LGBTQIA+ performers are teaming up this June to bring us a family-friendly online Pride show to benefit our trans youth. Roaring Rainbow is an online musical event that raises money to help support Trans Families and The National Center for Transgender Equality. Laser Malena-Webber (they/them) of The Doubleclicks and founder/host of the event shared how important this is to the trans youth.

Our goal is to have a really fund show full of visible trans and queer adults. Representation matters. Queer kids need to know that we see them and we love them, and that there are queer elders excited for them and their future. Gender-diverse kids are already so vunerable, and it makes me absolutely livid when adults employ wild strawman arguments to attack them for no reason. It needs to stop.

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These past years, 2021 included, have seen an unprecedented number of attacks on trans and gender-diverse youth. This can be seen in our media, legislature and everyday life. They have been subject to bizarre rants featuring TERF ideas from people they thought were on their side. Plus, laws banning trans kids from accessing medical confirmation or even playing sports. The Roaring Rainbow is a way to help remind our trans youth that there are people out there who care and support them.

So who can we expect to see and when? The Roaring Rainbow will feature the Doubleclicks (Laser they/them and Aubrey Turner she/her), Rebecca Sugar (she/they), Crys Matthew (she/her), Jeffrey Marsh (they/them), Still Buffering (Teylor Smirl they/them, Rileigh Smirl she/her and Dr. Syndee McElroy she/her), She/Her/Hers (Emma Grrl she/her), SuperKnova (she/her), Sunday Comes Afterwards (Stevonnie Ross they/them), Annalee Newitz (they/them), Charlie Jane Anders (she/her), Lindz Amer (they/them) and Charlie // Amáyá (they/them or she/her).

Roaring Rainbow will take place on June 12, 2021, at 2 pm PST. Tickets are available for purchase at the official website, along with merchandise. In addition, there are free tickets available for LGBTQIA+ youth and families. So be sure to grab your tickets, share this amazing event and join in as we celebrate trans youth.


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