Having had the pleasure of seeing rock god and actor. Rick Springfield, perform live recently, I can tell you that he was mesmerizing! He definitely still has “it” and had I known that he was such a huge Star Wars fan, it would have brought my experience to a whole other level. I’m talking Beatles style, passing out and crying sort of reaction.

Last month his collection was featured in Rolling Stone magazine and may I say it was impressive, most impressive. Springfield has collected since he was a kid and has a collection that is worth thousands and thousands of dollars. For instance, he has every single version of Boba Fett.  He owns Turkish bootlegs and Blue Stars model that is very rare and unlike other collectors, he does not sell! Once he owns a piece, that’s his.

He is a self proclaimed toy freak, owning collections of a variety of content not just Star Wars and in fact, says he loves the toys more than the movies.

Who knew?! And yes, sexy points have tripled for that scruffy looking nerf herder!

Here is the rest of the Rolling Stone article.

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