetched universe where, due to low birth rates, the government is experimenting with the idea of assigning husbands and wives to people who would otherwise not find partners. In this Webtoon, Sinn is a government worker tasked with doing the initial trial for this program. He is assigned to a non-sociable woman named Mari, who lives by herself.

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Determined to prove this government program is bonkers, Sinn proceeds with the plan to marry Mari. Things take a turn when Sinn finds himself falling for her. Could such a government program be the future? Read Marry Me! on WEBTOON today to find out.

Operation: True Love

Banner for the webtoon, Operation: True Love. Features Su-ae on the left and Eunhyeok on the right

Su-ae has a cheating boyfriend who won’t give her the time of day; worst of all, he is cheating on her with her best friend and adopted sister. Unfortunately for Su-ae, that’s the least of her problems. 

In this world, everyone has a set number of love points. Your love points determine how much love you will receive in your lifetime. Only a select few people know about this point system, and Su-ae is one of them. You’d think this would have given her an advantage once she found out, but what do you do when you have zero love points? She needs to get love points by any means necessary and isn’t afraid of playing dirty. Will Operation: True Love be a success, or is she destined for zero love points?

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Daily JoJo

Cover image for Daily Jojo featuring Eunjo as the focus and Wan Jo as a smaller version of himself to Eunjo's right. The Title is written in large letters at the top.

Donggeon Lee, the creator of Yumi’s Cells and A Bittersweet Life, brings us a new and fresh office romance. Follow the unlikely couple of fashionable neat freak Wan Jo and his easy-going workmate, Eunjo. 

Much like in Yumi’s Cells, the main story of Daily JoJo is told through a new and unique perspective. Instead of the main characters acting solely based on their wants and desires, they are haunted by their today, past and tomorrow selves. When Eunjo’s future self promises to clean up the mess later, her past self lectures her for not learning from the last time.

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That’s not all. Lee introduces many other fun storytelling devices only they could have thought up. With lucky points explaining why someone is always late or a generator to explain unexpected feelings popping up, Lee truly never runs out of surprises.

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Marcus blushing.

Daybreak is an adorable high school romance following Marcus and Cog. Cog loves food, and Marcus loves making it. Can I make it any more obvious? This lighthearted slice-of-life romance has humor reminiscent of early 2000s anime like Lucky Star or High School Rumble. The humor is perfectly balanced by the never-ending romance and an appropriate amount of tension/drama. Get ready to laugh, and try not to have a heart attack when you see how cute these two are.

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Trash Belongs in the Trash Can!

Suji holding a suspicious knife while holding a strawberry cake. A small version of woobin, the male love interest, is laying on the strawberry cake looking distressed.

This Webtoon has everything it needs to be a great romance, but it is way too thrilling for me to put it on a romance list lightly. In this Webtoon, we meet an extravagant playboy that preys on women for their money. This is how he gets by until he meets his true love. Except her motives are as dubious as his motives were in his past relationships. However, she isn’t doing this for survival. So, why seduce this guy?

Now is the perfect time to find out. Season 1 just wrapped up, and more is on the way.

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Reading these romance Webtoons might make you wish you could be reborn into them, but try not to daydream about it too much. You’d end up crashing into obstacles like Boo from RAINBOW!

Which one are you dying to read? Have you already read one of them? Let us know in the comments below!

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