rogue one anthology


TMZ is continuing their reign on getting leaked photos of Star Wars film sets to the masses. This time, they got their hands on pictures from the set of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. We can now say, yes – they have started filming! However, no news on when and if these photos will be taken down.

So quickly, the pictures show what appears to be a rebel ship crash site (I guessing Y-Wing). There are several shots of the ship. There are stormtroopers bodies littered around the crash site. We also get to see a few shots of the cast – not in any scene – but getting make-up refreshed etc.  Also, the pictures show that the locations is desert-like with tropical plants.

Rogue One is to be more of a ‘ground war’ stand alone film which takes place after the Prequel Trilogy. A group of rebels is attempting to steal the plans for the Death Star. Where this crash happens in the film, we do not know – and that is probably best. Too much speculation leads to film ruination, after all.

Go on over to TMZ to see the pics for yourself! 


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